Put One High-Heeled Winter Boot in Front of the Other

High heel boots

Key Points

  • High heel winter boots contain many heel options that are fashionable and even practical for wintertime.

  • Tread and insulation on high-heeled winter boots keep you safe and warm.

  • Walk slower or wait to swap in heeled boots when you reach your destination.

With so many fashionable winter boot options, it's hard to settle on the right "it girl" look. No matter your style, you want your feet to be warm, dry, and comfortable. Snow boots are the best option for warmth, but they don't always fit the occasion. High heel winter boots are fabulous for wintertime weddings, parties, and dates, but they're not the safest footwear option for the snowy, icy conditions the season brings.

Maddison Hockey, the Shopping Editor at Marie Claire and ELLE says, "Knee-high, cowboy, ankle, lug-sole…No matter how complete our wardrobe may feel, there's always room for a new boot style as the chilly season sets in."

If wearing heeled boots during winter makes you feel good, then you do you. Use these tips to help you traverse the wintery elements while making a style statement.

Where Function Meets Fashion

You may love spike heels, but they're not a great fit for the winter weather ahead of you. Boots with small back heels are okay to wear inside, but you don' t want to go out in the snow and ice in them. Instead, consider block-heeled boots. Boots with block heels have more surface space on the heel area, giving you more tread against the pavement and more balance.

Wedge or platform heels also help you to balance easier and give more surface for the tread to help you avoid slipping. Wedge heels offer a steady build from the toe to the heel with a significant heel in the back. Platform heels are either all on the same level or have a higher heel-than-toe area. Either way, you get the height you want in a heel with more safety features for winter weather.

Regardless of your style, consider these important specs when selecting a high heel winter boot.

A pair of high-heel winter boots with traction

Check the Tread

Heeled boots are dressier than snow boots or winter boot counterparts. Dress shoes don't always have the best treads for snow and ice. Check any heeled boots you consider buying or wearing outside in winter to see that they have ample tread. You want deep tread to help your shoes grip the pavement, even if some precipitation is present. Larger treads with rubber materials also prevent moisture from getting to your feet from below.

Height Means Warmth

There's nothing wrong with a stylish heeled ankle boot, but higher boots are better if you want warmth for the cold temperatures. You protect more of your leg when you get heeled boots that go up your calf or even to your knee. Hide the boots under jeans or other attire — or show them off by tucking pantlegs or wearing your boots with a dress. When running fast errands, ankle boots suffice. If you're going to be out longer, like as you wait for a bride and groom to exit a church, then higher boots keep your legs and toes warm.

Consider Insulation

Boots are only going to be as warm as their insulation. Some heeled boots look great, but your toes freeze because there's nothing but the base material between them and the outside weather. Insulation is vital if you want boots that keep your feet warm when you wear them in cold temperatures. Insulation measures in grams; the higher the measurement, the warmer the boots. The lowest insulation is 100g, and boots exceed 1000g. Most heeled boots are on the low end, but find boots with 300-400g of insulation if you want something warmer.

Heeled boots with a faux fur lining are stylish and popular. Bonus, they keep your feet warm and comfortable. The lining doesn't have to show from the outside; it creeps and folds over the top of the boot to give it a warm look and cozy feel. The fur gives extra insulation and is a fashion statement on specific heeled boots.

High heeled winter boots for women

Wearing Heeled Boots Safely

Heeled boots are not snow boots. They are not ideal for winter conditions. You don't want to wear them to sled or hike, but there is a time and a place for an excellent heeled boot. Whether attending a business meeting, a wedding, or a date, you want to stay safe in your heeled boots.

Walk Slowly and Carefully

Don't try to make up time with extra speed when walking in heeled boots. Be a minute or two late over rushing yourself. Walk carefully to avoid any icy spots and stay vertical on hidden slippery areas.

Switch Them Out

You don’t have to wear heeled boots to walk outside. Bring them in a bag. When you enter your office, the wedding venue, or any other location, take your winter or snow boots off and put on the heeled boots. You arrive safely, and your feet look great once you are inside.

Rough the Bottoms

If your heeled boots don't have the correct tread, take sandpaper to create a rough surface that grips the snow better. You have more stability, which helps keep you from falling as you walk across a parking lot.

Woman points toe while wearing high-heeled winter boots

The Warmest Winter Heeled Boots

Just because you want your footwear to look nice doesn't mean your feet have to freeze throughout the winter months. Plenty of heeled boots with a sense of style also keep toes warm. Here are a few options to consider.

Marco Republic Geneva Round Toe Chunky Heeled Boots

This faux leather boot features a stacked heel for stability and a deep tread to prevent slipping. The chunky heel looks great but gives you more surface space to keep your balance. The boots slip on and off with ease, and the faux leather holds up against moisture better than genuine leather. The elastic panel on the side allows you to add oversized socks on especially cold days.

Dream Pairs Fashionable Chunky High Heel Boots

This boot looks like a standard winter boot but dressed up with a chunky heel. The lacing lets you tie the boots up tightly against the cold wind, and the tread prevents falls on the ice. The chunky heel rises almost five inches above the sole for a clean, sleek look. These boots have a knit ankle cuff to combat any snow that falls around you.

Woman adjusts high-heeled winter boots before a walk

IDIFU Clara-Z Pointed Toe Ankle Booties

These fashion boots feature pointed toes and a dressy temperament. The three-inch heel is more significant than a spike but smaller than a block heel, offering an excellent combination of practicality and style. The boots have a side zipper to make them easy to slip on, and the padded insole gives feet day-long comfort.

Dr. Scholl’s Harlow Ankle Boot

This wedge-heel boot slips on without trouble, and the round toe sets them apart from other options. Platform soles are safe and effective in the snow, and the bootie style complements many wardrobe parts. The boots come in many colors and are machine washable for simple cleaning.

Dream Pairs Thigh High Chunky Platform Boots

If you want your legs to be warm, go with boots that pull all the way up above your knee. These chunky platform boots come in several color options and include rubber sole materials for waterproof properties. The suede boots zip closed and feature a lightly cushioned footbed for comfort. The heels are five inches high, and the fabric stretches to accommodate various legs.

Timberland Sienna Waterproof Fashion Boot

These classy Timberland boots have a side zip and lace enclosure; wear them as tight as you want. The fashion boot contains waterproof leather materials with a waterproof interior to keep feet nice and dry. The three-inch block heel on the boot brings the look up a few notches on the style charts.

Timberland Rudston Leather Ankle-Heeled Boots

With the look of a lower-height cowboy boot, this heeled option has style beyond measure. The rubber outsole keeps your feet dry, and the full-grain leather and suede protect from temperatures. The heels are three inches tall, and the two-toned materials make the boots stand out.

Woman walks down the street in high-heeled winter boots

Timberland Double Color Fashion Boot

Choosing from five colors is hard when all options look great on this boot. The leather materials bring style, while the rubber soles allow for safety. The boots rise above the ankle and bring quality and comfort with every step. Wear these boots with six-inch heels for a night on the town or to run errands; they fit in with any outfit. They're even covered with a limited warranty.

Making Heeled Boots Winter Options

Heeled boots are fashionable. Are they also something to wear in the winter? Of course! There are certain things to do to make heeled boots viable options for certain occasions in the winter.

Wear Warm Socks

Most boots cover any socks you wear, so wear something warm and insulating. Heeled boots are not always as warm as other winter and snow boot options. Keep your toes warm and comfortable with wool socks that wick moisture and allow for breathability. Layer liner socks inside thicker socks for extra warmth.

Waterproof When Possible

Not every boot is going to be waterproof. Some may be water resistant, which is a good start. However, water-resistant boots don't hold up against the snow and ice you may face in the wintertime. Check the materials to see if you can protect the boots — and yourself — with a waterproofing spray. Waterproofing does wear off, so be sure to apply follow-up waterproofing coats as needed.

Choose Lower, Larger Heels

Spike heels look great on boots, but they're not a safe option for the winter months. If you want to use heeled boots, consider heels that are no more than three inches high. Chunky block heels work best for wintertime wear. Wedge and platform heels are also safer options in the winter. The surface space and tread help you to enjoy the safety you need during the colder temperatures.

Extremely high-heeled winter boots worn by woman sitting on bench

Finding Heeled Boots That Work for You

Picking out high heel winter boots takes thought. Not every pair fits your needs, style, or budget. If you want to get a pair to wear to work, a wedding, or other elegant occasions, there are plenty of choices to consider. Looking boots up online is a fast way to check out the basics and rule out styles you don't like.

Look at treads, materials, heel height, insulation, and style to give yourself a direction. Boots, like shoes, fit differently because brands vary in how they construct their products. Try heeled boots on in stores to see how they fit and feel. If you order online, check the return policy to exchange the boots for size and style once they arrive.

Winter boots are classics that have practical, functional uses in the winter. Heeled boots look even better, especially on certain occasions, but you still want to be safe and warm when you wear them. Fashion trends come and go, but heeled boots are here to stay. It's hard to go wrong with a leather ankle boot, a suede mid-calf option, or even a popular cowboy boot with heels.

As you look at the heeled boot options, find something versatile that you can wear with many different outfits to make the most of your purchase. Boots that keep you warm and safe in the winter — and look outstanding — are worth their cost.

For more up-to-date info on the latest boot trends, styles, and purchasing options, check out BootAuthority.

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