The Best Vince Camuto Boots

Vince Camuto Women’s Fendels Fashion Boot

Coming strong with both high-quality and great prices it’s hard to find a better boot option than the Vince Camuto boots. They are both comfortable and versatile fitting a dress-up or dress-down outfit. Whether you need boots for the office, a wedding, or just a night on the town, then these are the boots for you.

Keep them tucked away in the back of your closet and watch heads turn on the days you decide to break them out. Or wear them on the daily, but get ready for the gawking and questions about where on earth you got them! 

Whether you’re just looking for a designer brand that you can trust, or you want to know and understand more about Vince Camuto you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and enjoy the read on not only the best Vince Camuto boots, but also on why a designer brand can make your fashion sense that much more special and unique. 

Why Go With A Designer Brand?

Going with a designer brand most definitely has its perks. There’s no denying that you get what you pay for – a quote we’ve heard all too much. In most cases the higher the price tag, the higher the quality, Although, in some cases that may not be true. 

Buying from a designer brand should keep your mind at ease, due to the nature of a high-quality guarantee. Unfortunately, though, this guarantee has taken on a few territories of lost trust over the past few decades. Due to the growing popularity of shopping online, counterfeit items have been growing in popularity. 

It has become increasingly easier for companies across the world to learn how to craft the perfect replica of some of our most beloved designer-brand boots and shoes. Throughout the fashion and really overall online shopping industry counterfeited items are becoming more and more prominent; footwear account for 22% of the total value of counterfeit goods . . . making it the most pirated product category ahead of clothing, leather goods, and electrical equipment.” Knowing and understanding the brand you’re purchasing from should come at the top of your list! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make sure that you’re purchasing authentic, here are a few tips to make sure you’re buying from a reputable and genuine source: 

1. The Price Tag

Probably the most obvious way to spot the difference between authentic designer boots and counterfeited designer boots is the price tag. If the price is undeniable too good to be true, then it’s most likely not a real retailer. It’s important to know the price directly coming from the retailer’s website and compare other websites to that base price. The price really shouldn’t fluctuate all that much on different sale platforms. Keep in mind that designer boots aren’t usually on sale for much more than 10% or sometimes you can find 20% off. 

2. The Box

Most designer boxes are specially designed with the user in mind. They are made to represent the company that is selling them. They most likely will come equipped with different labels and stickers directly on the box. It’s important to know what the box will look like before purchasing the item. That way, if you’re buying from a third party you can even request a picture of the box before hitting, confirm purchase

3. Location, Location, Location

Like with many other aspects of life, location can tell a lot about the quality of a product. Okay, so yes, there are definitely places in China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries that are significantly high-status fashion icons, but there are also a TON of counterfeit factories; “On average, 20 percent of all consumer products in the Chinese market are counterfeit.” This makes it super important to make sure that you know the exact location of where your product is being shipped. Most designer brands will have a specific shipping location, guaranteeing the product is real and genuine. For Camuto boots, in particular, they are shipped from New Jersey. If you receive a shipping address from somewhere in China, well it’s most likely not one of China’s most reputable fashion industries. 

Now that the basis of counterfeit products has been covered, it’s important to have a basic understanding of why purchasing a designer boot is such a great option. There are so many reasons for purchasing from a designer brand, in various aspects of life, but when it comes to shoes and boots, it can often be essential. 

Designer shoes often guarantee, not only to be fashionable but also to be much more durable and last longer. There’s nothing worse than only wearing your heels once or twice before they break. With designer brands this normally isn’t the case; “With designer shoes, the cost is higher, however, the number of wears is also higher.” Designer shoes are made to hit a certain price tag and in order to hit that price tag confidently and successfully, the product must be able to withstand customer reviews

Why the Camuto group Is A Good Choice

The Camuto group and maker of the Jessica Simpson brand has become a designer brand of choice for many working American women throughout the states. Founded in 2001, this brand supports retailers and production services. Throughout the first decade of the 2000s, Vince Camuto partnered with various fashion designers and celebrities to help create their own lines of affordable, designer brand legacies. Although the original founder, Vince Camuto passed away in 2015, his legacy continues and still thriving today. 

Is the Camuto brand a good designer brand for you and your budget? Well, simply put the answer is yes, it is a good brand. Offering a ton of different products and styles this brand is both unique and affordable; “If you don’t mind spending money on stylish shoes, Vince Camuto is one of the best brand options you have for riding boots and sandals.” With that being said, compared to other designer brands Camuto boots come off as on the lower side of the designer price gap. 

The good news about Vince Camuto is that compared to many luxury designer brands it still tends to be on the less expensive side. Although, Vince Camuto products are decently expensive. However, compared to other luxury brands, their quality is quite decent for their show and bag pricing.” Making it a viable option for someone looking to spice up their closet with a designer brand, but keep their wallet intact with an affordable price tag. 

Vince Camuto Styles

Keeping up with the styles isn’t too difficult when it comes to this brand either. It’s simple to match any unique personality and sense of fashion when it comes to your new Vince Camuto boots. They can fit an outgoing, bold sense or blend in with a more modern, shy look. There are a variety of styles designed with each fashionista in mind. Don’t worry, don’t fret, here are seven of the latest Vince Camuto styles: 

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1. Vince Camuto Women’s Elvin Bootie Ankle Boot

If you’re searching for the perfect leg-lengthening style, then this is it! Whether you plan to wear this ankle boot to the office or to the club you’ll be comfortable for the entire duration of any event. Lined with padding, these heels are quite comfortable. Although, they’ve been known to run a bit more on the snug side. Therefore, if you’re someone with wide feet it might be wise to size up in order to get the most comfortable wear out of your new booties

Along with being a bit snug, these booties tend to scratch a bit more than other styles. Due to the soft leather that surfaces the entirety of the bootie, it’s important to note this before wearing them out. If you’re planning to purchase these heels, you may want to plan to wear them somewhere that’s more relaxed and won’t be too harsh of an environment. Keeping your booties in the best condition possible with help them to last much longer. 

Price: $64.35

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2. Vince Camuto Women’s Dantania Mid Calf Boot

This mid-calf boot comes equipped with a beautiful and highly fashionable block heel. This block heel is perfect for all of the fashionistas out there, looking to enhance their height and their attitude. Although these boots might take a bit of time to get used to it’s important to note; “Some discomfort at first is expected but definitely not pain.” If you’re feeling any pain with the boots, then they might be a bit too small in size. If this is the case, but you absolutely love the boot, don’t hesitate to return the boot and size up. 

All in all, these boots are a great accent to any outfit. They are both business casual and one for the party. Whatever your intention may be with this boot, you won’t be disappointed. It also even comes in four different color options! Choose the color that will go best with your wardrobe and enjoy.

Price: $71.69

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3. Vince Camuto Women’s Windy Motorcycle Boot

This Women’s Windy Motorcycle boot is true to size and sure to tie together any outfit. There’s no doubt that these boots are super comfortable and whether you plan to ride your motorcycle across the country, attend a concert, or just add them to your everyday wear you will not be disappointed; “As you may have gathered motorcycle boots are quite casual. Versatility is not necessarily their strong suit, but they can be worn with: Jeans (for the casual wearer) Leather riding pants (for the actual rider).” Wear them with jeans tucked in or straight leg over the top, these boots are durable and ready to take on any weather.

Price: $84.00


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4. Vince Camuto Women’s Messtia Motorcycle Boot

Another motorcycle boot, although this is equipped with a much strong and more durable sole. Almost guaranteeing a no-slip grip this boot is great for not only a motorcycle trip but also for a winter morning walk. Walking on those cold, brisk, winter mornings can be a bit of a strain on anyone, but with these boots slipping will be one less worry. So enjoy them on a beautiful sunny, summer ride or an early morning winter’s day. 

Price: $89.99

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5. Vince Camuto Women’s Wethima Fashion Boot

Similar to the Wethima Motorcycle boot, this fashion boot is a bit different in a style. Rather than being made rugged to deal with the elements of the seasons, this boot is made to pull together any and all outfits. Being exceedingly comfortable, pair this boot with your favorite fall look. A great option for an everyday work boot or for a night out, you won’t regret having this go-to boot in your closet ready to be taken out. 

Price: $89.99


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6. Vince Camuto Women’s Dreveri Lace Up Ankle Boot

This boot is certainly a viable option for anyone looking to enhance their night-out outfit. It doesn’t really matter the occasion because these boots are sure to tie together any outfit. Perfect for weddings, concerts, nights at the bar, and even sleek enough for a business meeting no one will regret purchasing these boots. Coming in 3 different eye-catching colors, this boot is sure to turn heads. 

Price: $40.00 – $70.00

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7. Vince Camuto Women’s Fendels Fashion Boot

Last, but certainly not least, this thigh-high boot will have onlooking gawking at the beauty that is the Vince Camuto fashion. These boots will undoubtedly turn any outfit into a fashion ensemble. While also, making for a very sexy look, these boots are perfect for a night on the town. Even with the high heel, these boots are still known to be quite comfortable. With a snug fit around the ankle, these boots are both easy to walk in and extremely stylish. 

Price: $59.99 – $230.00


Reviving Soft Leather from A Scratch

Vince Camuto boots are often praised for their durability and overall comfort. It’s important to note that Vince Camuto shoes are crafted with premium leather, notes Ademir Colla, Vince Camuto’s leather technician.” Quite a specialty of the brand as a matter of fact. This ultimately leads to the fact that sometimes, even quality, durable leather gets scratched up. As with most fashion boots, they’re no stranger to a night out or a concert and we all know that people are not very conscious of their feet at events like these. Which is why it’s important to know how to properly clean any scratches that may arise, and prevent new ones from forming.

Cleaning or fixing mild scratches doesn’t seem to be all that difficult on different styles of boots. It’s actually quite simple to modify these scratches using items that can oftentimes be found lying around the house. Wikihow provides some great advice; “For minor scratches, use things like petroleum jelly, white vinegar or recoloring balm to fix the leather.” A simple lather and rub should do the trick on minor scratches. 

Another great option is using olive oil or coconut oil, this will help to moisturize the leather and bring it back to its original shape; “If the scratch on the shoe is not large, you can use a soft cloth to absorb the olive oil and then rub it on the scratched area. Then wipe out the surrounding areas to create shine ofr the boots.” This is definitely a process that kills two birds with a stone. Don’t just get rid of the scratches, but also polish the boots while you’re at it! An overall win, win. 

The last note about soft leather and scratches is to try to avoid them altogether. The best way to do this is to purchase a quality cream or paste shoe polish; “Cream and paste shoe polishes moisturize leather which helps to keep the leather more flexible.” This will ultimately leave you with a shoe that is more durable and ready to take on the life that you live. 

Customer Service

Not only does Vince Camuto offer quality boots, but they also provide a customer first approach when it comes to customer service. Leaving customers with great options for shipping returns, overall exchanges, and processing time. All are offered on purchases directly from Vince Camuto’s website and on orders over $50.00. Reaching customer service is also easier than ever; Customer Service representatives are available at 1-888-815-7463 or you can constant us using the email form.” No matter how or when you decide to contact Vince Camuto customer service, you’ll surely get the help you need. 


Overall, if you’re looking for a luxury shoe brand that offers high-quality products at an affordable price, Vince Camuto might be the best choice for you. Depending on exactly what you’re looking for, Camuto boots will surely have a style that fits your unique personality and fashion sense. 

Offering boots and shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, Vince Camuto offers products that are great for the everyday lifestyle of constant change and running around. Enjoy the luxury of eye-catching fashion, through the comfort of online ordering. If you’re looking for a go-to luxury brand, then Vince Camuto might be exactly the brand you’ve been searching for. 

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