Rock & Republic CEO Andrea Bernholtz Knows Boots

From her beginnings as a co-founder and president of the popular fashion brand Rock & Republic, to her current stint as founder and CEO of Swiminista, Andrea Bernholdtz has led a long and respected career in the fashion industry. Andrea’s affable personality combined with her drive to succeed has helped her to become a networking powerhouse, which she has parlayed into many new business relationships as well as regular appearances as a member of Us Weekly’s Fashion Police Team.

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Why Have Boots Become an Essential Part of One’s Wardrobe?

Boots have evolved and are now a versatile essential for any wardrobe, they are common place from a dress to shorts.

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What Are the Best Ways to Begin Looking for Boots That Fit Your Unique Style?

First of all, don’t look at a boot store, look at any of your favorite stores that already cater to your unique style.

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What Are the Common Indicators That a Type of Boot Is Likely Not the Best Fit for You?

Obviously, comfort. If they are not comfortable from the start, it will only get worse. Usually, boots take a little longer to break-in than your average footwear does.

What Are the Top Mistakes People Make When Going Boot Shopping?

Don’t go strictly for the sake of trend, go with what looks best on you. The worst thing you can do is let your boots wear you and you not wear your boots!

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Is There One Style of Boot That’s Flattering on Just About Everyone?

A classic ankle boot, cowboy boot, or a riding boot are my go to’s- when in doubt, a simple classic ankle boot is all you need.

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Attribute to Andrea Bernholtz: CEO of Rock & Republic and Swiminista, and fashion expert for Us Weekly’s Fashion Police 

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