Closeup of a woman wearing black cowboy boots with a dress, sunset in background

A good-looking black cowboy boot is always fashionable. Bringing the style right out of the wild west and pairing it with a fashionable black shade, there’s no time of the year you won’t be a hip cowboy. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of western boots that emphasize comfort, or maybe a perfect pair

The lower body of a stylish woman wearing black combat boots with rose prints leaning on a tree in colorful leaves

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of the best combat boots or military boots, it goes without saying that finding some that are high quality can be difficult. This specially curated list has some of the best combat boots available in the United States if you’re looking for comfort, style, and a great price.

the feet of a man with his legs crossed, brown lace-up boots

6 Most Affordable Men’s Casual Boots Boots are a requirement for any man looking to get outside or participate in outdoor activities – or just looking to be fashionable on a night out. The outdoors can be a real mess, and so can fashion, but that doesn’t mean these things have to be pricey. Whether

closeup of black over the knee boots on a woman

Did you know that over the knee boots have been around for centuries? They first gained popularity in the 15th century, and for the first 400 years, men dominated the trend. They were worn by the military and nobility alike for an added flair to any outfit. Then, the trends started to shift. Women got

closeup of women's yellow safety boots standing on cobblestone street

If you’re a woman working in a man’s world, the right pair of women’s work boots are critical. They will help you blend in by protecting your feet. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t maintain a fashionable look. The best work boots work with your specific needs and are tailored to women’s needs, no

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7 Most Affordable Wedge Boots If you’re in the market for some new wedge boots but want to keep the costs down, there aren’t really a lot of options available. With that being said, there are some affordable wedge boots available that offer a fantastic style and the option to have a great waterproof boot.

Girl wearing jeans and black combat boots splashing in a puddle after rain

Combat Boots Combat boots are a type of boot that is typically worn by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and emergency services personnel. They are designed to protect the feet and ankles from injuries caused by weather conditions, debris on the ground, and other hazards. Combat boots also provide ankle support, which is vital for

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Lightweight boots are more important for workers who work all day wearing a boot; their feet must be fully protected by the boots, which can be done only when they are lightweight. If they wear heavyweight boots, they will only feel relieved once they come back home from work after hours of standing up and

steel toe work boots, nails, and tools

Steel toe work boots are shoes designed to protect your toes from harmful objects. They’re often worn by construction workers, firefighters, and other people who face the potential for injury when on the job. These work boots offer good protection against heavy objects falling on your feet. So if you’re working in a construction environment or