Are Moon Boots Worth Buying?

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Are Moon Boots worth buying? It is a question that many people have asked over the years. The simple answer to this question is yes. Moon Boots are worth purchasing. In this blog post, we will discuss why Moon Boots are a wise investment and provide tips on picking the right pair of Moon Boots for you.

What Are Moon Boots?

Moon Boots became popular in the 1970s. Characterized by their large, bulky size and moon-like shape, Moon Boots are typically made from nylon or rubber and lined with fur or synthetic fabric to keep your feet warm in cold weather.

History of Moon Boots

Moon boots first gained popularity in the early 1970s, when American astronauts wore them during the Apollo Moon missions. The boots aimed to protect the astronauts’ feet from the extreme cold and conditions on the moon’s surface. After the Apollo missions ended, Moon Boots fell out of fashion for a time.

However, they regained popularity in the 1980s, when they became a fixture of winter fashion. Every couple of years, the fashion industry comes with a revision of Moon Boots, but the basic design has remained largely the same. Their collaboration with different fashion brands such as Chloe, Gucci, D&G, Louis Vuitton, 8 Moncler Palm Angels, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, GCDS, and Chanel has resulted in Moon Boots becoming a must-have item for any fashionistas. One of the most sought-after collaborations happens to be Karl Lagerfeld’s rendition of Moon Boots in 1993; these boots are so famous that they’re still on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Today, Moon Boots are available in various styles and colors, and they remain a popular choice for cold-weather activities and stylish winter wear. Thanks to their history as functional footwear for astronauts, moon boots will always hold a place in our culture as a symbol of human achievement and exploration.

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Who Should Wear Moon Boots?

Moon boots have come to be known as the boot of winter. They are big, bulky, and often very Warm – perfect for snow days. So who should be wearing Moon Boots? Anyone can wear them! They are comfortable, fashionable, and practical. However, Moon Boots are especially well-suited for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter. For example, if you are a snowbird who loves to go skiing or snowboarding, you will want a boot that will keep your feet warm and dry while you enjoy the slopes. Moon Boots are also great for people who work outside in the winter, such as postal workers or crossing guards. In short, anyone who wants to stay warm and dry in the winter can benefit from wearing Moon Boots!

Moon Boots Are in Fashion

Not only are Moon Boots functional, but they are also fashionable. And they’re back in style for 2022! Designers are already featuring Moon Boots in their 2022 winter collections. You may have seen celebrities like Dua LipaHailey BieberVictoria Beckham, and Kylie Jenner wearing them. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a pair of Moon Boots, now is the time to do it.

Are Moon Boots Heavy?

Moon Boots are not as heavy as you might think. They are made from lightweight materials like nylon and rubber, so they won’t weigh you down. And, because they are so big and bulky, they help to keep your feet warm by trapping heat inside the boot.

How Do Moon Boots Fit?

Moon Boots are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. Because the internal foam lining can mold to various foot sizes, Moon Boots do not offer their boots in specific sizes. For example, the women’s sizes run between 35-38, 39-41, 42-44, and 45-47. Due to the fitting of the booties, Moon Boots recommend ordering one size up so that your feet are comfortably snug inside the boot.

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Are Moon Boots Waterproof?

Most Moon Boots have waterproof materials like nylon or rubber. It means that they will keep your feet dry in wet conditions. However, some collaborations may use other materials such as canvas, fur, and leather which are not waterproof. So it is important to check the product description before buying to ensure that the boots you are interested in are waterproof.

Are Moon Boots Hard to Wear?

One of the best things about Moon Boots is that they are easy to wear and take off. Unlike other types of winter boots, you don’t have to worry about lacing them up or struggling to pull them on over your jeans. Moon Boots slip on easily and will keep your feet warm all day long.

Is It Difficult to Walk in Moon Boots?

The boot’s thick, bulky construction keeps your feet warm and dry in the snow, but it can also make it difficult to maintain balance. In addition, the boot’s large size can make it difficult to fit through narrow spaces. As a result, walking in Moon Boots can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that practice makes perfect.

When you first step into the boots, your feet will sigh with happiness. But the cushioning makes it feels like you’re walking on a marshmallow. It is when you think about the astronauts and penguins. Instead of taking big steps, try walking in smaller steps and avoid walking on uneven surfaces. With patience and perseverance, you’ll be able to master the art of walking in Moon Boots in no time.

Can You Wear Moon Boots for Hiking?

It would be ill-advised to recommend Moon Boots for hiking for several reasons. First, Moon Boots are not for the rigors of hiking. They don’t have the same support and stability as a good hiking boot. The boot traction is also minimal and suitable for relatively even ground surfaces.

Second, Moon Boots are not very breathable, so your feet will get sweaty and uncomfortable if you wear them for hiking. And once your feet become sweaty, they may slip within the boots, which could lead to blisters.

Finally, Moon Boots are not very durable and will likely not last more than a few seasons of moderate hiking use. In addition, nylon or rubber is less durable than leather and can get damaged by twigs and rocks. So, while moon boots might be fine for a short walk in the park, they are not the best choice for serious hikers.

Can You Drive With Moon Boots?

Yes, you can drive with Moon Boots! However, we do not recommend it. Moon Boots are not designed for driving and can be quite dangerous. First, they can impede your ability to press on the pedals.

Second, because they are so big and bulky, they can get caught on the gear shift or other parts of the car, which could cause an accident.

Finally, Moon Boots can make it difficult to gauge your foot’s pressure on the pedal. So you will find yourself accelerating or braking too much. For your passengers, the car ride will be extremely jerky and uncomfortable. For the safety of your Moon Boots and passengers, you should allow someone else to drive when you decide to wear your cute Moon Boots.

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What Occasions Are Perfect for Wearing Moon Boots?

According to Moon Boots, these cute boots are officially ski boots. So they are the best winter boot for walking on snow. S whether you are hitting the slopes or walking to work in the deep snow, Moon Boots will keep your feet warm and dry. And if you are going sledding, building a snowman, or shoveling snow, the Moon Boots will provide extra traction, stability, and warmth.

And because the booties are so easy to wear and take off, they’re great for occasions where you need to change in and out of your shoes. For example, they’re an excellent choice for wearing to the skating rinks and skiing and snowboarding venues. Or, if you’re like me, for days when it’s too cold to wear anything but your comfiest clothes. Moon Boots are the perfect home booties.

They are also popular rain boots because they are waterproof and have relatively good traction. Instead of treading through the rain in misery, have some fun by stomping in puddles with your Moon Boots.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Pair of Moon Boots

There are both pros and cons to owning a pair of Moon Boots. On the one hand, they are very warm and can keep your feet dry even in extreme conditions. Their insulation makes it a great winter boot for most lightweight winter outdoor activities. For people who always have cold feet, layering some thick socks with the boots can further increase the boots’ insulation power.

On the other hand, Moon Boots can be expensive and are not very breathable. So, if you are looking for a boot to keep your feet warm and dry in the winter, Moon Boots are a great option. But if you are looking for a boot to wear all year round, you might want to consider another alternative.

How to Style With Moon Boots

Let’s face it; Moon Boots can look a little goofy. So how can you make these booties look cool? First, try styling them with skinny jeans or leggings. It will help to balance out the bulkiness of the boot and give you a more streamlined look. You can also pair them with mini skirts and dresses to add a touch of quirkiness to your outfit.

Oversize Everything

Another great way to style Moon Boots is with an oversized color-coordinated jacket to give you a chic look that is perfect for any cold-weather occasion.

Sportive Look

You can also go for a sportive look with the Moon Boots. Just pair them with joggers, a bomber jacket, and a beanie. And don’t forget to accessorize with some cute gloves and a scarf.

Make Moon Boots Sexy

And if you play to wear a furry version of the Moon Boots, you can opt for a sexy look instead. Corsets, mini skirts, and leather can balance the booties to give you a stylish and alluring look.

Moon Boots can be a great addition to your wardrobe if you know how to style them. With creativity, you can make these boots work for any occasion.

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Where to Buy the Best Quality Moon Boots on a Budget?

If you are looking for the best quality moon boots on a budget, we recommend checking out Amazon stores. They have a great selection of moon boots at a slightly lower price. But please be aware that the color, style, and size options may be in limited supplies as compared to the official Moon Boot online store. If you are wondering why? It is because many other customers are also looking for a great deal. So the popular colors and common sizes tend to sell out quickly. You can always contact the seller to check if they will restock Moon Boots.

If you want a specific limited edition design or color, you may be able to find them on the official Moon Boot website. But please be aware that their price is usually higher, and they only offer free shipping on orders over $350.

How to Spot a Fake Moon Boot

Like any trendy item, there are plenty of knock-offs to trick customers into buying a pair of fake Moon Boots. But how can you tell if a boot is genuine? Here are a few things to look for:

If the price is a super good deal, the Moon Boots are most likely a fake. These boots range in price from $100-$200, so if you find a pair for under $50, they are not the real deal.

Check the Label

A genuine moon boot will have the name “Moon Boot” on the label. If the boot doesn’t have this label, it’s likely a fake.

Examine the Boot’s Construction

A genuine moon boot features high-quality materials, with care taken to ensure that the boot is durable and will last for many winters. On the other hand, fake moon boots have cheap materials that won’t stand up to wear and tear.

Check the Soles

The rubber Moon Boot soles have a distinct moon-shaped tread, making this one of the most defining features of these boots, and if the soles are made of something else or don’t have the moon tread, they are not genuine Moon Boots.

So there you have it! These are just a few things to look for when trying to spot a fake moon boot. If you have any doubts, check the Official Moon Boot online store to double-check for color, style, and price.

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How to Take Care of Your Moon Boots

Moon boots are a winter staple for many people, but they can be tricky to maintain clean. Here are a few tips to help you keep your moon boots in tip-top shape.

Always allow the boot insoles to bounce back to their original shape after wear. It will help prevent the boot from permanently losing its shape.

Pay Attention to the Boot Material

Moon boots contain waterproof fabric or rubber, which can be susceptible to cracking in extreme cold. If you notice any cracks, apply a boot sealant to prevent water from seeping in. When not wearing the boots, store them in a cool, dry place away from the sun to avoid sun exposure.

Always Clean Boot Surface After Wear

Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt or debris from the moon boot surface. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe down the boots if they are particularly dirty. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals as they can damage the moon boot material.

Boot Liners Are Essential to Your Feet Comfort

Don’t forget to take care of your boot liners. These can often become matted and misshapen after repeated wear. Remove them after each use and allow them to air dry. You may also want to invest in some boot liner inserts, which will help keep your boots looking fresh and new.

These are just a few tips to help you take care of your moon boots. With a little bit of care, you can enjoy these boots for many winters to come.

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Final Thoughts

In our opinion, Moon Boots are definitely worth the hype. They are stylish, versatile, and come in various colors and styles to suit any taste. Plus, they are relatively affordable, especially compared to other winter boots on the market. And as fashion history shows, Moon Boots always come back in style. When purchasing a pair of these snazzy snow boots, choose a pair that fits well and pay attention to the materials. With a little bit of care, you can enjoy your moon boots for many winters to come. Thanks for reading.

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