7 Most Affordable Wedge Boots

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7 Most Affordable Wedge Boots

If you’re in the market for some new wedge boots but want to keep the costs down, there aren’t really a lot of options available. With that being said, there are some affordable wedge boots available that offer a fantastic style and the option to have a great waterproof boot.

Here are the 7 most affordable wedge boots available at the moment:

  • Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Wedge II Boots
  • Athlefit Women’s Wedge Boots
  • Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Wedge Bootie
  • DREAM PAIRS Women’s Casual Wedge Heel Booties
  • Ecco Women’s Skyler Wedge Ankle Boot
  • Athlefit Wedge Booties for Women with Heel
  • Athlefit Women’s Comfortable Ankle Wedge Boots

Wedge boots are always a great fashion choice – for a lot of different outfits – so these 7 affordable wedge boots and ankle boots are a fantastic choice.

Keep in mind that some of these boots are leather or have rubber soles, while other boots are entirely synthetic. Because of this, there are plenty of different choices at totally different price ranges for these shoes.

With that said, here are the top seven most affordable shoes which still have the quality you should be looking for in any pair of wedge boots.

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1. Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Wedge II Boots

The top boots on this list are the Sorel women’s Joan of Arctic boots. These boots are incredibly stylish, featuring laces for style. These shoes are created entirely from 100% quality leather.

With 1,500 reviews, these boots have an extraordinary rating of 4.7 out of 5 total stars. This should be an easy indication that these boots are top-of-the-top quality.

Because these boots are made from 100% leather as well as a molded BPU-PU rubber sole, they work as a fantastic waterproof boot, capable of working both on a hard surface or a slick surface. These may not be the best hiking boots, but can certainly work as high-quality hiking boot that is fashionable and clean.

The design of these shoes is able to keep you warm and dry in wet and rainy conditions and provides protection with its rubber outsole.

Also featuring a cushioned and removable footbed, these shoes are meant to last and the reviews are definitely an indication of this.

Overall, these boots are durable, comfortable, and stylish, and provide the quality you would expect from the price. These shoes cost anywhere between $80 all the way up to $300 just depending on the pair purchased.

Although that price may be a little more than expected for many purchasers, keep in mind that these shoes are of incredible quality and design and have an average of 4.7 stars.

These shoes are also part of the Joan of Arctic collection, which is another benefit of purchasing as Sorel boots are well known, and having a pair of boots from one of their collections can add prestige to any outfit.

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2. Athlefit Women’s Wedge Boots

Next up on this list, we have the Athlefit women’s wedge boots. These boots have a rubber sole and a stylish exterior that goes with many different fashion styles and looks. Available in brown, khaki, and black, these boots feature faux leather cut into a classic Chelsea design.

These shoes also offer elastic side panels which allow for the foot to easily fit into the shoe. Overall, these shoes are highly rated and have nearly 2,000 reviews, which is indicative that they are loved by their customers.

Because of this and the incredible focus on comfort, these shoes offer with their exuberant internal space and comfortable sole, these shoes are definitely worth the reasonable price of between $47 and $57 depending on the shoe and style.

With their soft foam footbed placed on top of the wedge soles, these shoes maximize comfort while maintaining the stylish aspect of the wedge shoe.

Offering a simple and stylish design, these shoes will go well with a multitude of pants and leggings, creating a fantastic style that can turn heads on any day.

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3. Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Wedge Bootie

Next up, we have another extremely fashionable and sleek wedge bootie from Sorel. This wedge boot is also part of the Joan of Arctic collection, offering an incredible design and style while also remaining reasonably priced.

These shoes cost anywhere between $50 and $280, with a heel that measures roughly 3″ as well as a sleek and shiny side zipper that impacts the style subtly.

These waterproof ankle boots are created from quality leather as well as synthetic lining, a molded rubber sole for traction during rainy or wet seasons, as well as a comfortable and removable footbed.

With their 3″ heel and 1/2″ platform, these shoes are stylish and comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time while also offering the fashionable and bold statement they should.

While Sorel prices their boots at a higher level than many of the other shoes on this list, there is no doubt that these booties earn their rank through the sheer quality and durability they offer.

These booties are without a doubt some of the most well-crafted ones on this list, easily waterproof, and offer their own bold and unique sense of style.

Similar to the other boots by Sorel, a brand founded in 1962, these wedge boots also show a resounding 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 2,500 total global reviews, a feat that the vast majority of boots in similar categories are unable to pull off. Because of all these benefits, Sorel’s boots definitely make their mark on the list of the most affordable wedge boots.

It’s important to consider during purchase how long your boots are going to last as well as the usability of these shoes in all kinds of weather, and Sorel’s Joan of Arctic boots don’t disappoint. In fact, these boots seem to depend on providing the highest quality possible for the price, going above and beyond any other boots within this price range and style.

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4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Casual Wedge Heel Booties

At number four, we have the DREAM PAIRS women’s casual wedge heel booties. These casual lace-up ankle boots are incredibly stylish and offer their own unique take on the category of wedge boots. These shoes offer a manmade sole and a padded insole for extra comfort and compatibility.

With the shoelace design these boots feature, it showcases the wedge boot while giving it a sleek and classic style. These boots are made of suede materials, providing a comfortable fit while also providing a reasonable price for these shoes.

These shoes are built for comfort, with overwhelmingly positive reviews. With nearly 7,000 total ratings and an average of 4.5, it’s clear that these shoes are loved by the customers who purchase them.

With all that being said, of course, it’s surprising that these shoes don’t take the #1 spot, especially when you consider that they cost between $22 and $42 depending on the size and style, which means these are some of the most affordable wedge boots available.

The only potential downside to these wedge booties is that they do not feature any sort of waterproofing or similar cold-weather measures and lining, and because of this service more like fashionable shoes and less like practical wedge sole boots. By no means is this a wedge sole work boot or anything remotely similar.

Due to this, it’s once again important to consider exactly why you want to purchase your wedge boots, as well as how much you are going to use them and what durability is required for these shoes. Overall, though, these boots are extremely high quality for the low and affordable price at which you can purchase them.

If you’re looking for quality wedge shoes for office work or a similar job that may not require any access to rain or similar moisture outdoors, these very well may be the best choice of wedge boots.

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5. Ecco Women’s Skyler Wedge Ankle Boot

The next affordable wedge boots which are covered are the Ecco women’s Skyler wedge ankle boots. The price of these boots varies greatly, anywhere between $70 and up to $300 depending on the style and color of these boots purchased.

These boots are available in 7 different styles and colors, offering a sleek and fashionable fit for any outfit. Because these boots are made of 100% leather and feature a manmade sole, there’s no question that these boots are high quality and very durable.

Made from a type of pebbled leather, these shoes are extremely soft to the touch while also offering the lightness and breathability needed in a leather shoe. This is crucial and definitely an aspect of these shoes that makes them stand out from many other leather wedge shoes.

These shoes also have a leather lining, which is another showcase of their quality and the precision with which they were created. For a more budget wedge boot, these shoes are undoubtedly one of the best wedge boots available in their price range.

These shoes also feature a removable leather inlay sole which allows for all-day comfort and quality and unique fit. Because these shoes are designed for comfort, it’s impressive that the style of these shoes is as good as it is. Although these boots are fairly simplistic, it’s clear that these will be a beneficial addition to a lot of outfits.

Another impressive aspect of these shoes is that the Ecco brands actually feature their own tanneries where they ensure the quality of the leather products which they use for their footwear.

These boots are rated 4.5 out of 5 total stars, but with only 300 total reviews it’s hard to estimate exactly what rating these boots would have if they were more popular. With that being said, if you’re willing to take a chance on these booties it may very well be one of the best purchases you could make at this price range.

Because of this, these boots are definitely the dark knight of this list, and could easily be one of the top quality boots around while remaining in a very reasonable price range.

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6. Athlefit Wedge Booties for Women with Heel

Next up we have another Athlefit wedge bootie. These booties are definitely a reliable fallback, but overall it seems that these are extremely similar and just don’t give the same pop of style and uniqueness that some of the other wedge booties on this list did.

These booties cost between $55 and $60, which is very reasonable for a quality wedge bootie and definitely places them higher on the affordability scale than some of the more expensive boots on this list.

These booties are designed with the lift inside, offering an increase of confidence and unique charm to any outfit to which these are used as an addition. Ankle boots, such as these, are a perfect addition to a wide variety of outfits, and these simplistic and stylish booties are no exception.

These shoes are extremely comfortable, and capable of all-day wear without causing fatigue to the wearer. Another fantastic aspect about these shoes is that they are true to size, which means fitting these wedge boots should be simplistic and easy.

These booties are similar to some of the Sorel boots mentioned above, albeit at a fraction of the price of those shoes. Because of this, these can be a great alternative if one wants to avoid paying as much for the top-quality Sorel shoes and instead opts for a more budget option.

Although these boots are a much more budget option than their Sorel alternatives, it is worth noting that in a similar manner the durability of these booties may be lower than some of the other shoes on this list, especially around the bottoms and soles.

Another potential problem with these booties is that they are narrower than some of the other brands, which may be an issue for anyone with wide feet and should be a potential concern for buyers.

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7. Athlefit Women’s Comfortable Ankle Wedge Boots

Finally, another Athelefit boot wraps up this list. These comfortable ankle wedge boots offer all-day comfort as well as reasonable durability in the Chelsea boot style.

The outsole of these boots is made of quality rubber, with a quality grip to ensure good traction for these shoes. These shoes are available in black, khaki, and brown so are available for almost any style of outfit you’re looking at.

The style of these shoes is crafted into a refined, strong but feminine style that can complement virtually any outfit with its shocking and strong design. These boots feature a soft foam insole which allows the wearer to stay comfortable through all-day wear.

With close to 2,000 ratings and 4.4 stars, these shoes are a very reasonable and safe pick for those looking for an affordable Chelsea wedge boot.

Because these are priced between $48 and $56, it’s important to note that the quality of these shoes is going to be lower than the other shoes on this list, and the durability will be less as well.

Because of this, it should be noted that these boots are not the ideal pick for those looking for durable everyday wear, but should be used for the occasional outfit and use. Overall, these boots are a great safe beginner pick.

Best Overall Affordable Wedge Boots

The best overall affordable wedge boots are dependent on your price range and the durability you’re looking for. If you are trying to find wedge boots that are durable, long-lasting, and aren’t afraid of spending a little more – although still an affordable amount – for a high-quality and durable boot, then the Sorel Joan of Arctic II boot is definitely the pick for you.

These unique and fashionable wedge boots are definitely one of a kind, and their quality and durability – as well as comfort -should not be understated.

With that being said, if you’re looking for a wedge boot at a much lower price range, or an introductory and beginner boot, the DREAM PAIRS wedge boot is extremely reasonable and offers a very unique and comfortable take on the wedge bootie style.

These shoes cost a lot less than the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots but still give you that wedge boot style. With that being said, of course, the extra price needed to purchase the Sorel boots definitely means that the quality of those boots improves drastically as compared to any of the cheaper boots on this list.

Best Affordable Waterproof Wedge Boots

If one of the requirements for your wedge boots is that they are waterproof and capable of withstanding moisture, then the definite choice is going to be the Sorel Joan of Arctic II bootie. These shoes are built to resist moisture and keep your feet warm and comfortable in bad weather.

Because of this, these are really the only option on this list specifically created for dealing with bad weather while keeping reasonable durability.

The other Sorel boots in the Joan of Arctic collection are also built to withstand colder and more rainy weather, so ultimately the choice between these boots comes down to the style and the feel that one wants to achieve.

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