What Winter Boots Are the Warmest for Kids?

Key Points

  • Keeping little feet happy with the warmest winter boots for kids is important.

  • Boots for early walkers and kids vary by levels of insulation, waterproofing, and height.

  • Matching a child's style is another consideration when purchasing winter boots.

You want nothing but the best for your child. That means keeping them safe and comfortable, even during the cold winter. To meet those goals, find warm winter boots for kids that they appreciate and wear without a fight. You know how miserable it is to have cold feet. Dr. Molly Broder of the Children's Hospital at Montefiore explains that "your body prioritizes sending blood to all the important places, all of the internal organs — your lungs, your brain — and your body's not going to send as much blood to your fingers and toes."

Parents must keep their children's extremities warm in other ways. Kids have a way of playing outside without noticing how things are feeling, and cold feet can become a risk quickly. Here are some tips on finding warm winter boots for kids and details on which boots might be a good fit for your child.

Details To Examine

Budget is always a factor. You want to choose boots that fit the price range you have in mind but also fit your child — and their needs. Little feet must stay warm and dry, and you need boots that go on and off without too much trouble. It doesn't hurt to look for boots that your child appreciates in appearance, too. Here are important details to look at in any boots you consider to keep your children warm in the winter temperatures.

What Style Does Your Child Want?

When it comes to boots, form follows function. It's easy enough to tell the difference between a fashion boot and something functional for winter conditions. Your child might love sparkles and pleather, and there is a time and a place for shoes of that nature. However, you also want them to have functional winter boots that keep their feet warm and dry when on the sledding hill. Look at the form of the boot to tell one from another.

How Do You Keep Their Feet Dry?

Waterproof and water resistant are two different things. You can find water resistance in a lighter boot, which holds up well in light snow or rain. However, water resistance doesn't do well if your child likes to stomp in puddles, trudge through the snow, or spend a long time outside in cold weather. For those purposes, you need waterproofing. Waterproof boots have tight seams and inner liners that do not let moisture through to the inside of the boot.

What Keeps Their Feet Warm?

You may find fabulous waterproof boots, but the toes inside still freeze if they do not have insulation. Insulation comes in many types and kinds, rated based on thickness. The higher the number, the warmer the boot. Higher insulation properties are essential if your child generally stays out for long periods. Even a simple walk to school might call for more extensive insulation details.

How Does Moisture Escape?

You don't want snow and rain to get into your child's boots, but you also want any sweat that accumulates to be able to get out. Moisture can come from the inside rather than the outside, and boots need to breathe so that wetness may air out. Moisture can cause a chill to the feet in the cool winter temperatures and make boots stink if sweat builds up.

How Do You Keep Snow From Falling Into the Boot?

Ankle boots are adorable and have their place, but they don't keep the snow and water away from your child's feet. Instead, get warm winter boots that go at least partway up the calf. Kids need to walk through deep snow without getting it inside their boots, which can freeze their legs and feet. There are higher boots available, but calf height is a minimum.

What About Cold Weather Boot Ratings?

Not all boot companies are going to offer temperature ratings on their boots. It's a liability issue. However, find those ratings online and trust that they're generally correct. Remember what the weather does in your area, and find boots that handle the temperatures your location often reaches. If your child stays out for long periods, you might want boots with a lower temperature rating, even if you don't quite see those temperatures in your locale.

Two children in the snow

Will Your Child Be Able To Stay Upright?

The best boots keep your child's feet warm and protect them from slipping. Winter offers dangerous conditions, and boots with thick soles and large treads may help your child prevent falls. Whether they run into ice or a slippery patch of snow, the snow boot might help them fight those falls.

The Best Winter Boots for Kids

It's easy enough to go into any store and buy a pair of snow boots for your child, but you never know how they perform. Scrolling through online websites and reviews helps you determine what features you want and which boots are best. Here are some trustworthy boots to keep your children's toes warm and toasty.

Boots for Early Walkers and Toddlers

The best boots for early walkers and toddlers keep little feet dry and warm. Look for easy-on boots that stay put no matter the outdoor conditions.

Baby Bogs for Early Walkers

If your child is in that fun stage where they're just starting to walk, their toes need protection in the winter months. These boots handle temperatures 14 degrees below zero and easily slip on and off. The waterproof rubber design keeps feet dry with DuraFresh technology to fight odor. The boots come in various designs to satisfy any young child's style.

London Fog Toddlers Tottenheim Cold Weather Snow Boot

These adorable boots for toddlers come in sizes 6 through 10 with faux leather exteriors for easy cleaning. The lace-up boots include a warm lining and fur along the top. The colors, patterns, and styles make the boots easy for a kid to approve, and the rubber sole and toe cover allow for warm, dry feet.

Reima Nefar

Boots that are easy to get on and off are always a good idea for toddlers with too much to do. Even though this brand slips on and off easily, they stay on well when used outside. They are waterproof, warm, and average in price.

Kai Run Baker Boots

These flexible boots are perfect for younger children with tiny feet. They start with a toddler size 4 and are easy for children to walk in. The waterproof features keep feet warm, but since the boots are short, they're not the best choice for deeper snow. They're ideal for everyday wear and give a cozy feel to any child's feet.

Boots for Kids

The best boots for kids are not only warm and comfortable but waterproof and durable for all outdoor family activities.

Merrell Snow Quest Lite 3

These boots are warm, waterproof, and — to a parent's delight — easy to put on. They are perfect for children who like to play in the snow, whether they want to sled or build a snowman. Their mid-line price makes them affordable and high in quality. You could pass them down from child to child or buy new ones in larger sizes as time passes.

Merrell Snow Quest Lite 3 boots for kids

Photo source: Rei.com

Muck Boots for Kids

Not every family is able to afford different boots for their kids every season of the year. Muck boots are warm and durable, making them an excellent choice for any season. They have less traction than other options but are versatile, making them viable. These boots work well as rain and snow boots, keeping the feet dry even on the wettest days. They come reasonably priced and in various colors to satisfy any child's style.

Dream Pairs Faux Fur Lined Mid-Calf Winter Snow Boots

This boot option for kids is warm and comfortable but also doubles as a stylish boot for everyday wear. The fur lining insulates the toes, and the boots rise nine inches above the ankle onto the calf. Any time your child needs to be outside, their feet are warm and cozy inside these boots.

Bogs Neo-Classic

As of 2019, Bogs changed the Neo-Classic boots for kids to make them lighter. These boots are warm and light and have soles that grip the snow nicely. They work well in slushy weather and keep the wetness at bay. They're also sturdy and easy to slip on.

Bogs Neo-Classic boots for kids

Photo source: Bogsfootware.com

KVbabby Winter Ankle Boots for Kids

The anti-slip boots come in black, dark blue, red, purple, pink, and white to satisfy any child's color preference. The rubber soles keep kids vertical on the snow and ice, and the plush interior keeps feet happy for hours.

Kamik SnoBusters

As the name indicates, these boots are great in wet weather. They are entirely rubber and 100 percent waterproof. They handle the snow and ice well since they have deep treads, and they double as rain boots. Remove the liner and even the rubber outsole for drying. The boots go high on the leg and don't let snow in from that direction. They work well in temperatures that go down as far as 25 below.

LyreGOPro Winter Duck Boots

If your child enjoys dressing like an adult, these boots are a good fit. They look like miniature versions of adults' boots. They're high quality, warm, slip-resistant, and waterproof for any winter conditions. The thick faux fur lining seals in warmth while the lace-up closure keeps the boots tight around the calves.

Keen Greta

These boots are a great option for active children who are hard to pin down long enough to get snow boots on them. They don't slow any child down during the snowy weather, but their feet stay warm and dry no matter how long they stay out. The price point is higher than average, but the quality is worth it if you have several kids that could wear them over the years.

Kids in winter boots

Kamik Surfin Winter Boots

Despite the name, Kamik's Surfin Winter Boots are great for cold temperatures and deep snow. Their temperature rating takes them to 40 below, and their tread offers excellent traction, even in icy conditions. Parents don't have trouble putting these boots on their kids since they have an easy-grab lace-lock design. The rubber shell is waterproof, and the inside offers soft, insulated materials. This option starts with toddler size 11 and goes up to children's size 7.

Reima Qing "Shoe Boots"

These boots look just as much like shoes as boots. Wear them regularly around town or even to school — they're nice and warm. The boots are short, so they don't work well in deep snow, but they're a stylish way to combat colder temperatures.

Femizee Warm Outdoor Snow Boots

Ranging from small to big kid sizes, these snow boots are affordable. Since children's feet grow fast, it's simple to get a new pair every time they change sizes without breaking the budget. The boots feature a drawstring around the top, so they tighten around the calf and keep the snow out. Children may express their style based on their choice of many colors and patterns offered.

Kids Kootenay IV Water Proof Boots

If your child doesn't like high boots, and you don't need temperature ratings higher than four below zero, then these are fabulous winter options. Instead of laces, there is a velcro strap, and the boots are stiff and keep their shape well. The insulation keeps toes warm without overdoing it. These boots may be a nice compromise for children who fight wearing winter shoes.

Greatonu Kids Snow Boots

These duck boots are insulated and rise to the mid-calf level. Their bungee cord closure keeps them tight but allows for breathing room. The waterproof design is cold resistant with 200g of insulation rated to 25 below. The rubber soles feature an anti-skid design for extra safety measures.

Stonz Trek

These are some of the best snow boots for bitterly cold days. If your child plays out in temperatures 50 degrees below zero, know that their feet and toes are protected. The Stonz Trek boots are lightweight but warm and hold up well over the years. The tread might break down after heavy use, but the boots are windproof and water-resistant. Customize the fit with closures that secure the boot around the ankle and keep snow out.

Stonz Trek boots for kidsPhoto source: Stonz.com

Amoji Kids Warm Winter Boots

Feet stay warm in these practical-looking boots with waterproof materials. They slip on and off with ease and clean up well. Their lining is soft and plush and helps to seal in warmth on the coldest days. Choose a half-size larger than normal to plan for thicker socks.

KEEN Greta Winter Waterproof Boot

If your family likes to take winter hikes, these boots keep your children warm for long periods, even in weather 25 below. The boots are ideal for any winter activity, and the toggle ties make them easy to take on and off. The high-end traction makes them great for winter terrain.

Keeping Feet Warm

Boots are a great start to keeping your child's feet warm and dry over the winter months, but there are things you could do to go the extra mile.

The Right Socks

The socks you chose, for example, are necessary and extremely important. It would help to have snug socks with padding and contouring to your child's feet. Consider placing your child in a sock liner followed by a wool sock to give them comfort, warmth, and moisture-wicking. The socks your child wears out in the snow likely differ from what they wear to play around the house or school.

Layering is even more critical if your child is a new walker. They don't move around as much, and you need their feet to stay warm without that extra activity. Use larger boots, so you may comfortably tuck extra layers inside.

Kids sledding in the snow

Allowing for Style

Putting boots on a child is a real struggle. Once you find options that are warm and within your price range, look at the color options. You might want to show your child the choices and let them pick the boot design they like the most. If your child has a part in choosing the boots, they're more likely to wear them with pride. You may think a black boot that goes with anything would be best. However, if your child likes pink, they would be comfortable in that color no matter what else they have on. Many of the warmest winter boots for kids come in various color options and styles.

Keep Kids Warm From the Toes Up

The winter weather can be harsh and dangerous on little feet. Keep them warm by starting with their toes and going up from there. The best winter boots meet your region's weather conditions and the details of your child's outdoor play.

For more up-to-date info on the latest boot trends, styles, and purchasing options, check out BootAuthority.

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