The Top Steve Madden Boots For Any Style

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Steve Madden is a luxury brand that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Stores can be found all across the continental United States and in over 65 countries! Making it an obvious favorite in a variety of countries. What exactly makes these shoes so popular throughout the world? That’s honestly a bit hard to pinpoint, considering there are literally so many positives about the brand. 

These moderately, priced high-quality boots are undoubtedly a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a new boot. Beware though, it’s quite difficult to only purchase one of Steve Maddens boot styles. Coming in hot with a variety of different styles that can really match anyone’s personal self-style expression, these boots will definitely be a hit and most likely, a new favorite. 

It can be overwhelming shopping for new luxury boots online. There are a huge variety of different styles and brands, so it can be hard to pin pick your absolute favorite. Today, we’re going to delve deep into Steve Madden’s boots and each particular style. So, whether you’re familiar with Steve Madden or still getting used to it, this will only broaden your horizons and hopefully help you to make the best purchase according to your own personal style. It’s important to note that in most cases, Steve Madden’s boots are essentially quite easy to style. Making them even perfect for the beginner fashionista, testing out the waters.

Steve Madden Boots

Steve Madden’s original purpose and idea for the brand was to; “Provide on-trend women and men with an outlet to express their individuality is innovative, daring, and inspiring”. Throughout the years, Madden boots have undoubtedly done exactly that. Unlike other luxury brands, these boots have reached a variety of different art expression ideas and categories. Making sure to reach all the different personalities of the fashion world. Giving a variety of options to a variety of minds and spreading creativity throughout the fashion work since the 90s. 

Some of the best and most intrinsic creations were in the form of boots. Providing men and women with boots that can fit anyone’s special, artistic view of the world. From low-rise ankle boots all the way to thigh-high boots, there is a fashion out there for everyone.

Combat Boots

1. Betty Boot 

The Betty boot comes in both Betty Black and Betty Pink. This boot is available in sizes 4-12 and is designed specifically to be comfortable for all-day wear. This style comes in a simple full lace-up, low-cut combat style. The sole of the shoe is quite a bit larger than with other styles. Making it a pretty sincere choice for most users. The boot is also known to be true to size and fit comfortably. 

chelsea boot

The Betty Pink has been raved about in customer reviews. Known to be an absolutely stunning pink color that is sure to provoke a fashion. Looking to see these boots on? Check out the absolute beauty that is the Betty Boot, in both pink and black. 

Price: $99.95

2. Troopa Brown Leather

The Troopa Brown leather is a special Steve Madden boot that can pretty much go with any outfit. The quality and overall leather make of this boot are high and luxurious. With an inside zipper, the boots are easy to quickly take on and off, also offering that extra fashion piece that is often needed to display the beauty of this boot. The low heel also allows for easy and comfortable walking throughout the entire wear of these boots

Price: $80.95

Steve Madden Troopa Brown leather boots

3. Troopa Black Leather

The Troopa black leather boot is a special and unique version of Steve Madden’s combat boot. With a wrap-around tie, this boot gives off a totally different sense of fashion than the Troops Brown leather. Although it’s an overall different feel, it’s still considered a combat boot and has yet to lose any of its quality. 

Price: $80.95

Styling Combat Boots can be a bit more difficult than other types of boots. Mostly due to their chunky nature, they tend to stand out with outfits, but they’re still a very popular boot. Combat boots can pretty much be styled with any outfit of your choosing, from jeans to dresses. These boots almost always look good. Especially in a color like black or brown. Finding the perfect pairing isn’t all that difficult. According to Lifewithmar; “Yes, you can wear them with jeans, you can wear them with dresses… heck, you can even style combat boots with skirts.” Therefore, if you find yourself to be someone that isn’t the best at styling your shoes, then the Steve Madden combat boots could just be the perfect addition to pull all of your outfits together. 

Steve Madden Troopa black leather boots

Chelsea Boot

Within the past few years, Chelsea boots have taken the boot world by storm. Being one of the most fashionable boots on the market, these boots most likely won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Luxe Digital tells us that; “Chelsea boots are still in fashion and the trend shows no sign of abating. Chelsea boots offer timeless fashion because of their iconic silhouette, durability, comfort, and the fact that they can be worn with both formal and casual outfits.” Providing timeless fashion for both men and women here are Steve Madden’s top three Chelsea Boot options. 

1. Moira San Suede

The Moira San suede is a beautiful Chelsea boot available in both sand color and black. This boot fits the natural nature of Chelsea boots and is cute, stylish, and high-quality. Although it does seem to run a bit on the small side, be sure to consider this when making your purchase.

In a situation like this, it’s sometimes a good option to find a store that sells Steve madden boots and try them on first! 

Price: $149.95

Steve Madden Chelsea boot in black

2. Sahara Blush

The Sahara Blush Steve Madden Chelsea boots are an undeniable favorite. With their chunky soles these shoes hold up to the current fashion trends; “While chunky boots are somewhat timeless, this heavy footwear is really having a moment . . . and it seems to be getting bulkier.” As you can see, the bulky sole of fashion isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! It’s quite a timeless fashion and you’ll be sure to keep bringing it back for autumn to come with the Sahara blush, Chelsea Boot

Along with the timeless fashion, this boot was also designed with your comfort in mind. Equipped with an extra cushion, makes the heavier sole that much more comfortable. The bigger the sole, the heavier the walk, Steve Madden designers knew that was an issue with comfort. Therefore, they made sure this Chelsea boot held up to its overall comfort quality. 

Also available in Sahara Black.

Price: $79.95

3. Petro Tan Suede | Men’s Style

Any and all styles mean men too! The Petro Tan suede is a viable option for men looking for a business casual shoe that is both comfortable and fashionable. This is the perfect option for exactly that. It’s not only comfortable and business casual, but can also be easily paired with any outfit in your closet. It’s important to note that with Chelsea boots, only certain styles are considered to be business casual; “For business casual office environments, leather or suede Chelsea boots are appropriate.” Making this Chelsea boot the absolutely perfect option for your day-to-day office shoe

Price: $139.95

Knee High Boots

1. Cypress Black

Available in three colors the Cypress Black knee-high boot can really go with any style. Although the heel on this comes in quite high at 5 inches, it’s still a very reasonable option to fit any style. They are comfortable and stylish preparing you to seriously take on the town on a night out or even paired correctly with a business casual outfit

Price: $189.95

Steve Madden Knee High Boots

2. Wayde Black Leather

The Wayde Black Leather boot isn’t quite as intense as the Cypress black, comforting the more casual dresser. These boots can really be paired with any outfit for any occasion. Whether it’s a night out, a dinner meeting, or a business casual office setting, these boots will fit right in. Coming off as stylish and feeling very comfortable, the chunky sole will give it that extra special twist of fashion that everyone is looking for. 

One special thing about leather boots is that leather definitely won’t be going out of style. This is a timeless fashion of its own creation; Leather is a classic fashion stable regardless of era, trend, or style, will always be incorporated in new collections every season.” If you’re looking for the boots that will still be in the next boot season, well leather is often the best way to go!  

Price: $69.99

3. Duke30 Black

The Duke30 Black boots will undoubtedly turn heads. Coming right up to touch the knee, these boots will match anything you choose to pair them with. The high wedge style also makes them absolutely adorable. 

These boots are even better because they’re bringing back a vintage style. Imitating the ‘90s Grunge boots. Vintage clothing gives a unique vibe to any outfit, these boots are sure to do exactly that; “Donning classic fashions enables you to express your personality in creative ways. If you enjoy looking different from the crowd, then vintage clothing is made for you.” Give it a shot with these boots and see how awesome vintage can really be!

Price: $139.95

Knee-high boots are quite special all on their own. One of the most special parts about knee-high boots is that they can be styled with almost anything and they don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon; “We’ve been seeing more and more knee-high boots on the street style scene as the season has progressed”. What an exciting time to be exploring the luxury boot fashion world. Show off your best fashion sense with these Steve Madden knee-high boots

Steve Madden Boots Comfort

One of the best aspects of Steve Madden boots is being known to be true to size. With boots that can, in some cases, trust to be true to the size you’re almost guaranteed that comfort factor. In many cases, they can be a bit tight, which is something to take into consideration if you have wider feet. Unfortunately, this may ruin the overall comfort of the boots. Thankfully, in a few customer reviews, they have been noted to stretch and take shape of your foot after a few wears; “I decided to keep them in hopes they’d stretch and they did! Now they fit like a charm.” Therefore, the overall size matter of Steve Madden boots tends to be quite comfortable and a good option,

Obviously finding fashionable shoes that are also comfortable can be a real problem. In most cases, business casual boots haven’t been the most comfortable options. Therefore shelling out quite a chunk of change on them can be a bit daunting at first. But in the plethora of reviews of the Steve Madden boots, they’ve proven to be known for their high comfort levels and extra padding. The experts at Steve Madden know and understand the day-to-day of the fashion world. Hoping to not only provide a fashion statement to fit any style, but also bring comfort to fit any lifestyle. 

With that in mind though, it’s important to note that wearing high heels all day, no matter the comfort level or padding intensity, may eventually lead to being uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it’s actually a structural change in the body’s makeup; “If you wear a high heel every day, long-term, it’s a given that you’re going to develop a contracture or a shortening of the Achilles tendon.” There can be many downsides to wearing high heels all day, which might make it important for you to look into some of the lower heeled shoes on the list above.  

Styling Steve Madden Boots

Whether you find your styling ideas on Pinterest, Youtube, or Tiktok there are a ton of different places out there to find the best outfits for styling your Steve Madden boots. The styles depend on the boot that you purchase, but styling Steve Madden boots in most cases is quite simple. Especially with a simple book style like the Troopa Brown Leather boot. This boot is casual enough to be matched with skinny jeans, a dress, or even a skirt! While boots like the Sahara Blush might be a bit more difficult to pair due to the blush, and tan color that they are. 

Where to Get it gives off some seriously attractive Autumn vibes by pairing. Imitate this look with your Steve Madden Troopa brown leather boots! All you need is an oversized sweater and some black leggings to pull this one-off.

This outfit shows just how versatile these boots can be. They are found to be readily modified to fit any outfit at any time of the year. Whether it’s a hot summer day and they’re paired with a sundress or a cool autumn morning paired with a sweater and leggings. These boots are sure to be one of the most versatile Steve Madden boot options on the market.

There are various amount of looks that all of the abovementioned Steven Madden boots can easily be categorized with. Chelsea boots especially go with almost any outfit. Therefore, when you’re looking to pair your Steve Madden boots before a night out, remember that they go with anything! They are totally versatile and as Steve Madden had originally pictured, they fit your sense of style. It’s important to take that and run with it. Flaunt your own style, that’s what is so special about luxury style brands. You’re the artist! 

Military Discount

Not only is Steve Madden here to provide boots that are comfortable and match any style, they also give a very highly appreciated military discount. Providing military members with 25% off of any purchase at Steve Madden; “To all active, veteran, retired, and reservist personal of the US Armed forces, we want to thank you by offering a 25% off discount.” This offer is easily unlocked directly at the Steve Madden website! 

Gift bags and boxes with military camoflogue print


Overall, there are a variety of Steve Madden boots out there that can genuinely fit any style. Some may be a bit bolder, while others may be a bit more versatile. At the end of the day, it’s whatever Steve Madden boots keep you confident and show off your own personal style

Coming in hot in the 90s with the original vision of making a brand that allows wearers “To express their individuality as innovative, daring, and inspiring”. That exact brand has only grown along with the generations. Speaking out and allowing each and every fashion artist to express themselves. So, buy the boots that you genuinely love and live up to that inspiration! Follow your instinct and make a fashion statement. 

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