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COACH Riley Rain Boot

Boots have been a staple wardrobe piece for centuries. The oldest known record of boots is from a Spanish painting dated between 12,000 and 15,000 BCE. Since that time, boots have received a lot of modifications and style updates. There are so many different types of boots as well as details and materials. In 2020, boot sales counted for 10 million dollars of total shoe sales. Considering all that transpired in 2020, this number is high.

Boots are prized throughout both the luxury and budget-friendly shoe markets. A great pair of boots can truly transform a look and give a sense of confidence to the consumer.

But what do you truly look for when purchasing a boot? Brand, quality, comfort, and fashion are all aspects of choosing the right pair of shoes. If you are searching for a high-quality product that is made to last, you may want to stick to a name you can trust. Coach is touted as one of the best quality yet affordable brands of all time. Here is an inside look at the company and Coach boots.

Coach: The Brand

If you were a teenager in the 2000s, you know the look. The coveted “C” print was all the rage. From handbags to sneakers, everything Coach was in. Pair your favorite Juicy Couture tracksuit with your Coach handbag, and you were a fashion icon. But, Coach had a much earlier start than the 2000s. The Coach Brand began back in 1941. Coach was created after the founder was awed by the stitch and quality design of a baseball glove. His first line included 12 handbags. Each handbag was made of high-quality leather and was stitched to perfection.

The brand progressed through the years until it found the perfect niche. There was a new concept in the 1990s: affordable luxury. While many couldn’t afford a Louis Vuitton or Chanel handbag, they didn’t have to stick to a handbag from Target either. Coach became an affordable luxury brand that provided quality products at a moderate price tag. The “Court” bag was offered in stores for $176 which is compared to a price today of $342. While the price was still expensive, it didn’t compare to the cost of other upper-end brands. Coach was a great gift or “semi-splurge” that people could afford for birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions.

In 2001, the company launched the iconic “C” print with its “signature collection”. The print was the must-have look during this time. It implemented other products such as Coach boots, fragrances, keychains, and other accessories. But, the brand didn’t update with the times. The company also faced significant competition from brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York, and Tory Burch. This competition added to the unjust “fake” market and turned sales downward.

But, Coach has made a comeback. Paris Hilton launched a campaign for a return of the glorified Y2K style in 2020. Coach returned to a more classic look that brought back the earlier styles of classic pieces made of quality materials and construction. Reaching back to its roots it has returned to be a contender for the “It bag” of the season. Coach has certainly risen again in popularity. It is a brand with a rich history but has room to grow. Coach offers great products that will meet your fashion-forward needs. Of its many product offerings, shoes are a top pick. From 1941 to 2022, Coach is a hit.

Top Coach Boots

Today, Coach is ranked #497 on a global list of 1000 top brands. The brand is still a common name in many households. Coach has identified itself as a quality brand you can trust. Among their wide variety of products, boots are a top offering for the company. Here are the top Coach Boots.

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COACH Rivington Rain Bootie

If you struggle to find a fashionable rain boot, you aren’t alone. Every year, women go in search of an effective yet stylish rain bootie. The Coach Rivington Rain Bootie may be your perfect shoe match. The Rivington rain bootie is a modern take on a classic rain boot. It has a synthetic glossy rubber with a fine knit material around the ankle. The knit material has the classic signature “C” print in a darker color. It also lists the brand in large white letters. Many people love the branded look and these booties certainly have that feature. These Coach boots also have a rounded toe. The top circumference of the ankle bootie is 11 inches. It has a 6-inch shaft height and weighs 14 ounces per boot. The boot is available in black, red, pink, grey, blue, and white. With the wide variety of color options, you are sure to find a pair to meet your needs. The Coach Rivington Rain Bootie is rated highly at 4.6 out of 5-stars. Most options are about $95 with a few ranging up to $165 based on size and color. This rain bootie is an excellent choice to add a little fashion to your rainy day wardrobe.

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COACH Lorimer Leather Bootie

The Coach Lorimer Leather Bootie is a tribute to current trends. It is a great lug-style military boot that is very stylish. This shoe would look great paired with jeans, dresses, or leggings. This boot is made of leather and has the classic C-shaped hardware. The boot features an almond shape toe and a rubber sole. The thick rubber soles are great for keeping traction regardless of the weather or surface you are walking on. The lace-up front can be compared to classic combat boots, Dr. Martens-style. The Lorimer Leather Bootie comes in black, white, and a mixed brown material called “Dark Cranberry”. The white Lorimer leather bootie has contrasting stitching for a standout look. The Dark Cranberry Lorimer Bootie has blush-colored laces, heels, and patch detailing on the back. They also feature the traditional “C” print and a faux fur lining. The Coach Lorimer Leather Bootie is rated 4.4 out of 5-stars. This option ranges in price from $96 to $298 based on color and shoe size selection. While you can find cheap combat boots, this shoe option was built to last. If you love the combat boot style, it is worth the investment. These Coach boots are a great military-style boot to add to your collection.

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COACH Chrissy Bootie

A simple yet classic pair of boots describes the Coach Chrissy Bootie. The Chrissy Bootie is a perfect choice for work to weekend transition. This pair of boots was crafted of leather and a low 2.5-inch block heel. It is made with a rubber lug sole and has memory foam padding. The Chrissy bootie has a side zipper and round toe. Its plain features make it highly versatile for many different style options. The shoe has a small gold plating on the heel for a slight branded look. These boots come in black, white, and red mocha. The Coach boots are rated 4.2 out of 5-stars. The brand suggests that you size up in this pair for the best fit with socks or other needed foot accessories. The boots range in price from $99 to $179. This classic pair of booties are a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe.

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COACH Riley Rain Boot

If you are looking for a full-coverage rain boot, the Coach Riley Rain Boot is a top pick. This pair of boots will keep your feet and legs during the worst wet winters. It has a waterproof rubber upper, textile lining, and a removable insole. The Riley Rain boot features a 1-inch heel and a 15 ¾ inch shaft height. The calf circumference will fit up to 15 inches. The boot also has a fashionable gold adjustable buckle with a Coach branded hangtag. The water-resistant shoe is also slip-resistant to keep you from falling on a wet sidewalk. No one said that a bad weather day had to be a bad fashion day. These Coach boots will keep you dry, protected, and still looking your best. The boots are rated 4.3 out of 5 stars with 80% of reviewers ranking them a 5-star. The Riley Rainboot is available for $150. These boots are a top pick to meet your rainboot needs.

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COACH Lyden Leather Bootie

Ready for your next perfect pair of stylish booties? Look no further than these coach boots. The Coach Lyden Leather Bootie is Coach’s take on a classic Chelsea boot with a raised platform. The bootie was designed with a chunky lug sole to provide great traction. It is made of smooth leather but offers elastic sides and a pull loop for easy on and off capabilities. The Lynden Leather bootie has a rounded toe and a 1.5-inch heel height. It has a 4-inch shaft and a 9 ¾ inch circumference. These boots are perfect to pair with jeans, leggings, or dresses. Chelsea boots are known for their sleek design and high versatility. The Lynden Leather bootie is a great choice for your day-to-night transition. They are easy to walk in and comfortable enough for a long day of activities. This pair of shoes is rated 4.2 out of 5-stars. They are available in both black and brown to fit the needs of your closet. The Lynden Leather bootie is available for $169 to $195 based on size and choice needs. This option is a great high quality and durable pick for your next Chelsea-style boot.

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COACH Pacey Bootie

The Coach Pacey Bootie offers a classic style to meet a variety of needs. The elevated block heel and sleek lines give off a slight western vibe. This style of shoe is paired great with a sundress or skinny jeans. The Pacey Bootie is made of leather and has a 2.5-inch block heel. It has a padded insole and a side zipper. It also features a gold branded C on the heel for a classic look. These Coach boots are quality comfort and are rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. The Pacey bootie comes in both brown and black color options. They are $225 but go on sale for $121. The Pacey bootie is a great classic shoe choice.

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Coach Leona Shearling Boot

For a fun winter boot, check out the Coach Leona Shearling Boot. The Leona Shearling boot is perfect for cold weather and looks like they belong in an Apres Ski environment. They are covered in leather and shearling from Australia for a statement look. The Leona Shearling boot is a perfect honey brown color. They have a rubber lug sole and memory foam padding. It has a 6-inch shaft with a front zipper closure and heel pull tab. These Coach boots would look great with an athleisure style or elevated ski outfit. It would also pair great with jeans and an oversized sweater. The Leona boot is perfect to bring on your winter vacation as it can be easily dressed up or down while keeping your feet warm. The Coach Leona Shearling Boot is rated 5 out of 5 stars! It is available on sale for $124 and was originally priced at $295. The Coach Leona Shearling Boot is the perfect choice for your winter boot needs.

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Coach Leigh Boot

The Coach Leigh Boot is a stylish choice for your Equestrian style riding boot needs. The Leigh Boot is created with smooth leather and a rubber lug sole. The shoes also have memory foam padding and a low 1.5-inch heel for an easy day of walking. It has a long side zipper and a top buckle strap closure. The boot is also detailed by a branded patch on the back of the boot. The shaft is 16.5-inches with a total top circumference of 15-inches. The Coach boots are offered in brown, black, and army green mixed materials. These boots would look great with a dress, leggings, or jeans. The classic riding boot style is a great choice for your next event. The Coach Leigh boot is rated 3.9 out of 5-stars and ranges from $126 to $225.

Coach Boot Summary

The Coach brand has made quite a mark since 1941. It has had its peaks and valleys in popularity but has remained a strong brand throughout the years. The company is known for its niche in affordable luxury. Coach provides high-quality leather at an affordable price. While you can find faux leather cheaper, these materials aren’t for extended use. As a consumer, you need to decide if purchasing cheap trendy items each year is in your best interest or not. While purchasing Coach boots is more expensive, these items will last through many seasons. Purchasing your dream black smooth leather boots is a purchase you only have to make every few years. Spending money on a pair of quality shoes has been shown to outlast three or four pairs of cheap shoes. The mindset of consumers is geared to change. The shift has moved from more to better.

Fast fashion has taken the clothing and shoe market by storm. But, this choice isn’t great for the environment. Juliet Schor, a professor at Boston College states, “There’s a big trend in the growth of ecological sensibility, the growth in demand for artisanal products, and more handmade items”. While genuine leather isn’t generally touted for its “Eco-friendly” qualities – it is a material that is long-lasting.

For the eco-conscious, there is another factor to consider. The Sierra Club discusses the emissions required to replace a pair of shoes. For example, if you purchase low-quality cheap combat boots you may need to replace them several times over the course of the life of high-quality combat boots. The emissions associated with a pair of leather boots are compared to a gallon of gas. The leather pair “costs” one gallon of gas in emissions but the boots needing to be replaced several times would cost much more damage to the environment. Even if you choose to shop online, the products would still be transported to your house via gasoline.

Brands such as Coach provide consumers with quality products that are affordable luxury. While it is unlikely a general person can regularly make a purchase of a few hundred dollars at a time, it is still within reach. Learning to save for what you want is a great life lesson. It may also help you to care for your things as you know how expensive they were.

Coach boots have a great variety of options. Rainboots, winter boots, leather booties, riding boots, and combat boots are major fashion trends. Depending on where you live, you may need a wide selection of shoe choices. When you face bad weather, you need quality gear to stay safe and dry. Coach is a shoe brand you can trust to provide you with quality pieces. Investing in great shoes is well worth it. Try a pair of Coach boots in your search for affordable luxury items.

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