What You Need To Know About Nike ACG Boots

Key Points

  • The Nike All Conditions Gear (ACG) boot line helps wearers traverse any condition or terrain.

  • The shoes and boots came in a variety of designs and styles, all of which are suitable for outdoor adventures.

  • Discontinued ACG boots from Nike are available both in person and online.

Are you the type of person that just brings a single carry-on no matter where you're flying? Perhaps you can count on one hand the number of shirts you own? Is a minimalistic lifestyle your groove? If so, the Nike ACG boots just might be your match made in heaven.

The Nike ACG boots are versatile boots that work overtime to meet a number of different needs. Dress them up and take them out, or wear them hiking — they do it all!

What Are ACG Boots?

The ACG stands for All Conditions Gear. Nike strives to provide boots that work well in all conditions and terrains. Wear them in any location and get the reliable protection you want. They perform well no matter how you use them. Not only are they versatile, but they also include a comfort level like a sneaker. Men’s creative director at Hirshleifer’s department store in Manhasset, N.Y. David Sills says, “No matter what happens with fashion when a guy wears sneakers and gets that level of comfort and style, it’s very hard to get him back into shoes.” With comfort and versatility, like that in the ACG boots, dress shoes may be a thing of the past.

Many shoe lovers collect Nike shoes and boots, including the ACG lines. Use and wear these shoes, do not keep them under glass. With Nike Hiking preceding the line, Nike started using GoreTex on ACG options and weatherizing them for any condition.

The Nike ACG boots are a no-fail choice that is perfect for hiking. They are wind-resistant, waterproof, and reliable regardless of your hiking conditions. Whether you hike during the summer, in the heat and humidity, or over the winter months with snow and ice, the only boots you need are ACG options. These boots also help runners to grip the pavement or other road materials with wet/dry traction in the soles.

These boots are even suitable for city wear. Use them for errands, walks around your neighborhood, or anything else you have in mind. All Conditions Gear means what it says. The boots are ready for anything.

Mud terrain with Nike ACG bootsPhoto source: Google.com

Nike ACG History

In the '90s, outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking exploded in popularity. These sports became more accessible to the average family. Being outside is always nice, but at this time in history, it became an enjoyable pastime that translates into an exciting lifestyle. The brand took the ACG boots from hiking into the rock climbing world. They morphed from just hiking boots to kayaking and snowboarding options, too. Nike has always had iconic advertising, and their marketing around the ACG during this timeframe was memorable, as always.

The line offered t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, other accessories, and all-terrain boots. These products feature fabric development of that era that allows for practicality to adventurers, along with the ability to feature the Nike swoosh and information about the ACG boots.

The ACG boots were just a concept until 1989. At that time, Nike announced the new line and continued to market the new option as they did many other lines. The boots are a wearable performance product, and their reliability and advertising created a cult-like following that fanned the flames. Casual fans enjoyed the results, but collectors started stalking new options within the brand's line.

The idea of hiking boots came onto the Nike scene in 1981 with the Nike Hiking line. The small line started with the Lava Dome trail shoe. The Magma and Approach boots followed. These options worked well for mountain hiking and were lighter than other boots on the market. Technology supported this line with wick-able linings, waterproof fabrics, and other innovations. While fans raved about Nike Hiking, the limited uses created sales hurdles.

Once the Nike ACG came onto the scene, Nike said the boots were "designed, tested, and made on planet Earth." The line works for explorers who want adventure and do not want to have to hold back to change shoes between sessions.

Reasons To Wear Nike ACG Boots

The Nike ACG boots, given their name, are highly versatile. They work well for many uses, and adventurers do not have to change shoes between events. Here are a few times you may wear Nike ACG boots.

Hiking with Nike ACG bootsPhoto source: Google.com

Hiking the Trails in the Summer

Nike ACG boots work well for hiking dirt trails in the summer. Their thick soles grip the rocks or pavement beneath the boots, keeping the hiker upright and safe. Since the boots have cushioning, they bring comfort to the feet as they move forward.

Hiking the Trails in the Winter

Advertising for these boots says they work well in any weather condition, which means they work well for winter hiking. The soles that grip rocks well also grip snow, ice, and wet conditions. The boots are waterproof, keeping feet warm and dry no matter what wet conditions they meet.

Running Anywhere

Hiking shoes are also often good for running since they offer foot protection and cushioning to certain areas. The ACG boots are great running options, and the terrain does not matter.


ACG boots have a style and are an excellent product to wear anywhere at any time. If you enjoy outdoor adventures, these boots are there for you. If you appreciate their style, get a pair, and wear them for everyday occasions, like errands. Your feet stay warm and dry, and you look like a million bucks at the same time.

Nike ACG Ads

Nike has always had brilliant minds behind their advertising. Not only do the ads work, but they are memorable and get stuck in consumers' minds. The ads run for ACG shoes and boots were no different.

Vintage Nike ACG bootsPhoto source: Google.com

Top 10 Reasons To Start Outdoor Cross-Training

This ad featured a variety of reasons to work out in nature, including wearing ACG shoes and boots. Reason seven was that you would be less likely to bump into people you own money to, and reason six was that few forest creatures have cell phones that would interrupt your workout. Reason number one was the outdoor cross-training ACG shoe, the Air Mowabb.

Worn To Be Wild

This print ad, featured in magazines, showcased a pair of ACG boots with an orange and black snake crawling across them. The boots were lightweight, durable, and ready for anything the wild threw at them.

There's Not a Name

The worn-looking boots in this ad showcase durability and longevity. The ad states that there is not a name for everything you do in nature but that there is a shoe for everything you do. Those shoes are the ACG boots that suit any circumstances.

They Came, They Saw

The low-rise shoes pictured in this magazine ad are attractive and stylish. The ad says, "They came, they saw, they kicked butt." The idea behind the ad is that the shoes can take anything you throw their way and then some.


With a dark background, the ACG boots glow in the forefront. This ad says the shoes are lightweight, unbreakable, and explosive. They stand the tests thrown at them.

Old school Nike ACG bootsPhoto source: Google.com

The Best Nike ACG Models

Nike carries a tradition of fabulous design behind all of their releases. It only makes sense to look to the past to understand how they operate today. The ACG collection has influenced many of the present collections.

Check out the following most-loved Nike ACG models.

Nike Air Moc

The Nike Air Moc shoe has a basic design that slips on and off easily with no laces. The streamlined design was popular for camping and came in various vibrant colors. The comfort is incredible; the shoes looked more like slippers than ACG models. Many other modern shoes base their design on these elements.

The Komyuter

The Komyuter modern design showed up in 2017 and emphasized practicality. The slip-on build is durable and laceless. There is an adjustable strap for tightness, but these shoes are simple overall. With a modern look and feel, wearing this design even today keeps your feet in style.

The Air Zoom Tallac

The Air Zoom Tallac shoes carry a business theme. They are mountain ready but have textiles covering the layers that create a professional look. With layers of protection and inner support features, they are comfortable for the office and hiking trails. While they are heavier boot options, they also have lite versions.

The Air Mowabb

The Air Mowabb model is legendary and has stood up against the test of time. The design's name came from the Moab, Utah Terrain, with good reason. Rocky roads, hard pitches, and harsh angles are nothing for these shoes. Fans call this option a masterpiece. Created as a cross-training shoe, it works well for mountain biking, running, and other outdoor sports.

The Lupinek Flyknit Low

With decades of research behind it, the Lupinek Flyknit has flair, texture, and practicality. The brand uses unique compression processes on these shoes, proving that science and style meet in the middle to create something extraordinary.

The Air Wildwood

The Air Wildwood option emerged in 1989 and set a standard for trail running shoes. The design met the Pegasus options, but the wide lacing and midsole lettering gave it a new look and feel. The Swoosh on the side encased vibrant colors compared to the otherwise neutral colors.

The Lundardome

Inspired by basketball, the Lundardome shoes work well on the courts and inside. The boots are lightweight and stylish, with vibrant colors mixed into one pair. The sneaker boots look as great on and off the court as regular sneakers, hiking boots, and everything else.

The Baltoro High

The Baltoro High 1990 shoes, beloved by trekkers, rose to ankle height. The light boots looked better than other options of their time, and the waxed leather was good for many applications. The blue, grey, and pink colors were favorites, but brighter colors were also available.

The Lunar Incognito

The Lunar Incognito contains timeless technology. The shoes have a basketball look and feel, and the mid-cut build is well-cushioned for any occasion.

The Pocket Knife

A strange name for shoes, but the Pocket Knife's unmatched flexibility and cushioning speak for themselves. These shoes look like sneakers, and the lightweight features hail durability. With a webbing support system, the shoes were ahead of modern times.

The Air Revaderchi

In 1992, Nike came up with shoes that feature integrated toe protection — the Air Revaderchi. The rubber sole worked well for mountain biking, and the ankle wrapping and strap lacing allowed the foot to form the shoe. These shoes were popular enough that the company produced a sequel the following year.

The Air Terra

The Air Terra shoe came out in 1991 as a lightweight running line for distance runners. These shoes are sometimes described as flamboyant in their coloring with a lace cover and tyre-style soles. While functional, they were also a style statement for anyone who wore them.

Nike's Hiatus

Shoes and boots that work well for a variety of activities should be on the market long-term, right? Unfortunately, the Nike ACG boots debuted in 1989 and left the market in the mid-90s. Former Nike ACG Senior Designer Carl Blakeslee attributed the discontinuation to a mixture of internal politics, uninspired leadership, and pressure to develop more boot-like options due to the loss of business to Timberland.

Pair of Nike shoesPhoto source: Google.com

Customer interest varied, and outdoor sports became widely versatile. Customers split their interest as shoes became specialized for specific sports and activities. Luckily, the ACG boots had a resurgence in 2014 and cater to modern audiences with street designs that are functional for everyday activities as well as outdoor events.

Finding Discontinued Nike Shoes

Whether you collect Nike shoes and boots or have an old pair you love and want to replace, you may need to find discontinued shoes. Since Nike releases new shoes each year, some older lines leave the market. Watch for the discontinued options in a variety of ways.

Shop Outlet Stores

Check Nike outlet stores if the shoes you want have discontinued their production recently. As the new Nike shoes and boots hit the regular stores, the older versions move to the outlet stores. You might find the shoes you wanted from last season, but they just might cost less than they would have. If you want a line older than last season, look in other locations.

Go to Collectors

There are shoe connoisseurs that adore finding and collecting shoes. Some individuals do not want to give up any of their collections. Others collect shoe lines they feel are valuable and resell some of the items they grab. You may be able to find a collector that sells older Nike lines. Perhaps they visit the outlet stores regularly and gobble up certain lines. Then, they offer those options to others who want them later.

Look Online

Check eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and other auction-like sites that help you to find something specialized, like an earlier version of a Nike boot you appreciate. Type as much information as you have in the search box, including the size you want, and see what you find.

The Best Nike Has To Offer

Are the ACG boots the best Nike has to offer? That is a subjective question that each person has to answer for themselves. Feet are much like fingerprints in that no two are alike. What works for your feet and your adventures differs from what works for someone else.

The market and collectors agree that the ACG line from Nike is innovative and withstands the test of time. With the wide variety in style, colors, and options, most adventurers could find just what they wanted within this line.

Nike boots

Photo source: Google.com

Part of the line's popularity lies within its utilitarianism. Versatile shoes and boots that you can adapt to a number of different situations are ideal. Nike offers a modern style and appearance.

Since ACG was one of the first outdoor labels to showcase the idea that not all wearers had to be avid adventurers with high athletic abilities, the line has inspired a subculture of casual nature lovers that now have shoes they are able to wear for anything at any time. With new lines coming out every season, outdoor adventurers have plenty of choices.

For more up-to-date info on the latest boot trends, styles, and purchasing options, check out BootAuthority.

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