7 Tall Boots That Go With Just About Any Outfit

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Tall boots are in – they’re a closet staple that will never go out of style. Over-the-knee, thigh-high boots, calf boots, ankle boots, cowboy boots, and even men’s work boots are having their moment in women’s fashion. Tall boots are versatile and comfortable, coming in different styles, colors, and fabrics. They are easy to build an outfit around or throw on as a last-minute addition to complete your look.

Let’s explore seven tall boots that go with just about any outfit, taking the guesswork out of shopping so you can get to your real-life adventures in no time. All the boots on this list are for walking – and then some!

How Do You Wear Tall Boots?

You can wear tall boots with just about any outfit, and they will keep your legs warm while being fashionable. Throw boots on over skinny jeans and your favorite oversized sweater for a cozy fall look. Don your men’s working boots or a combat boot over fishnets and a leather jacket for a more edgy style. Thigh-high boots match your favorite midi skirt or sweater dress well, helping you feel covered while still looking chic. Tall boots have endless wardrobe potential if you know how to make them work.

Pulling off tall boots is about having confidence. You can pull it off if you can put it on, so flaunt it. Tall boots are best for the fall and the winter, given they can be warmer. You may get too hot if you wear them in the summer, which can cause chafing on your bare skin. Take note of the weather before you get dressed so you don’t regret wearing your tall boots. They’re less convenient to change out of because they can be clunky to carry.

Consider the boot height, heel height, and fabric, among other features, when purchasing your tall boots. Tall boots come in over-the-knee, thigh-high, calf boots, or mid-calf boots. They’re not ankle boots, so they keep your legs warm. The fit may vary based on your calf size, so it’s important to try your knee-high boots before purchasing. If that’s not possible, verify the store has a generous return policy. Your tall boots should never cut off your circulation, so a good rule of thumb is to slide your index finger between the boot and your leg to test the fit.

Not all tall boots have tall heels, so make sure you’re comfortable with the heel height before buying. Cowboy boots and riding boots will have a slight heel, while thigh-high boots may have taller heels. Platform boots will take you to new heights, but flat boots will feel like you’re walking in flats. Try walking in a tall boot before you get your heart set on a style to ensure you can move in them.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the fabric. Leather boots may be more expensive, but they are water-resistant and last longer. Suede boots can ruin in the rain and snow, soaking through and quickly picking up water and salt stains, so they may need extra care to keep looking fresh. Some knee boots are covered in stones and glitter, helping add a pop of bling to your outfit. It’s all about preference for boot fabric and design, though consider where you live and what boot material will be best for you based on typical weather conditions. You want your tall boots to stand the test of time, not ruined after one wear.

Top Seven Tall Boots That Go With Just About Any Outfit

Not all boots are equal, and here are seven tall boots that go with just about any outfit while not breaking the bank. Not all tall boots are thigh highs, so you have flexibility in the shaft height.

Leather Boots

Many riding boots are leather because they’re easy to clean. Initially, horse riders wore riding boots to protect their legs. These have become a fashion staple, with leather being the fabric of choice because of its durability and comfort. Tall boots have transitioned from trendy to a must-have for fall footwear.

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DREAM PAIRS Women’s Faux Fur-Lined Knee-High Winter Boots

The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Faux Fur-Lined Knee-high Winter Boots are classic riding boots for half the price of most designer boots. That doesn’t mean they’re low quality. On the contrary, you get an excellent value for your money with these tall boots, and more than 8,000 reviews can back it up.

These tall boots extend to your knee and feature a full-side zip to help you secure them over your calves. While they don’t specifically say they’re for wide calves, many customers report they’ve had no problem zipping them up thanks to the elastic in the back. The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Faux Fur-Lined Knee-high Winter Boots come in 13 neutral colors, including blacks, greys, browns, and tans. These tall boots come in sizes 5 through 11, and if you wear a half size or plan to wear thick socks, size up.

The rubber sole prevents slipping, and the faux fur lining is luxurious when wearing this riding boot. Your feet and legs are warm while gently cradled with fur throughout the day. These tall boots are a customer favorite. The adjustable buckles help you fit these tall boots to your leg and calves without leaving large gaps. They’re comfortable, allowing you to wear them all day without foot fatigue. Many customers love these boots so much that they’ve purchased multiple pairs.

The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Faux Fur-Lined Knee-high Winter Boots retail between $38.99 and $53.99, and at that price, they’re worth checking out to see if they live up to the hype.

GLOBALWIN Women’s Knee-High Riding Boots

The GLOBALWIN Women’s Knee-high Riding Boots are versatile, affordable riding boots available in two different styles. You can get this boot in black and brown with visible zippers. When paired with the decorative buckles, this feature gives these tall boots an extra pop of color, helping them stand out. You can also get these boots in black, grey, and brown, but instead of a zipper, there’s an elastic panel on the back to help keep these tall boots in place.

The elastic provides more give and is excellent for those with larger calves. These boots will expand to fit you and your needs, so while they don’t come in wide width or wide calves, it’s not a concern. This version also has decorative buckles to add visual interest. The GLOBALWIN Women’s Knee-high Riding Boots come in sizes 5.5 through 11 and retail for $42.49.

These tall boots are 100 percent vegan leather imported from Italy. Your toes won’t crowd at the round toes, and while they have slight heels, they are comfortable and made for all-day wear. The GLOBALWIN Women’s Knee-high Riding Boots are knee boots. There are more than 3,000 ratings with an average of a 4.3-star rating. Customers love these high-quality shoes for an affordable price.

They are easy to break in, so while customers report some tightness around the calves, they loosen up with continued use. The GLOBALWIN Women’s Knee-high Riding Boots fit true to size and are worth checking out if you’re looking for great riding boots for a steal.

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Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Shyenne Equestrian Boots

When you see the Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Shyenne Equestrian Boots, your eyes go to the H emblem on the side and the single stud. That’s the only decoration on these otherwise plain boots, but don’t mistake them for being boring. The bold stitching stands out, even as it matches their coloring. The loop on the side will help you slide these on, and the side zip helps keep them secure.

These tall boots come in brown, black, and tan. You can also get them in a black and tan two-toned color. You can’t go wrong with any colors, as each brings a sophisticated quality to your look. These retail for between $49.27 and $133.41, depending on the color and size. They come in 5.5 through 11, though some sizes and colors may be out of stock.

The Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Shyenne Equestrian Boots are 100 percent synthetic leather. A glossy finish on these sturdy boots makes them look more expensive. They feature a 1-inch heel. Even though these tall boots only come in a standard size, the opening fits calves of all sizes. If you have a smaller calf, you may find the opening too big, so be cognizant when purchasing these riding boots.

With more than 1,400 reviews averaging about 4.2 stars, customers love that these boots are comfortable and versatile. They are stylish and turn heads while wearing. The Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Shyenne Equestrian Boots are worth exploring if you are willing to pay more for global brand name riding boots.

Fashion Tall Boots

Riding boots are work boots at heart so they can give off a more casual vibe. If you’re looking to elevate your look, try fashion boots. You can get them in leather, suede, or other fabrics. They can be flat boots or heeled boots. Your fashion boots can transform an outfit, bringing fall vibes no matter the season.

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DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee-High Pull-On Boots

The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee-high Pull-on Boots are a slouchy pair of boots in 13 different colors and fabrics. You can get them in suede and leather, and they all come with built-in wrinkles to give them a laid-back vibe. The side-zip extends to your mid-calf, so these may not be the best boots for those with larger calves as they don’t give much. The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee-high Pull-on Boots come in sizes 6 through 11 and have a 0.5-inch heel.

These tall boots feature a lightly padded faux fur lining to keep your legs warm while cushioning each step. The leather models are water-resistant, while a suede boot is not. You can treat the suede boot with a spray to help but stay out of the rain or snow when wearing these boots. Even when they dry, they’ll leave water spots that will be hard to get out.

Customers love these tall boots that retail from $41.99 to $54.99. They say they fit true to size, sliding over their calves with ease. They also report they are comfortable to wear and extremely sturdy. One even went back to edit her review to share the boots are still in great shape two years later. The inside features a surprise pocket that you can slip your cards and ID in for a night out.

The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee-high Pull-on Boots are great casual boots that go with any outfit. The neutral colors and finishes complement your outfits rather than stand out on their own, so these tall boots are for you if you’re looking for a basic, everyday boot.

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DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky Knee-High Boots

DREAM PAIRS knows how to make fantastic boots for an affordable cost, and the DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky Knee-high Boots are no exception. These fan-favorite shoes have more than 4,100 reviews averaging 4.5 stars. Customers love the stretchy material that helps you achieve your best fit, neutral color range, and comfort. They are true to size and have a nice slouch that won’t feel too tight on your leg. It’s hard to go wrong with these tall boots, retailing at 37.99 to $64.99.

The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky Knee-high Boots feature a 2.5-inch chunky block heel and a 0.25-inch platform. The inside features slight padding with faux fur for maximum comfort, and the side-zip extends to the mid-calf for a more hidden look. Snag these tall boots in sizes 5 through 11 and six different colors and finishes, including leather and suede.

The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunky Knee-high Boots keep it simple and chic, so you don’t have to worry about how to wear these boots. The elastic suede has the perfect amount of give, and the treaded soles have a no-slip grip, so you’ll never have to worry about falling while wearing these fantastic boots. They’re another wardrobe staple that you can wear every day without worry.

Winter Boots

Tall boots can keep your legs warm in the winter months, and UGG and UGG-like boots corner the market. They’re comfortable, warm, and cute. While most suede boots aren’t water-resistant, you can treat them to improve your odds of keeping your feet dry.

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BEARPAW Women’s Elle Tall Boots

The BEARPAW Women’s Elle Tall Boots are comfortable winter boots, giving you the UGG look without the UGG prices. It comes in 19 color options, most of which are neutrals. You can even roll down some models to cuff the boot to give a nice fur collar. These tall boots are what you make of them, and with more than 2,700 positive reviews, customers enjoy what BEARPAW offers them.

These 100 percent suede boots come in sizes 5 through 13 and feature a 0.5-inch treaded platform. They can be worn outdoors as winter boots and indoors as cozy slippers. The cozy sheepskin and wool blend lining play double duty. They keep your feet warm in the harshest conditions and provide additional cushioning to prevent foot fatigue.

The BEARPAW Women’s Elle Tall Boots feature their proprietary NeverWet technology, adding water-resistance to the suede fabric. You can even wash them up to 40 times with no adverse effects. Customers say they fit as expected, even for wide calves. They can be stiff when you first get them, but they quickly break in. These boots retail from $43.49 to $123.21. They are worth checking out if you have cold but dry winters and want to keep your feet warm.

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UGG Women’s Classic Tall II Boot

For more than 30 years, the UGG Women’s Classic Tall II Boot has made waves, keeping your feet warm and toasty while maintaining its classic, Australian-inspired look. You’ll pay for the brand name as these tall boots retail for about $200. They come in four colors and sizes 5 to 12. While they don’t come in wide widths, many report these tall boots are friendly for those with wide calves.

These tall boots are suede with a sheepskin lining. The synthetic sole helps provide traction on all surfaces while giving extra cushion with each step. These boots feature treatment to increase their water repellency, though you’ll want to maintain this treatment for best results. They fit true to size, but size down if you’re between sizes.

The UGG Women’s Classic Tall II Boot have been fan favorites for years, and there are more than 6,600 reviews on Amazon singing their praises. Though some have reported getting fake UGGs for the real price, customers love these boots. Upon receipt, verify your product is authentic and start to experience the UGG way of life. These tall boots are great for slippers or outdoor wear.

How to Choose the Right Tall Boots

It can be difficult to choose the right pair of tall boots for you with so many options! First, consider where and with what you’ll be wearing them. A midi dress may call for a heeled boot, while denim jeans or legging and oversized sweater combo may vibe with flat boots. Colors and fabrics will make a difference, not only in the vibe but the price. Try them on for the best fit. They shouldn’t be too snug or loose – you want to be Goldilocks here. Your tall boots should fit just right.

Once you start wearing tall boots, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! They’re warm, comfortable, and fashionable, helping you look polished no matter what you’re wearing.

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