Top 7 Prada Boots For Women

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Prada has become a name that everyone knows or has heard of. Whether you have a pair of these boots already or are just deciding to purchase one, you came to the right place. Prada is a highly reputable boot brand that, of course, has both pros and cons. It’s important to know everything about the company before deciding to purchase what could be your most worn and favorite footwear. It’s also imperative that you know the latest trends and top Prada boots on the market! If that’s what you’re looking for, sit back and take a minute to read all about past and present, Prada. 

Before getting started though it’s important to know that Prada was brought to life back in the early 1900s and since then has exceeded expectations for decades! Growing from a small startup into a full-grown, expensive, luxury leather brand this company has seriously raised the bar. Understanding and taking into consideration the beauty that authentically is the Prada brand is much more important than just searching for the top x Prada boots for women. Sit back and enjoy the journey through the Prada industry and also get a little insight into the top Prada boots and prices.

A Little Background on Prada Boots

Prada was first founded back in 1913, in Italy; “Mario Prada opened the leather goods shop with his brother Martino, The store sold bags, trunks, steamers, and travel accessories. So, in the beginning, Prada wasn’t even selling boots, but they were definitely selling leather goods. For decades Prada has been specializing in leather and the creation of leather goods. 

Did You Know?

When Prada first started up, the view was a very old-fashioned way of running the business. This means, that women were not originally given a place in the company. This definitely wouldn’t pass in these days, but alas, this was 1913. Women had a long way to go at this point. That soon changed, when Mario’s son was of the age of taking over the business he had absolutely no interest in running it.

Therefore, the only other option was to hand off this soon-to-be billion-dollar company to Mario’s daughter, who ultimately took the small leather company to the top of the business Roller Coaster. Mario’s daughter then passed the business onto her daughter and the company continues to be women-led to this day; “Miuccia Prada is the co-CEO and lead designer of the handbag and fashion empire Prada, which was founded in 1913 by her grandfather.” Surprise to all the men who first started this company in 1913, the women really got you to the top, even making #73 on the Forbes Power Women list in 2017. 

Prada Continues to Be of HighQuality and Unique

Becoming a unique and highquality brand isn’t ever easy. It takes time, devotion, and a group of great minds that can bring serious talent into the world. Not only is Prada packed with unique artists who can turn fashionable looks into some of the most beautiful and unique buys, but they’re also filled with talented and skilled manufacturers. One of the most important aspects of Prada that makes their leather goods so cherished and desired is the leather they use to make their products. This leather comes from an intense process that results in highquality strong leather goods. The leather is called Saffiano leather

Saffiano Leather 

Prada uses Saffiano leather, which is “defined by its loosely crosshatched texture, Saffiano is the product of a hot-pressing process that renders the calf leather scratch and water-resistant.” The best part about the special hot-press process of creating Saffiano leather is that it generates an extremely strong type of leather. It’s highly durable and functions for a variety of different needs; “Saffiano leather is highly durable, scratch-resistant, can repel water and stands and as such is easy to clean.” Prada uses this leather in all of its products, and trust us, they create a ton of different leather products. These products include but aren’t limited to watches, handbags, travel accessories, and last but certainly not least, boots

With leather treated using the process of which Saffiano leather is created, your boots are true to be durable, easy to clean, and overall amazing. Whether you’re wearing these boots to a fashion event, day job, or out in a rainstorm you won’t be disappointed. Ultimately and not surprisingly marking Prada boots with quite the hefty price tag. Although the higher price tag is for no surprising reason. With real leather boots that can stand through the test of time and still look good doing it. Quite the special make-up. 


Saffiano Leather 

Being part of a fashion world, like Prada’s makes you no stranger to keeping up. It’s important to know and understand the latest collection in order to keep up with the times and with the fashionistas of the world! No worries, we’ve got you.   

The Latest Collection

If you follow Prada, you probably know a variety of their newest boots out on the line, but why is it so important to keep up with the latest collection? If you’re someone who does pay close attention to Prada and maybe idolizes the models a little bit, then keeping up with the fashion trends is super important. Not only, does this help you to stay on top of everything fashion, but it is also a way of expression;Fashion has the ability to change and shape lives through its personal connection to us all.” Every person in every culture has some link and association with fashion. That fashion could be as simple as a T-shirt and shorts, but that’s a type of fashion in itself. 

Fashion is either an intentional or unintentional way of showing our personalities. Keeping up with the latest trends will help with the evolution of one’s personality and the connection they find within their community and societal conformities. 

Alright, outside of the everyday outfits of every person, let’s talk about everyone who shops designers. Most of us, shall we call ourselves, designer specialists? Know how to keep up with the trends (and come on, it’s so fun to do!). Searching endlessly, attending fashion shows, watching from home on your smartphone or TV. There’s no doubt keeping up with fashion is fun and exciting. It’s also artistic and an amazing and long-cherished way of expression. If you’re someone who has a portfolio or connects with clients through fashion, then there’s nothing more important than keeping up with the times and the clients for that matter. 

Now let’s take a look at Prada’s latest collection, shall we?

1. Prada Women’s Saffiano Leather Boots

With a 3 cm heel and round toe, these authentic Saffiano Leather boots are 100%, Prada. A knee-high styled boot with a leather sole and stamped with the Prada Seal. These boots will help to pull together any outfit and are great for cold weather. 

Price: $930.00

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12/05/2023 02:08 am GMT

2. Prada Women’s Green Leather Boots

This welt-sewn, Saffiano leather product will not only pull any outfit together but will also have onlookers questioning where you got them. Give your clients a modest and put-together look while on an outing with this 100% authentic, Prada seal stamped boot.

Price: $460.00

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12/04/2023 11:52 am GMT


3. Prada Women’s Brown Leather Half Boot

Shorter boots are often much more desirable in the spring and fall fashion months. This beautiful boot has a heel height of 3 cm. Making it ideal for those colder mornings that require a little extra fashion and a little extra exertion to get out the door. Made of calf-skin and genuine leather these boots are overall fashionable at any time and are almost always up to date on a day out. 

Price: $600.00


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12/04/2023 04:06 pm GMT

4. Prada Women’s Leather Half Boot

This leather half boot is a real fashion statement. For the bold and definitely not faint-hearted this boot will light up any outfit. Making its all-black appearance with fur at the top it can match almost any outfit and will surely turn heads as you walk. 


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12/05/2023 07:49 am GMT

5. Prada Women’s Leather Half Boot

High laced and velcroed this is a fashion statement that you’ll absolutely love to pull off. Not only will you love it, but any onlookers will surely be asking where you got these amazing boots! These boots are literally made for walking. With a comfortable whole sole and no heel, these boots will be perfect for long walking days, providing even steps and for a comfortable day. 

Price: $800.00

6. Prada Women’s Leather Half-boot

Another low-cut footwear option is this boot is great for a night out. You’ll surely be turning heads with the frilly black around the top of this boot and the bejeweled, 5.5 cm heel. Not only will your feet look dreamy, but your legs will look absolutely stunning in this high-heeled leather boot.

Price: $830.00


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12/04/2023 05:13 am GMT

7. Prada Women’s Leather Half-Boot

Looking for a lace-up boot that will make your legs look absolutely stunning. Well, this is the boot for you. It looks casual and fun but comes equipped in beautiful leather and a 10 cm heel. Great for a night out or strut around town. The Head will undeniably be turning with this fashionable boot on your feet.

Price: $950.00


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12/04/2023 01:32 pm GMT

Prada Boots Comfort

The best part about Prada boots is that they’re fashion made for everyday life. These boots are designed not only to keep everyone wearing them up on the fashion totem pole but they’re meant to last. They’re meant to last through the day, through the year, and for a long time after purchasing. These special and luxurious shoes are not only appealing to the eye but also in most cases, extremely comfortable. Along with the comfort of these boots, comes the obvious walking aspect. There’s nothing worse than walking through snow and ice with boots that just don’t keep you safe. Well, Vogue magazine gives a little insight on the reality of wearing the Monstrous Monolith Boots and keeping up with a snowstorm; “Those thick soles guarantee no slipping and sliding around town, especially during a winter snowstorm.” Therefore, keep in mind that it’s totally possible to keep an edgy and fantastic fashionable look throughout the entire winter as well. 

When purchasing shoes online it can be really difficult to be confident ordering your normal size. With sizes varying so much, questioning the comfort of your new boots is definitely going to be something that should be considered. Thankfully with Prada that isn’t really going to be much of a problem. Prada shoes are known to run very true to size; “For Prada, I can say that they run true to size.” All in all, Prada shoes are a pretty good buy. 

How to Clean Prada Boots

Regular wear and tear are bound to happen on any pair of shoes that are purchased. No matter how careful one might be a scuff here and there is bound to happen. If it does happen, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to take care of any marks on your Prada boots that may arise. Simply use some baking soda and an old t-shirt to wash away any impurities that may affect the leather on your Prada boots; “Dip the rag in warm water and a dime-sized amount of baking soda . . . rub the black streaks gently until they disappear.” Who knew good old-fashioned baking soda would be the fix! 

Taking precautions against anything happening to your boots in the first place is another great way to keep them clean! This way you avoid putting any other products on them. In order to take preventative measures; “Plan to polish up your boots once per week, and any point after they’ve been immersed in a salt and snow bath while waiting for the streetcar.” Haha. A little bit of a specific situation there, but very important. Polishing those boots at any moment of havoc is essential to keeping them in the best possible condition. 

Still, pondering the best possible way to clean your Prada boot? Check out this video to get not only the low down of how but also a great technique that will help to keep your Prada boots going strong for years to come. 

Are they real?

When purchasing expensive and name-brand items online it can sometimes be pretty easy to find yourself caught up in a scam. It’s important to know the different ways to spot scams and tell the difference between real and fake Prada boots, sneakers or any other form of Prada wear for that matter. 

1. The Packaging Tells All

Prada doesn’t cut corners on any aspect of its products. Meaning that their shoe boxes are most definitely not made out of cardboard. In order to spot if you’ve been scammed or if you’ve received a real pair of Prada shoes, it’s all in the box; “Real Prada boxes are made with corrugated plastic. If the box is cardboard, it is a fake.” It’s important to notice immediately if you have received a fake pair of Prada boots

2. Prada Provides a Dust Bag

A real Prada shoe will come delivered in a dust bag. This is for obvious reasons, the main one being to keep your brand new boots from getting dusty before they’re even delivered. The difference between a real Prada dust bag and a fake is a difference in the color and fabric; “A real Prada dust bag will be the same grayish silver as the box with a silver drawstring cord. A fake Prada dust bag will have a tell-tale black silver cord.” Ultimately, this is a quick and easy way to find out if the boots are fake or real. 

3. Prada logo

The logo on any name-brand shoe is usually a pretty good indicator for determining if a shoe is fake or real. The Prada logo is quite unique and hard to imitate; “The soles of Prada heels feature the ‘Prada’ logo written in capitals or the pronounced Prada badge shaped like a T usually in gold.” Making the standard of recognizing an authentic pair of Prada shoes that much easier. 


In conclusion, the best Prada boots for women are far and few between. Whether you base your purchasing on the latest fashion, comfiest trends, or just overall, your favorite look Prada has something for everyone. Prada also guarantees high-quality boots that will be supportive and fashionable for any event. The top 7 Prada boots for women mentioned in this article are up fashionably up-to-date and great for any occasion. 

Along with Prada boots being some of the best options by today’s standards, the company was a small startup at one point. Dating all the way back to the early 1900s, run as an all-male company. Only to ultimately be turned over to daughter after daughter, making themselves a top women-led company. In conclusion, the top x Prada Boots for women were designed and created by a group of amazing, talented, and highly trusted women and men that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. 

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