The Best Franco Sarto Boots

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Italian-born shoe designer Franco Sarto strives to make luxury footwear affordable, and he’s been growing in popularity for more than 30 years doing just that. The brand offers sandals, flats, heels, and boots threaded with a timeless design that is somehow both simple and complex. The brand stands out amongst its competitors due to its rich history, quality shoes, and affordability, especially the Franco Sarto boots.

Franco Sarto boots offer a full range of styles, including ankle boots and booties, knee-high boots, dress boots, mid-calf boots, and winter boots. If you want to add a slight edge to your style, there are even combat boots. They typically retail for $119 to $249, though you can often snag them on sale to make them even more affordable. Some may be more expensive based on limited availability. Franco Sarto boots are highly rated and universally loved by customers, so they’re worth checking out if you’re in the market for new boots.

Let’s explore the best Franco Sarto boots, narrowing the 61 options to our top eight picks. When picking the right Franco Sarto boots for you, it’s all about design, function, style, and price. You can’t go wrong with this Italian-inspired brand.

Why Choose Franco Sarto Boots?

You get luxury designs when you choose Franco Sarto boots, built on over 30 years of tradition. When the brand first landed in North America, they were on a mission to bring Italian designs for affordable prices. That strategy works and holds with each new release. Franco Sarto makes shoes for women with style who are looking to elevate their look one shoe at a time.

Some styles are made of genuine leather, while others feature synthetic leather to flex with your body, which is essential when looking for over-the-calf boots. Because of this, Franco Sarto boots offer an affordable price, which is great for those looking to enter the luxury market without the luxury prices. It makes their shoes more accessible without diminishing the company’s mission.

Other advantages of using faux-leather include varying finishes, low maintenance, and fade resistance. Your Franco Sarto boots will look just as good after years of use as they did on the first day with proper care. Their designs look so close to genuine leather that no one will be able to tell you’re wearing synthetic leather – everyone will think you splurged for the real thing! Check the product description to see which type of leather your boots are if it matters to you.

Franco Sarto uses Italian-inspired designs to keep their footwear simple and elegant. All their shoes are timeless, easily transitioning from day to evening. Don’t confuse simplicity with plainness. On the contrary, Franco Sarto boots are to be loved, lived in, and worn every day, helping their customers stand out amongst the crowd with a bold print or a classic neutral. It’s all about your style and the confidence you exude.

There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from if you’re searching for a new pair of Franco Sarto boots. Whether you’re looking for flat black ankle boots or glossy adorned over-the-knee boots, there is a pair of Franco Sarto boots to match your style.

Franco Sarto Ankle Boots

Ankle boots extend to or just past your ankle. They can be flat or have a heel. Depending on the style, color, and availability, they typically retail between $36 and $220. Snag these at the official Franco Sarto store on Amazon for the best deals.

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Franco Sarto Women’s Happily Ankle Boot

The Franco Sarto Women’s Happily Ankle Boot is a smooth leather bootie with clean stitching and silver adornment on the heel. It features an almond toe shape, a side zipper enclosure, and a 1.25 blocked heel. These soft leather shoes feature elastic sides that help mold these Franco Sarto boots to your feet, and with their classic style, you can easily wear them from season to season.

The Franco Sarto Women’s Happily Ankle Boot comes in nine colors, including matte and metallic finishes. The sole contrasts with the boot color to provide a multi-dimensional look, and the silver line at the back and zipper add just enough to make them turn heads. These Franco Sarto boots come in sizes 5 through 13, including wide widths. The breathable lining, flexible sole, and extra padding make these shoes comfortable for extended wear.

There are nearly 600 reviews with an average 4.5-star rating on these Franco Sarto boots. Customers report they fit true to size, though the standard size can be narrow. If you have wider feet, try the wide width for the best fit. Thick socks can make them fit even snugger, especially in the winter. The Franco Sarto Women’s Happily Ankle Boots have such a great fit that many have purchased several colors. They’re great for daily wear as they aren’t clunky or chunky. The sleek design goes with any outfit, transitioning from day to night easily.

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Franco Sarto Women’s Marcus Ankle Boot

The Franco Sarto Women’s Marcus Ankle Boot is more masculine in design, but that’s not bad. The built-in wrinkles give it more of a distressed look, while the elastic side panel helps you get the best fit. The burnished silver zipper and heel decoration add to the rugged look, making it appear that these Franco Sarto boots have seen some things and lived to tell the tale.

They come in black, brown, and cognac, with a dark, synthetic sole and a 1-inch heel. The flat boots are made from imported leather sizes 5 through 11, including wide width. They have an almond toe, which is very flattering to all feet. They make your feet look slim without cramming them together. Some customers report they fit true to size, while others say they run a little big. Consider buying your regular size and a half size smaller and trying them on for your best fit.

Customers love these boots because they are stylish, affordable, and, best of all, comfortable. One even said it was like “Cinderella’s bootie,” giving her the perfect fit that she could never find. These Franco Sarto boots are stylish, and many report getting compliments while wearing them. They are great long-wear shoes worth checking out if you want to look good while being comfortable. If they start to look worse for the wear, wipe them down to restore these Franco Sarto boots to their full glor

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Franco Sarto Women’s Vesi Ankle Boot

The Franco Sarto Women’s Vesi Ankle Boot is a hidden gem, with just 17 ratings on Amazon. Once people discover these Franco Sarto boots, they’ll fly off the virtual shelves. They come in four colors, rust, black, green, and cream, sizes 5 through 11. This model does not come in wide width, but many report they fit fine without the extended size range.

These stylish Franco Sarto boots feature a 3.35-inch sculptural block heel and a pointed toe. The thick heel makes these extremely easy to walk in and comfortable to wear, even if you’re not a traditional heel wearer. They’re made of Nappa leather and are metal-free outside of the inside zipper, featuring eco-conscious linings that offer soft and sustainable comfort for guilt-free wearing.

Thanks to subtle design choices, the Franco Sarto Women’s Vesi Ankle Boots straddle the line between classic and modern. Customers report that they love these booties because they are stylish and comfortable. They fit true to size, and they’re great to pair with skinny jeans and dresses. Depending on the size and color, you can snag these for $45.85 to $333.91. The more expensive boots are hard to get, so you’re paying for the boot and the exclusivity.

Franco Sarto Mid-Calf and Knee-High Boots

Ankle boots may be too low for you, so you want to try something a little higher. Mid-calf boots extend to your calves, while knee-high boots go to your knees. These can be flat or heeled, depending on your preference

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Franco Sarto Women’s Stevie Mid Calf Boot

The Franco Sarto Women’s Stevie Mid Calf Boot is similar to the Vesi ankle boot in some ways, but it takes the style and makes it its own. These Franco Sarto boots extend up past your ankle and feature subtle twisted stitching that extends up the length of the boot. They almost appear to be built-in wrinkles if you’re not looking closely enough.

The square toe prevents crowding, and the extra footbed padding lends to its comfort and all-day wear. The block heel is 3.5 inches with a 9.45″ boot opening. As this boot extends to your calf, it may not fit if you have larger calves. These Franco Sarto boots come in English green, dark brown, brown, and dark orange. The brown boot features a faux snakeskin print to elevate the boot, while all colors feature a contrasting sole to keep them stylistically interesting. These leather boots come in sizes 5 through 11.

They claim this is the perfect boot for any outfit. It’s a neutral boot with a formfitting silhouette that complements all body types. While there are just 54 reviews, customers report that they love them so much that they bought multiple pairs. Pair these with all sorts of looks, dressed up and down as you see fit. These versatile boots are worth checking out and retail between $87.38 and $317.99, depending on color and availability.

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Franco Sarto Women’s Tribute

The Franco Sarto Women’s Tribute boots are beautiful knee-high boots with delicate stitching up the middle and back. You can get these beauties in mulberry – a deep burgundy reddish-purple – or black with standard or wide calf options. They also come in sizes 5 through 11 with wide-width options. These shoes are accessible to all body types with a side zipper to secure your best fit.

They are either genuine leather or faux leather, depending on the model, with a 3-inch block heel to give you additional height. These Franco Sarto boots feature a pointed toe, but your toes don’t crowd the top when you wear them. Instead, they fit comfortably, helping you wear these all day. If you’re looking for a classic knee-high boot with little adornment, these boots are for you.

These ultra-sleek boots will quickly become a staple in your fall/winter closet, paired with skinny jeans, dresses, and skirts. The Franco Sarto Women’s Tribute boots have 163 ratings on Amazon, with an average of 4.1 stars. Some don’t like the quality of the synthetic leather because it’s too shiny for their taste, while others adore the look and feel. They fit well for those with big calves, leaving enough room to wear thick socks to keep your legs warm in the colder months. The Franco Sarto Women’s Tribute boots are worth checking out if you have wider legs and struggle to find your perfect fit.

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Franco Sarto Women’s Meyer

The Franco Sarto Women’s Meyer boots are the riding boots of your dreams. These knee-high boots come in brown, black, or Bordeaux in standard or wide calf, helping you achieve your perfect fit. They have pull tabs to help you slide these Franco Sarto boots on and a back zipper that’s out of the way to prevent any unintentional snags.

The Franco Sarto Women’s Meyer boots are synthetic leather with an almond toe shape. They feature a 1-inch heel for an added lift, but the synthetic sole provides additional comfort and support. These boots come in sizes 5 through 13 in standard or wide width. Franco Sarto boots understand that women come in all shapes and sizes, and they design to fit all women regardless of size and shape.

They are classic and chic, ready for the stable or the sidewalk. The Franco Sarto Women’s Meyer boots stand up to wear and look new after sustained wear. The boot shaft extends about 18 inches from the heel to your knee. Customers report that these are fantastic boots, though some report a little snug ankle fitting. They are comfortable to wear and easy to break in, though the zipper can be tricky. Check out these Franco Sarto boots if you want a classic riding boot silhouette

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Franco Sarto Women’s Pisaboot

The Franco Sarto Women’s Pisaboot almost looks like the leaning tower of Pisa with its tall silhouette. It almost looks like there are bands on the leather to give the shaft added dimension. These boots come in black and taupe in sizes 5 through 11. They retail between $74.69 and $178.99, depending on the color and size.

Another hidden gem, these only have 18 customer ratings for an average of four stars. Customers have mixed feelings about these Franco Sarto boots. Some love the material, while others feel it looks cheap and isn’t worth the money. Others have said they’re beautiful boots, but they’re uncomfortable to wear. It depends on your preference if these Franco Sarto boots are for you.

The Franco Sarto Women’s Pisaboot extends to your knee with a side zip that extends just through your calf. It may be hard to slide these boots on if you have larger calves, and some customers have reported bunching when wearing them. They feature a square tow and a 2.75-inch heel. The rubber sole provides comfort, and the faux leather gives the boot an added shine that complements most looks.

These boots go best with a skirt or dress because there’s little give in the 12.99-inch boot opening. If you have larger calves, try a model with wide calf available. Otherwise, these are fantastic for those with an average build looking for a beautiful twist on these classic knee-high boots.

Franco Sarto Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots can extend slightly over your knees or up to your thighs. These can be more daring than other boots, but they’re worth checking out to bring your look to new heights – both literally and figuratively – with these tall boots.

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Franco Sarto Women’s Haleen

The Franco Sarto Women’s Haleen boots are a fantastic pair of over-the-knee boots with more than 172 positive ratings on Amazon, averaging about four stars. They come in black, Bordeaux, brown, and cognac in standard and wide calf. They are 100 percent leather, with almost a grained pattern to them. There’s decorative stitching, including a cuff that brings new life to this classic boot. The three silver studs at your ankle add a slight edge, and it’s just as likely as you’ll be kickstarting a motorcycle or strolling downtown streets in these boots.

These Franco Sarto boots extend over your knee. They feature a side zip that extends to your calves, but the wide design helps prevent slouching while wearing. There is a 1.25 heel, a synthetic sole, and an almond toe. These over-the-knee boots will elevate any outfit, whether you pair them with jeans or a mini skirt.

Customers love these Franco Sarto boots because they are comfortable and fit true to size. They feature soft and flexible leather. The toe box is roomy and does not rub or cause blisters. They’re easy to break in, though they can show water damage quickly if not cared for properly. Treat these boots occasionally, and they will return to new in no time.

All Things Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto boots are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. They are easy to style, whether knee-high boots or ankle booties. Check them out for Italian-inspired boots for less.

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