The 5 Best Georgia Boots for Men

A great pair of safety boots are a must if you're on the job – and many employers require them thanks to OSHA requirements, though the features will vary based on the job site. From safety-toe footwear to non-slip rubber soles, Georgia boots have what you need to protect your feet and look good. These boots are stylish, comfortable, and durable – the trifecta for work boots.

Georgia boots offer various safety features at different price points that pass most workplace safety requirements, but it's more than that. These boots are made for the farm, protecting ranch workers from the most hazardous conditions, including many chemicals. If you're looking for a top-notch pair of shoes that can keep you safe no matter what you're doing, it's worth exploring Georgia boots.

Why Buy Georgia Boots?

Georgia boots are iconic. They're America's working boots, and for over 85 years, they've delivered on that legacy, offering durable and comfortable boots. They have many safety features to help you face the physical demands of your everyday life, whether on the job or at home. Georgia boots offer different reinforced toe types, including steel toe, composite toe, and alloy toe, to protect your feet from accidental drops. If you don't need them, they also come in soft-toe.

Select Georgia boots are made for Superior Performance Ranch wear, which is why they developed their proprietary type of leather called SPR leather. SPR leather is an extra durable type of leather that's 2.5 times more resistant to abrasions and three times stronger than traditional leather. It's chemical resistant so that it can resist barnyard chemicals and acids like caustic alkali, caustic potash, sulfuric acid, calcium hydroxide, and potassium phosphate. These Georgia boots are barnyard proof, especially when working around cattle.

Some Georgia shoes are waterproof, helping your feet stay dry no matter what, while others are insulated to keep your feet warm in cold conditions. Other Georgia boots feature Met guard, which helps protect the top of feet from accidental damage. These various features keep your safety in mind, ensuring your feet are protected no matter what you do. Georgia offers a different style of work boots, so there will be a shoe for you no matter your job site requirements. There is a reason they have dominated in the work boot industry, so let's explore some of the best picks.

1. Georgia Giant Men's Romeo Slip-on Work Shoe

The Georgia Giant Men's Romeo Slip-on Work Shoe is 100 percent full-grain leather that's flexible and comfortable. The Romeo is an ankle shoe with a lightly padded collar to prevent uncomfortable blisters, measuring about 5 inches from the arch with a 3-inch heel and rubber sole to cushion each step.

Georgia Romeo boots feature a wedge-shaped outsole for added comfort and stability, no matter how long you're standing. The oil-resistant bumper guard helps protect your foot from accidental spills, while the EVA midsole adds shock absorbency with each step. These slip-on Georgia boots feature elastic gores that mold for your best fit with nylon webbing pull-on straps to help you quickly pull them on and get going. They feature Georgia's Goodyear welt construction at the stitching to give it additional strength and durability at the most delicate points and a steel shank for additional arch support.

Customers love these versatile slip-on shoes, with 3,200 Amazon reviews averaging 4.6 stars. They are long-lasting, going years without needing replacement. They are perfect for hiking and riding, with the high-quality leather holding up better than any other pair of shoes. These are such high-quality shoes that many immediately replace them once they start to wear out, though you can get years of additional use if you replace the insole.

Some customers report the Georgia boots need to be broken in, with some even requiring a shoehorn to get them on. However, once they are, the Georgia Romeo boots will be the most comfortable shoes you've ever worn. They come in soggy brown and sizes 6.5 through 17, including wide width. Depending on the size, you can snag them for $80 to $223.

Georgia Giant Men's Romeo Slip-on Work Shoe

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2. Georgia Giant High Romeo Work Boot

The Georgia Giant High Romeo Work Boot is like the Romeo slip-on with additional ankle support. These round-toed boots are 100 percent full-grain leather with Goodyear welt stitching for added durability. They are protective while being flexible, moving with you with each step. The Georgia Waterproof boot system keeps your feet dry while letting air in for maximum breathability.

The Romeo Work Boots measure approximately 5 inches from the arch with a 1.25-inch rubber heel. The polyurethane Georgia giant outsole is resistant to oil spills, chemical spills, and slips. At the same time, the inside features a steel shank, EVA midsole, and removable cushion insole to add to your comfort and stability. The side goring insets stretch to help accommodate your feet while bouncing back for a secure fit once they are on your feet. These Georgia boots may be snug to slip on at first, and the dual-pull loops help you get them on your feet.

More than 2,200 customers love these boots, and with an average 4.6-star rating, it's no wonder why. They are comfortable once you break them in, and they perform well in the rain and water, thanks to the waterproofing. Customers love that they don't have to worry about laces coming undone when working. Some have replaced the insoles for additional comfort, though as the boot comes, it is a solid and durable work boot for a great price.

They come in soggy brown sizes 8 through 13, including wide width. These boots retail for $99.99 through $160.95, and you can try them on before you buy them if you have Amazon Prime.

Georgia Giant High Romeo Work Boot

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Georgia Wellington Work Boot

The Georgia Wellington Work Boot is a modern twist on the classic western boot design. It's 10 inches tall from arch to the shaft, giving additional support while keeping your feet and ankles dry. Another pull-on boot, the Georgia Wellington, features two loops on the side for easy slide-on and slide-off access. The opening measures about 13 inches, so it will easily fit most feet and legs.

They're 100 percent SPR full-grain leather that will mold to your foot for your best fit. The rubber sole protects your feet with a lightweight wedge outsole that cushions each step. As a bonus, these Georgia boots are also chemical and oil-resistant, so you can wear them knowing your feet are safe from artificial and natural elements. The Georgia Wellington boots feature Goodyear welt construction, adding durability and strength to these Georgia boots. The steel shank supports your foot's arch, helping keep you stable no matter how long or on what terrain you wear these boots.

Customers love the durability of these boots. It would help if you broke them in, and once you do, you'll be able to wear them all day and night with ease. While they may be tight initially, the leather loosens with continued wear. These Georgia boots come in barracuda gold, almost like a camel color, in sizes 7 through 15, including wide width. The Georgia Wellington Work Boots retail for between $109.99 and $359.00, depending on the size and width.


3. Georgia Men's G8152 Wedge Work Boot

The Georgia Men's G8152 Wedge Work Boot features 100 percent SPR leather, so it's soft, strong, and flexible. It won't dry out and crack, even when exposed to harsh chemicals and extreme conditions. The poly wedge ultra-outsole is oil and slip-resistant, transitioning between work sites.

It measures about 8.5 inches from the arch through the shaft to protect your ankles, and the lace-up front helps you get your best fit. Unlike the pull-on boots, you can loosen these Georgia boots to slip your foot in before tightening them and because of this, breaking in these boots is a breeze. It only takes a few days before they mold perfectly to your foot without rubbing or chafing. The steel shank adds arch support, while the cushioned covered insole and padded gusset adds comfort with each step.

The Goodyear welt construction makes these Georgia boots strong and durable. Each pair weighs about 3 pounds, so you get some heft in these work boots. Customers love these boots because they are durable. No matter how rough you are with these boots, they stand up. Remember, they are not insulated, so you'll have to wear padded socks during the cold to keep your feet warm. Also, these Georgia boots do not have a steel toe, but the G8341 looks similar and has one if needed.

The Georgia Men's G8152 Wedge Work Boot comes in barracuda gold, sizes 7 through 14, including wide width. They retail for $128.88 through $319.00.

Georgia Men's G8152 Wedge Work Boot

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4. Georgia Men's Safety Toe Logger

The Georgia Men's Safety Toe Logger is a great, waterproof work boot that provides added stability and comfort as you work outdoors. This reinforced steel toe boot has a lace-up front for all-around protection, including an ankle lock to prevent twisted ankles while working outdoors. These Georgia boots are ANSI-compliant and feature a rear pull loop to help you slide them on and off.

The Georgia Men's Safety Toe Logger is about 8-inches tall from arch to shaft, including a 2-inch rubber heel. It features the Georgia logger outsole, which includes abrasion-resistant rubber that provides extra footing. They are a little heavier than other work boots, weighing just over 6 pounds for the pair. However, it doesn't feel clunky when you walk. Instead, you have a strong, solid step no matter the terrain, thanks to the steel shank in these Georgia boots.

The 100 percent SPR full-grain leather is durable, which is what customers love about these shoes. Many replace them as they show wear and tear after a few years. Remember that these are not winter boots, so while they are warm and keep your feet dry, they don't have great traction on the ice.

These Georgia boots come in brown, chocolate, tumbled chocolate, and oily black in sizes 6- 15, including wide width. They retail between $138.08 and $298.02 and feature a 1-year limited warranty to protect against manufacturers' defaults. Many call these great Georgia boots that are worth checking out. They're a good value, and you'll notice a difference when wearing them.

Georgia Wellington Work Boot

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5. Georgia Men's Cargo Tec-M Boots

The Georgia Men's Cargo Tec-M Boots are another fantastic western boot. Much like the traditional Georgia Wellington, they are 100 percent SPR leather. These Georgia boots are about 11 inches tall from the arch to the top of the shaft, with a 13.25-inch opening to fit most legs and feet, including those with wide calves. The shaft is unlined, so you won't overheat when wearing these shoes, and there's a 1.25-inch heel.

The Comfort Core insole cushions your foot with each step, pushing air through the insole for additional comfort and breathability. The fiberglass shank lends additional arch support, making this the most comfortable work boot you'll ever own. The Carbo-Tec outside is flexible so that you can move without restriction. Like all Georgia boots, they are resistant to chemicals, oils, and slips for additional protection and stability.

If you're a long-time Georgia boots wearer, you may notice these fit differently than you're used to in this brand. They take some time to break them in, but you'll be happy with the fit once they do. Customers love the arch support, making them comfortable to wear all day long without fatigue.

These Georgia boots retail for $151.30 to $254.79. They come in prairie chestnut or a light brown and tan color in sizes 7 through 14, including wide width. They're worth exploring if you need more support while working in the field. The protection and comfort are unmatched in other work boots.

Georgia Men's Cargo Tec-M Boots

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How to Care for Your Georgia Boots

Georgia boots are durable, but they need some TLC to keep them looking fresh. Clean your boots when they start looking worse for the wear, and you'll extend the lifespan of your shoes. Gather your supplies, including a shoe brush, toothbrush, lighter, soft cotton rag, and a leather conditioner, and get started with your shoe care routine.

1. Remove the Laces and Insoles

Prep your show by removing the loose materials, including the shoelaces and insoles. If they're in bad shape, consider getting a new pair to swap out at the end. You can also clean them with soap and warm water and let them air dry.

2. Brush Away Debris

Using the shoe brush, gently brush your Georgia boots to remove any dirt and debris, moving from the top down. Remove dried-on dirt with a damp washcloth. The idea is to get off as much of the caked-on mess without needing to wet the boot. Georgia boots can be waterproof, but the less they're submerged in water, the better.

3. Clean the Detailing

Using the toothbrush, gently clean around the stitches and other detailing on the boot. Be gentle to prevent any damage from these delicate materials. Brush away any visible dirt, debris, and stains. If you notice any loose stitching, gently bind them together with a lighter. As soon as the stitching begins to burn, remove the flame.

4. Clean the Soles

You can use the brush or wet rag during this step, but slowly start to clean any caked-on dirt and debris from the shoe sole. Dry off any excess water when finished to prevent damage to your Georgia boots.

5. Apply Leather Conditioner

If you've used any water at this point, make sure your Georgia boot is completely dry. Apply your leather conditioner or oil to your boot, rubbing it in small circles with a soft rag or brush. Read the instructions for the best results. Remember that some products may cause discoloration, so you may want to test on a small part of the boot first.

6. Buff Out Excess

Using a clean shoe brush, buff out any excess product. In the end, your shoe should have a clean, smooth look and uniform color.

7. Relace your Shoes

Put your clean laces and sole back into the shoe. Let your shoes dry before wearing them.boot cleaning supplies

The Final Verdict on Georgia Boots

Georgia boots are a solid work boot, great for most professional job sites and work around the house. Select models have reinforced toes, waterproofing, SPR leather, insulation, and more. These features equate to a superior-made, high-quality boot built to last, no matter what you're doing. Customers love the durability and quality of these Georgia boots, going years without needing replacements. You can extend the life of your shoes by replacing the soles once they start to wear out over time. Overall, you can't go wrong when you buy a pair of these Georgia boots.

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