The Best Sperry Duck Boots for Women

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It doesn’t feel like fall until you dust off your Sperry duck boots, don a pair of leggings, and wrap yourself up in a comfy scarf. Maybe you’re browsing shops with a coffee in your hand or taking a quick nature walk to marvel at the leaves. This fall vibe carries you for months, even as it turns to winter. The best part is that your Sperry duck boots can come with you as the weather transitions because they are warm and waterproof.

You’re missing out if you don’t have a pair of Sperry duck boots. They are versatile, comfortable, and fashionable boots that can handle most conditions. Slip them on for a lunch date or layer up to go shovel snow. You can’t go wrong with these all-weather boots.

With different colors, fabrics, patterns, and styles, there’s a Sperry duck boot that will speak to your soul. Let’s explore the best Sperry duck boots for women—including a budget-friendly option to help you get the look and feel for less.

Why Buy Sperry Duck Boots?

Sperry has a long legacy of delivering high-quality footwear, and their founder Paul Sperry famously said, “A wet deck was such a damn dangerous thing.” That kicked started his legacy and continues to inspire the company today. They began with boat shoes over 87 years ago, and since then, Sperry has expanded its offering to give its customers what they want. LL Bean may have started it, but now Sperry duck boots are among the most well-known in the world. Their signature mix of rubber and various fabrics give you a fashionable yet waterproof look that can withstand the elements. These boots will be your go-to in the spring, fall, or winter.

Sperry duck boots feature lace-up fronts and side zips for easy on and off access. You can tighten them to your best fit, but you never have to worry about loose shoestrings while on the go. The fleece lining is comfortable and warm, cushioning each step while maintaining the ideal internal temperature. You can always punch the warmth by wearing cozy socks—the slouchier, the better! They’ll add to the fall-girl persona you’re going for when you slip on these shoes.

When you buy Sperry duck boots, you get a brand name you can trust with decades of experience to back it up. These shoes are more than just a boot. They are an entire lifestyle packed in a shoe. And once you’ve got your fill of duck boots, there are plenty of other Sperry boots you can pick from after you fall in love with all the brand can offer you.

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The Best Sperry Duck Boots

Sperry duck boots are a fantastic buy, and here’s all you need to know to pick your best fit. Most base features are the same, so you know what you’re getting with each boot. Whether you’re looking to buy your first pair or add to your Sperry duck boot collection, you can easily do so with any of these picks. They are versatile enough to act as a rain boot, winter boot, or everyday footwear, all in one for nearly all seasons.

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Saltwater Boots

The Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Saltwater Boots are a fan favorite, with nearly 27,000 reviews. Perhaps it’s because there are 55 colors and patterns to choose from, so there’s a style for everyone. Regardless, these are solid Sperry duck boots. They feature fleece, leather, and rubber materials, making them comfortable, warm, and waterproof.

The premium leather shaft and rubber duck shell are water-resistant. The non-marking rubber outsole has Sperry’s signature molded wave-siping to give additional traction on wet and dry surfaces. In contrast, the inside of these Sperry duck boots has a cushioned insole that feels fantastic on your feet with each step.

The Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Saltwater Boots have a lace-up front with curled edges, secured with a side zip for easy on and off access. The eyelets are rustproof, so they will still look good no matter how often they get wet. These small details distinguish the Saltwater duck boot from other similar shoes. Sperry’s attention to detail and quality is nearly unmatched.

The boot opening is 6.75 inches with a 1-inch heel. The shaft is 6.75-inches tall from your foot’s arch. They come in sizes 5-12, including wide width, and the shoes weigh slightly more than 1 pound. The additional weight doesn’t feel clunky or heavy as you move. Instead, you feel secure with each step. These boots fit most calf sizes thanks to their adjustable fit and wide opening.

These Sperry duck boots are great overall boots for all conditions. They are comfortable, stylish, and of high quality. Comfy wool socks can help these boots transition from fall to winter. They’re durable and long-lasting, so snag the Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Saltwater Boots for between $49 and $143, depending on the size and color. You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking to buy the best duck boot. Look no further than the Saltwater Rain Boot.

Sperry Top-Sider Women's Saltwater Boots

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Sperry Women’s Saltwater Emboss Wool Boots

The Sperry Women’s Saltwater Emboss Wool Boots are elegant boots that will keep your feet warm thanks to the wool and rubber composition. The Thinsulate microfleece lining works well with the wool shaft to provide warmth from the inside out. The muted matte rubber duck shell is understated without compromising its waterproof nature. It’s less shiny and reflective than other boots, so if you want to blend in with relaxed elegance, check out the Saltwater Emboss boots.

The metal eyelets are rustproof and threaded with a curled rawhide cord that is both fun and functional. Secure your Sperry duck boots with a side zip for a perfect fit, and get moving on wet and dry surfaces. This unrestricted movement is thanks to the non-marking lugged rubber outsole with wave-siping for maximum traction as you walk. You won’t lose your footing, thanks to this extra grip.

The Sperry Women’s Saltwater Emboss Wool Boots have a 6-inch shaft that’s just tall enough to protect your ankles and short enough not to restrict your moment. Customers love these comfortable boots, but they caution others to order a size smaller for the best fit. If not, you’ll need to wear thick socks to prevent them from slipping off your feet. Some people like the extra room, as it allows them to layer, but it’s something to keep in mind as you consider which Sperry duck boot to purchase.

The Sperry Women’s Saltwater Emboss Wool Boots are great in all weather conditions and easy to clean when they get dirty. They are comfortable, durable, and toasty-warm boots that go with any outfit. These Sperry duck boots come in dark gray, off-white, navy, and cordovan and retail for $29.49 through $109.95, depending on the size and color. You can pick between sizes 5 and 12, including wide width, so their range includes all genders and body types.

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Sperry Women’s Saltwater Chevron Quilt Nylon Boots

The Sperry Women’s Saltwater Chevron Quilt Nylon Boots add a flair to the traditional Sperry duck boots with a quilted nylon shaft and an almost iridescent rubber duck shell. The rustproof eyelets are threaded with rawhide, which is more durable than traditional shoelaces. You can tighten them as needed but use the side zip to get your shoes on and off. This saves you time because you don’t need to fuss with unlacing your shoes and dealing with frustrating knots.

These Sperry duck boots have a micro-fleece lining to keep your feet warm and a non-marking rubber lugged outsole with wave-siping technology for maximum traction on all surfaces. These boots go up to your ankle, keeping you dry from the inside out. Tuck them into your pants or wear long socks for additional protection. Customers love that these Sperry duck boots are comfortable and versatile—transitioning between outfits and seasons without thought.

The Sperry Women’s Saltwater Chevron Quilt Nylon Boots don’t come in wide width like some other models, but many have reported they still fit fine without them. They look nice and feel well both on and off your foot. Some have increased their comfort by laying orthopedics into the shoe on top of the existing sole. You don’t need to remove the existing soles to fit yours in, giving you twice the cushioning with each step. This extends the long wear of your boot.

These Sperry duck boots come in ivory, black, and yellow sizes 6-10. They are moderately priced, with models retailing for $50.39 through $163.97, depending on the size and color. If you’re looking for a comfortable, all-day boot, it’s worth exploring the Sperry Women’s Saltwater Chevron Quilt Nylon Boots. They look a little different than the standard boot, but you get everything you have come to expect from Sperry in these boots. You’ll blend in while still managing to stand out—which is a good thing!

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Sperry Women’s Syren Gulf Quilted Boot

The Sperry Women’s Syren Gulf Quilted Boot has all the functions you’ve come to love from other Sperry duck boots with additional style. Instead of a leather body, these boots utilize a mix of waterproof suede and rubber to give them an elevated look. The rawhide cord is tied off at the side rather than curled, hanging low on each side to secure the laces.

Thanks to the micro-fleece lining, your feet will stay warm, and a removable cushioned insole provides even more comfort. The wave-siping traction on the rubber outsole gives you traction and sure-footing on all terrain, even while wet. These Sperry duck boots are about 5.25-inches tall with a 1.25 heel. The opening is approximately 12 inches wide, and they are easy to slip on and off thanks to the side zipper.

Customers love these Sperry duck boots. They are warm and comfortable, keeping your feet dry in the wettest conditions, even while hiking. They fit perfectly, though the ankles are open and don’t have additional support, so deep snow and heavy rain can seep in from the top. Some customers say these boots fit a little large, so you may want to size down half a size for your best fit. The Sperry Women’s Syren Gulf Quilted Boot is a great value and is worth it whether you wear them for long days or short walks.

They come in black, navy, tan, and brown sizes 5 through 12. These Sperry duck boots retail for $49.98 through $188.99, so snag them while you can!

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Honorable Mention: DKSUKOWomen’ss Winter Duck Boots

Sometimes you want the Sperry duck boot look without the cost, and the DKSUKOWomen’s Winter Duck Boots are a great alternative. Many customers agree as they have more than 4,400 Amazon reviews with an average 4.4-star rating. These duck boots are true to size. They are comfortable, with a warm, thermal lining throughout the entire shoe that keeps your feet toasty all day long without feeling too sweaty.

These shoes are 90 percent PVC and 10 percent cotton, which lends water resistance to the boot. They may not be as waterproof as Sperry leather, so you may need to layer on additional treatment for the best results. The rubber sole features a 0.79-inch heel and the shaft measures about 6.7 inches from your foot’s arch. The DKSUKO Women’s Winter Duck Boots are waterproof, durable, and warm shoes with anti-slip tire patterns to help you grip all surfaces. They are comfortable for all-day wear, even while hiking, though if you need ankle support, you may want to pick a different shoe style for your hikes. Your feet won’t get wet when you wear these boots, mainly if you use additional waterproofing treatment.

Adjust the laces to your perfect fit once, then forget them. The side zip makes getting them on and off quickly, which is essential in the cold, wet weather. You don’t need to unlace your shoes unless you want to, and by leaving them tied, you’re saving yourself time the next time you wear them. The round-toe shoe and color-contrasting design will help dress up, or down any look no matter what you’re doing.

The DKSUKO Women’s Winter Duck Boots come in 11 colors and women’s sizes 6 through 11. They retail for $41.99 through $52.99, a fraction of the cost of some Sperry duck boots.

DKSUKO Women's Winter Duck Boots

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Duck Boot Features

LL Bean was the first brand to mass-produce duck boots. The founder knew they looked a little weird, but he thought the practicality of the boots far outweighed their appearance—and he was right! The rubber boot helped keep his feet dry while working in the fields, while the leather shaft protected his feet and ankles significantly when he tightened the shoelaces.

Now, over a hundred years later, other brands have picked up on the legacy, putting their twist on this classic shoe. Sperry duck boots retain much of the original design, but their boots aren’t made for working in the field. They have the same waterproof features; however, the laces are for aesthetics, with the absolute security coming from the side zip.

Some Sperry duck boots have a fleece lining for additional warmth, while others are treated with additional waterproofing to keep your feet dry no matter the conditions. There are different colors and patterns, but as long as the bottom is rubber and the top is a flexible fabric, these boots are called duck boots.

When wearing duck boots, you are protected from the elements while still being able to move comfortably, no matter how long you wear the shoes. They are easy to clean. If the rubber becomes caked with dirt and muck, rinse it down. Use a brush and leather conditioner to clean the upper fabric as needed. Regular treatment can keep your Sperry boots in top shape, extending their lifespan with each treatment.

The Final Say About Sperry Duck Boots

Sperry Duck Boots are a great value packed in an ankle boot. The fabric, whether leather, suede, wool, or quilted nylon, is waterproof. It contrasts beautifully with the rubber sole, which allows you to splash through your day with peace of mind. The side zip is convenient while still giving you a secure fit.

Sperry duck boots are snug enough that you can wear them with ankle socks when there’s a slight chill in the air or thick wool socks when it drops below zero, and you still need to be somewhere special. You can dress them up or down based on the situation, adding to the versatility of these shoes.

Read the many glowing customer reviews if you’re still on the fence about trying Sperry duck boots. You can’t go wrong with these comfortable all-purpose boots. With Sperry, you’re paying for the brand name, and with it comes high-quality, durable shoes that will go years between replacements even with regular wear.

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