8 Most Affordable Black UGG Boots

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UGG boots burst on the scene in the early 2000s — it was the “it” shoe everyone had to have. Oprah even featured it on her favorite things at one point. It may have started the first craze in the United States. However, the brand had been around for nearly 30 years by then — and the style for even longer. UGG boots first started in 1978, and they’ve been growing in popularity ever since. There are plenty of styles and colors, but classic black UGG boots have stood the test of time because they hide dirt best of all.

There are different styles, but black UGG boots retain their distinctive, neutral, but somehow fashionable look no matter which model you select. Here are the eight of the most affordable black UGG boots available today. We’ll explore what makes them great and any drawbacks so you can make an informed decision, helping you select the perfect pair of black UGG boots right from the start.

What Makes Black UGG Boots Special?

Black UGG boots are made of sheepskin and fleece to get their distinct look and lining. They’re not waterproof, so you may want to look elsewhere if you’re searching for the perfect snow boots. However, if you’re looking for cute and comfortable boots to keep your feet warm and toasty, then black UGG boots are for you!

Black UGG boots come in many different styles. You can get the traditional, mid-calf height with no adornments. These boots are unisex and go with most outfits for a more casual look and feel. They are a practical choice of footwear. Otherwise, you can get black UGG boots with buttons, bows, and other accessories to give them a more feminine flair. There are also ankle boots with similar features, just a little shorter. These are still very warm and comfortable to wear during the colder months. They’re easy to slip on when you’re on the go. Other styles retain the fleece and sheepskin materials distinctive to black UGG boots, but they have more of a standard design, meant to blend in with similar styles.

These tall boots have dominated Australian fashion and culture for more than a century, and it’s no wonder they’ve had such a lasting legacy, even if the brand is relatively new.

Best Black UGG Boots

You don’t have to break the bank to buy black UGG boots. Check for deals on Black Friday or if you get a gift card for your birthday. Here are eight of the most stylish and affordable styles today. These are tried and true, backed by decades of experience. Happy customers agree these are the best of the best.

1. UGG Women’s Classic Boots Fashion

The Classic Fashion Boot comes to mind when you think of UGG boots. It is the OG classic UGG boot. They extend up to the mid-calf, perfect for nearly all calf sizes. A hint of the sheepskin lining peeks over the edge on the top as you tug them on, keeping your feet and ankles warm. These black UGG boots are flat black, with black soles fabric and stitching. It is unique to the standard boot colors as the fashion colors have light tan soles for added contrast.

You can get classic boots in sizes 5 to 12, and in addition to black, you can choose from 16 other color choices, including classic browns to hot pink, blue, and purple. The boot’s shaft is about 8 inches tall. It features a 17 mm sheepskin lining throughout the boot and insole, with a Treadlite sole for additional comfort. The heel will feature a leather UGG label, though it blends perfectly into the boot’s design. These black UGG boots retail between $60 and $170, depending on your selected size and color.

The classic black UGG boots are not thoroughly water-resistant. It’s important to keep treating your shoes to maintain water resistance. If not, they will lose their integrity, and water will damage your boots over time. Generally, customers are happy with the quality of the classic fashion boots, which is why they’ve maintained their popularity over time.

2. Koolaburra UGG Boots

The Koolaburra UGG boots are like the classic fashion boot — but with a twist. These new arrivals feature a faux opening on the side, closed with two bows. The sheepskin, faux fur lining spills out the side, making the boot look like it’s bursting at the seams. You can get black UGG boots, including lining, soles, stitching, and labeling if you like the monochromatic feel. You can also get the black UGG boots with cream lining and a tan sole if you prefer the traditional look. These boots feature all the essential elements you love from UGG and more. They retail between $57 and $126, making them a steal.

If you are not looking for a black UGG boot, there are nine other silver, pink, and brown options. These boots come in sizes 5 through 12, including wide widths. The suede is not waterproof like classic boots, so be careful around snow and rain. The black UGG boots will hide dirt and stains more than the lighter boots. Regardless, you can treat your shoes to extend their lifespan with a care kit that you can purchase separately.

The Koolaburra UGG boots are calf-high, with the shaft about 8 inches tall. The opening is about 14 inches wide, making it ideal for those with small and large feet alike. It is a newer style, but don’t let that stop you from purchasing them. Customers love the feminine silhouette, warmth, and comfortability. The bows along the side add a whimsical touch that will liven up the greyest of winter days.

3. Koolaburra Women’s Victoria Tall Fashion Boot

Another boot from the Koolaburra line, the Victoria style, is slightly taller. It measures about 11 inches tall, making space for three elegant bows on the side. There is protruding lining along the side, but it doesn’t appear as stuffed to the brim because of the extra height. These black UGG boots are only available with contrasting tan soles and lining. Limited color options are available for this boot, with just black and brown.

It comes in sizes 5 through 12, with a 14-inch opening. The bows are not removable, so these black UGG boots may not fit the same as other models. Because it’s taller, you’ll want to try these on if you have wider calves since they may not fit properly. The opening is not adjustable.

The Koolaburra Victoria tall fashion boots have a bit of a platform, with the sole measuring 0.5 inches. Treat the suede material to be water-resistant, though it can never be 100 percent water repellent because of the fabric’s nature. The cushioned sock liner has maximum comfort, and the durable EVA sole will keep you comfortable, helping you wear your black UGG boots all day.

These black UGG boots retail for just under $110, making them a great value and one of the most affordable and adorable boots on this list. You’ll be sure to turn heads when you wear these newer boots — people will hardly believe they’re UGGs

4. UGG Women’s Mini Bailey Button Li Boot

The Mini Bailey Button Li Boot is an ankle boot, shorter than the standard boot. Still, it’s got the essential elements that customers know and love, made of 100% sheepskin and cow suede. The black UGG boot is flat black, with black soles, stitching, suede, and lining. There’s also a decorative black wood button and elastic closure on the side. It can open and close, helping you slide them on. Wear the boots at their full 5.5-inch height to warm your ankles or fold them down for a different look, helping flaunt your authentic lining.

If you’re looking for something other than a black UGG boot, the Mini Baily Button Li Boot comes in 7 different colors, including brown, pink, grey, and red. Some models are monochrome in their lining, soles, and buttons, while others have contrasting elements. The boot body is about 5.5 inches tall, with a 17 mm sheepskin lining and insole for maximum comfort. The boots feature UGG’s proprietary Treadlite sole, which helps you wear them all day, thanks to its cushioning and added traction.

The suede has been treated for water resistance, though you’ll want to take care not to submerge them in water lest they soak through. You can get these boots in sizes 5 to 11. They retail for between $99 and $155, depending on the size and color. Some customers report you’ll want to order a half a size down, but it depends on the width of your feet

5. UGG Women’s Mini Bailey Bow Li Boot

Instead of a wooden button, the Mini Bailey Bow Li Boot features a bow closure at the back of the boot, adding a sweet, feminine touch to this classic. You cannot untie the fixed satin bow to open and close the boot. It could become a problem as the opening is .05 inches smaller than other boots, coming in 13.5 inches, so if you have wider feet and ankles, this may not be the black UGG boot for you.

There are 10 colors, including a monochrome black UGG boot. The suede, stitching, fur, bow, and soles are all black. The brown and grey Mini Bailey Bow Li Boot offer a similar uniform look, while the other colors provide contrast with the tan rubber soles. The boot body is about 6 inches tall, taller than its button counterpart.

This black UGG boot features a 17 mm sheepskin lining to help provide warmth during the winter months. Its Treadlite sole is comfortable, durable, and adds traction so you won’t be slipping on the ice. The suede has been treated for water repellency, though you’ll need to maintain the treatment over time for the best results. The Mini Bailey Bow Li Boot comes in sizes 5 to 11 and retails for $79 to $160, depending on your selection.

When you purchase the Mini Bailey Bow Li Boot, you help support a nonprofit called HERproject, which helps to empower and educate women in the workplace, particularly women in supply chains.

6. UGG Women’s Classic Clear Mini Fashion Boot

When you wear the Classic Clear Mini Fashion Boot, you can tell you’re wearing a black UGG boot because of the stitching and style, but that’s where the similarities end with the original model. Instead of suede, it’s made of 100% rubber, making it the most water-resistant black UGG boot on this list. The boot is shiny, with a decorative black ribbon along the side that says UGG in white. There’s a ribbon on the back to help you pull on the shoe, given it has less flexibility than suede boots.

These black UGG boots feature a 7 mm wool lining. They can withstand cold weather up to -20 degrees C. You do not need to treat these boots for water resistance given the rubber composition, unlike other models. They come in sizes 5 to 12 and 11 different colors. Most are monochromatic, with the only contrasting colors being the white UGG from the ribbon, though the white and black boots are contrasting. They retail between $72 and $150.

The Clear Mini Fashion Boot features a removable UGGpure insole, which is replaceable if yours starts to lose its plushness and comfort. Some customers reported that the stitching is more noticeable on the plastic and can be distracting. It’s also a softer plastic, giving you more flexibility to move when wearing. Customers either love or hate these black UGG boots, so it’s worth trying to see where you fall on the spectrum.

7. UGG Women’s Neumel Fashion Boot

The Neumel Fashion Boot tones down the classic black UGG boot design while retaining its internal integrity: the lining that UGG customers live and die by. It’s an ankle boot with a lace enclosure. The black UGG boot features six silver grommets to feed the black laces. The Neumel Fashion Boot features 80 percent wool and 20 percent lyocell, with a touch of suede. It has a rubber sole and a 17 mm UGGpure insole that you can replace if needed.

The Treadlite outsole provides traction on the rubber role, ensuring your boot is comfortable and will last the test of time. As an ankle boot, it only extends 3.75 tall. The opening is about 13 inches, but you can make it bigger by unlacing the shoe. It is a fairly masculine design, made intentionally for the women who love to steal their boyfriend’s clothes. While newer, it’s sure to be one of their classic black UGG boots in no time.

The Neumel Fashion Boot comes in sizes 5 through 12, and there are 14 colors available. Some feature matching rubber soles, while others have distinctive tan soles for contrast. It retails for $75 to $130, making it affordable, fashionable, and warm — great black UGG boots to add to any closet.

8. UGG Men’s Neumel Boot

If you’ve fallen in love with the men’s version, you can always stick with the classic men’s Neumel Boot! It is a little bulkier, with the laces set back higher instead of being sunken in like the female version. Because it’s a men’s boot, it has more size options, ranging between 5 and 18, though you’ll want to make sure you get the correct sizing since men’s shoes run bigger. If you intend to wear thick socks with these, you’ll want to size up.

There are 18 different colors, including black UGG boots. The black model is all black with silver fastenings and grey interior lining. The boot features 100 percent leather, with a 17 mm UGGpure wool insole and lining. The men’s model is slightly taller, with the total boot height extending to 4 inches. Customers love these black UGG boots because they claim it’s like walking on a cloud thanks to the lined insole. They are highly rated, retailing for $45 to $150, based on the size, color, and availability.

The Men’s Neumel Boots are versatile and gender-neutral. They’re not tall boots, but that works in their favor. They include all the best features of classic UGG boots without the design that can be off-putting to some.

Fun History of UGG Boots

Regardless of which black UGG boots you choose, they have a long history. The brand was founded in 1978 by two Australian surfers living in California. They faced steady growth over the decades — and the U.S. winter Olympic team wore them in the 1994 games. It helped elevate their brand, which they then sold.

While the brand claimed to be the original UGG boots, it was a generic term for these boots that have been popular in Australia for more than a century. They own the rights reserved for every country but Australia. The tan color has been the traditional route, but black UGG boots have been trendy because they hide more stains and dirt.

They’re like the crocs of winter footwear. You either love them or hate them, but one thing’s for sure — black UGG boots are here to stay. They’re the perfect show whether you’re jaunting through New York City or working on a barn, and if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact customer service.

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