Fisherman with fly-fishing on mountain river wearing rain boots

If you’re looking for a promising pair of boots that ensure the durability to withstand any elements of the harsh world of weather we live in, look no further. Backed by the harsh climates of Alaska, “Alaska has been known as the land of extremes when it comes to weather and climate.” These boots can

balck boots with clasp on a white and tan background

Steve Madden is an icon in the footwear industry. His company is known for manufacturing moderately priced accessories, boots, and shoes. Most Steve Madden boots target younger women and girls, but they also have a following of Generation X and Baby Boomers. After all, there aren’t many people who don’t like a good pair of

woman wearing fashionable knee high boots

Finding a style that not only looks fashionable but also holds up to the winter elements that are faced while walking the streets of New York City, is often a difficult task. For years and years women have been braving the outdoors throughout the winter in shoes and boots solely focused on the fashion industry.

Frye Carson Piping Tall Wide Calf Boot

Knee-high riding boots were originally worn by men. But, in the 1830s they became a widespread fashion statement for women. Fashion is known to repeat itself; this is the case for the knee-high riding boot. In the early 2000s major brands re-introduced the knee-high boot. These boots came with a wide variety of detailed designs

Vince Camuto Women’s Fendels Fashion Boot

Coming strong with both high-quality and great prices it’s hard to find a better boot option than the Vince Camuto boots. They are both comfortable and versatile fitting a dress-up or dress-down outfit. Whether you need boots for the office, a wedding, or just a night on the town, then these are the boots for you.

COACH Riley Rain Boot

Boots have been a staple wardrobe piece for centuries. The oldest known record of boots is from a Spanish painting dated between 12,000 and 15,000 BCE. Since that time, boots have received a lot of modifications and style updates. There are so many different types of boots as well as details and materials. In 2020,

Sam Edelman Women's Garret Combat Boot

Shoe shopping is one of the timeless experiences most women enjoy. No matter the occasion, shoe shopping is about the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. No matter how much your weight fluctuates, shoe size rarely changes. When women feel discouraged about weight gain, they often head to the shoe rack because shoes always

three different colored tall boots on a blue platform

Tall boots are in – they’re a closet staple that will never go out of style. Over-the-knee, thigh-high boots, calf boots, ankle boots, cowboy boots, and even men’s work boots are having their moment in women’s fashion. Tall boots are versatile and comfortable, coming in different styles, colors, and fabrics. They are easy to build