Best Croc Boots for Women

Crocs burst on the scene in 2002, and whether you love or hate them, they have significantly impacted the footwear scene. Over the last 20 years, they've grown to include more than just the Crocs classic clog. Now you can even get Croc boots! They still use their Croslite technology but punch it up with 360-degree comfort, waterproofing, detailing, and other features.

That's just the beginning of why you need to trade your rain boots for Croc boots, and let's explore why you need a pair of these life-changing boots in your life – you'll wonder how you ever got along without them!

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Why Buy Croc Boots?

Croc is known for comfort, but they took their customer feedback to heart. Their iconic slingback shoe remains their top seller, but they've also branched out to make other types of shoes, including Croc boots. They feature foam-like cushioning throughout the entire shoe, and each step feels like you're walking on air.

Unlike other rain boots, they are lightweight. Each shoe only adds about a pound of weight so that you can step lightly with comfort. It is a massive perk in itself. The heavy, clunky rain boots of yesteryears have turned many off from this type of footwear. Now, with Croc boots, it's no longer an issue!

Croc boots are waterproof, so water and other liquids glide off the surface without seeping through to your foot. You can add the Jibbitz charms on some models, while others you'd never be able to tell are Crocs unless you look closely. They don't look like your average rubber clogs!

Crocs have shoes for everyone. While select snow boots have insulated padding, most boots are unlined. You'll need thick socks or removable fleece liners to warm your feet. However, it adds to the shoes' versatility instead of being a nuisance. You can wear Croc boots any season, making them a fantastic value.

Because there are many options, you'll have no trouble finding the best Croc boots for women.

The Best Croc Boots

If you've ever experienced the magic of Crocs shoes, you're in for a treat when upgrading to their boots. They bring everything you love about the brand – Croslite material, Dual Crocs Comfort, and so much more – into a boot for 360-degree comfort no matter how long you wear them. Let's explore the top five Croc boots, including the various models, features, and fits. You'll have difficulty picking between the Croc boots at the end.

1. Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot

Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot looks like the rain boots you wore as a kid – with a twist! The side features three notched holes so you can adjust this Croc rain boot to your best fit, and the white side pull holes and racing stripes on the sole gives it a whimsical – almost nautical – feel. You can add your personality with your Jibbitz charms that you've come to love with all your Crocs!

These Croc boots are some of the lightest rain boots on the market, thanks to the Croslite material. You will stay dry without feeling like you're lugging your feet around all day. As a bonus, you'll feel plenty of cushion and comfort when wearing these Croc boots. Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot features the iconic Crocs comfort, giving you lightweight, flexible, 360-degree comfort for all-day wear.

They are about 8-inches tall from the arch with a 0.97-inch heel to cushion each step. The boot opening is about 12.5-inches wide, which will fit nicely on those with regular and wide calves. Pull them on and off easily, thanks to the pull hoops on each side. Crocs recommend ordering a size up in these Croc boots to help you get your best fit. Customers love how comfortable these boots are, though be careful as you put them on. The tight fit can cause a vacuum seal, so ordering a size up is essential. Use your finger to release the air before walking to prevent any chafing. Also, you can wear socks to stop any blisters in your tracks.

These Croc boots come in black and navy in sizes 4 through 11. They retail between $33.87 and $78, depending on the size, color, and availability. They are prevalent with more than 9,700 Amazon reviews, so check them out if you want rain boots that you can put your twist on.

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2. Crocs Women's Freesail Chelsea Ankle Boots

The Crocs Women's Freesail Chelsea Ankle Boots are another great pair of Crocs. They're more understated, so unless you look closely at the logo at the heel, you'll never know that they are Crocs. The shiny exterior almost looks like leather, which gives them an elevated look. Thanks to the waterproofing, all liquids pool and run off the surface to keep your feet dry. If you're looking for a stylish pair of rain boots, look no further than the Crocs Women's Freesail Chelsea Ankle Boots.

The Croslite foam is lightweight and comfortable, and these Croc boots feature Dual Crocs Comfort for added support with each step. Slide these Croc boots on your feet using the pull loop at the back. The elastic side panels will stretch and flex to your perfect fit, and while they are a relaxed fit boot, Croc recommends that you order a size up. That way, you can wear thick socks or have extra breathing room as you wear them.

The Crocs Women's Freesail Chelsea Ankle Boots are approximately 6.18-inches tall, so they will stop at your ankles with an additional 1-inch heel. The boot opening is 10.55-inches around, but it does stretch. However, if you have thicker ankles, the Crocs Women's Freesail Chelsea Ankle Boots may not be the rain boot for you because they can chafe.

Customers love these boots because they are comfortable and stylish. You get all the Croc features without the divisive appearance. For comfort and style, you can't beat the price. Snag these Croc boots in black, navy, green, pink, or leopard black in sizes 4 through 11. They retail between $29.10 and $90.95, depending on the color and size.

Crocs Women's Freesail Chelsea Ankle Boots

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3. Crocs Men's All Cast Rain Boot

The Crocs Men's All Cast Rain Boot is a more traditional rain boot than some other Croc boots on this list. It's masculine and practical with no frills, so if you're looking for a standard rain boot, you may want to check out the All Cast.

These rubber rain boots appear like stitching, but they're molded in, so there's no leaking at the seams. These Croc boots are durable, handling various conditions without missing a beat. They are comfortable, keeping your feet cushioned and dry in all states, thanks to the Croslite foam cushion and lightweight outsole. The added traction helps your grip on all surfaces, even when wet. The boots weigh slightly more than 1-pound, so they don't feel clunky as you walk. The shaft is approximately 10-inches tall with a 15.5-inch opening to slide your foot in, which is more significant than other models.

Because these men's shoes may be more significant than expected, make sure to order the correct size. These Croc boots have a roomy fit, and I recommend sizing down to the next largest whole size for your best fit. Customers gush over these comfortable rain boots, though you want to wear them with socks to prevent your feet from sticking. They can be challenging to get on if your feet and legs are more significant, but once you get them on, many reports they never want to take them off. These black rain boots come in sizes 7 through 13 and retail between $44.44 and $87.95.

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4. Crocs Women's Freesail Shorty Rainboot

The decorative black polka dot ribbon helps take the Crocs Women's Freesail Shorty Rainboot from a boring rain boot to a cute and stylish one! Unfortunately, it's only decorative, but that doesn't stop these boots from being among the best. These Croc boots are waterproof with Dual Crocs comfort technology. The foam footbed on top of the Croslite foam outsole helps you feel like you're walking on air with each step.

These Croc boots are slimmer and sleeker, designed for women who want all the functions of a rain boot without the heavy, clunky design. They are understated, and the matte body features stamped-in stitching to give the boot added dimension. However, because there are no seams, it reduces the possibility of leakage outside any punctures or tears. These Croc boots may fit a little bit, and they recommend that you size down to the next whole size for your best fit. You can always return them if they're not right the first time.

The Crocs Women's Freesail Shorty Rainboot is approximately 7.13-inches tall from the arch with a 1.25-inch heel. The boot features a 12.95-inch boot opening. They are pull-on, and many customers say they are easy to put on, unlike some other Croc boots. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable. The round toe doesn't feel crowded when you're wearing it. If you want extra padding, you can add an insole, but the proprietary Croc material keeps your feet comfortable, secure, and dry all day long.

These Croc boots come in black and lemon yellow. Limited sizes are available; they retail for $42.75 through $93.62. Grab them while you can because they're sold out in many places!

Crocs Women's Freesail Chelsea Ankle Boots

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5. Crocs Women's Winter Puff Boot

If you're looking for a winter boot that can double as a rain boot, check out the Crocs Women's Winter Puff Boot. This Croc boot has the best of both worlds packed into one shoe. These mid-calf boots feature a swollen, stitched nylon shaft that's warm and water-resistant. Its insulated padding keeps your calf and ankle warm in the cold temperatures. If the snow turns to rain, you're still protected because water pools from the body.

The base features Croc's Croslite material, which is light and comfortable. The sole has two thick white lines for additional dimension, lending it a sporty look and feel. The rubber grip lends traction on all surfaces, including wet ones. While the shaft has insulation, the boot isn't lined, so you may want to use inserts. Always wear socks while wearing these Croc boots to prevent chafing.

Customers report that you want to size up with these Croc boots, especially if you plan on wearing thick socks. They are comfortable and lightweight, and unlike some other snow boots, they don't squeak when you walk. These Croc boots are easy to clean if they get messy – and because they're waterproof, your feet stay wet and dry.

The Crocs Women's Winter Puff Boot is durable and a must-have for anyone looking for a mix of rain and winter boots. It comes in seven colors and sizes 5 through 11. These boots retail between $34.05 and $87.53, depending on the size and style.

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Features of Croc Boots

Walk into a hospital or doctor's office, and you'll notice many medical staff rocking Crocs. They may not look pretty, but that's the least of their concern. If you're on your feet for a long time, you'll exchange fashion for comfort any day of the week. That's just the beginning of what makes Crocs special. Let's explore some features that will drive you to buy your next pair of Croc boots.


Crocs feature Croslite foam, which is exclusive to Crocs. It's closed-cell resin, so it's not entirely plastic or rubber. Crocs kept innovating to make their shoes lighter and more comfortable, so some newer models include LiteRide. LiteRide is still a comfortable foam, but it's lighter and softer while providing maximum support and shock absorbency.

Regardless of which material your crocs use, they are antimicrobial, UV-resistant, insulating, and more. Unfortunately, these shoes are not recyclable, so you'll have to dispose of your Crocs responsibly. You feel the Croc difference with each step.

Slip Resistant

Croc boots feature a durable, slip-resistant tread that helps you keep your footing while wearing them. The rain boots are also waterproof, so you won't have to worry about your feet getting wet when wearing them.

Easy to Clean

Your Croc boots will look fresh for longer because they're easy to clean. You can wipe the outside or spray the inside if they get sweaty or dirty. The foam is odor-resistant and won't smell like other shoes. It is great for those who wear their Crocs for long hours.

The Final Verdict: Do You Need Croc Boots?

Rain boots are an optional type of footwear – you don't need them, but once you experience the comfort and convenience of these shoes, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. That's even more true when you add Croc boots to the mix. They are comfortable, with foam-like cushioning throughout the boot to soften each step.

A word of caution, though. Crocs don't offer much support, so while they feel good at the time, you may notice your feet or ankles throbbing after extended wear. They provide excellent arch support on their own but lack heel support. If this is the case, consider getting additional inserts or only wearing them while you're not on your feet for long hours. You want to wear your Crocs like flip-flops – to do quick tasks or short trips that don't require a lot of standing.

Croc boots are waterproof and come in many different styles. You can wear your Croc loyalty with pride, complete with the charms to express your individuality. There are also more understated models. Unless you're looking closely at the branding – or know what to look for – you will never guess they are Crocs. There are even styles if you fall somewhere in between, so there's a Croc rain boot for you.

One of the significant drawbacks of Croc boots is that the sizing can be wonky, so you'll want to read customer reviews before ordering. Some models ask that you size up, while others require you to size down. If your Crocs don't fit, you can always return them and order a new pair. Remember, if you plan to transition your rain boots into Croc winter boots, you'll want to leave room for thick socks or removable liners.

Crocs boots are highly comfortable. They are long-lasting and durable. Unlike shoes with insoles, they do not wear down and flatten over time. Instead, you'll get the bounce-back comfort you've expected from Crocs no matter how long you wear them. With different styles, colors, and patterns, Crocs knows what its customers want and has worked for over 20 years to deliver on that promise.

Rain gear doesn't have to be clunky, expensive, and ugly. Check out the best Croc boots to see what you've been missing! You'll never go back to your old rain gear again!

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