6 Most Affordable Over the Knee Boots

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Did you know that over the knee boots have been around for centuries? They first gained popularity in the 15th century, and for the first 400 years, men dominated the trend. They were worn by the military and nobility alike for an added flair to any outfit. Then, the trends started to shift. Women got more say in their fashion, and boots were here to stay. Now, thigh high boots are primarily worn by women, rocking the trend with jeans, tights, dresses, and skirts. You name it, and over the knee boots can be worn with it.

Over the knee boots give you the illusion of being completely covered up when wearing shorter clothes. They are fierce, giving the wearer confidence when stepping into the boots. Over the knee boots can be flat, like riding boots, or have sky-high platform heels that are great for clubbing and drag shows. They can easily transition from daytime to nighttime wear with a few simple adjustments.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the perfect over the knee boots, so let’s explore the six most affordable over the knee boots on Amazon today. They’ll go from in your cart to your closet in no time!

What Are Over the Knee Boots?

Over the knee boots are boots that extend over your knee. They are tall boots, so you’ll want to consider the style, heel height, boot height, fabric, color, and more when choosing your over the knee boot. The different features will set a different tone for your outfit, bringing it from simple to trendy in no time. Many can even also go from day to night with a quick accessory or outfit change, adding to their versatility. Over the knee boots are here to stay.

They can be pulled on like sweater boots and feature a zipper side of back closure like riding boots. Over the knee boots come in various materials, including genuine and synthetic leather, fabric, real and faux suede, etc. They can have a stiletto heel, chunky platform heel, completely flat, etc. Many feature fastenings to prevent slouching – unless that’s your desired look. Because of this, there will be an over the knee boot for you, no matter your preference.

You can wear them in many different ways. Consider pairing them with your favorite skinny jeans and sweater for a cozy fall look or a sweater dress to warm your legs against the fall chill. They go great with tunics, dresses, skirts, over leggings, etc. Lay out your boots and plan your outfit around them, or pull them on as you head out the door. There’s no right way to style these versatile tall boots – it all depends on you.

Keep in mind if you have larger calves, you’ll want to pick a pair of over the knee boots that are stretchy. Suede tends to be more forgiving than leather, though designers like Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, and Stuart Weitzman also make boots in wide widths. Snug boots will be challenging to get over your legs and uncomfortable to wear if you have thick thighs and calves, but it’s not impossible to find an over the knee boot for you.

The Best Over the Knee Boots for Any Closet

A high boot can change the tone of your entire outfit, elevating it from a simple look to more polished in just a few seconds. Tall boots are a crucial outfit staple that should be in any closet. Appropriate for the office and the bar alike, over the knee boots, will effortlessly take your look from drab to fab.

Just because they are over the knee boots doesn’t mean they have to go up to your thigh. In many cases, over the knee boots end right over the knee. It can be daunting to find the right pair for you, so let’s explore six of the most affordable and trendy boots available today!

Forever Link Over the Knee Fashion Boots

The Forever Link Over the Knee Fashion Boots is the most affordable shoe. It retails between $23 and $54, but don’t let that fool you. It’s highly rated because of its vegan leather design. Customers love that it looks and feels like genuine leather without the high price tag or guilt of wearing them. They feature a high boot shaft of about 20 inches tall.

These over the knee boots have a 0.25-inch platform and a four-inch heel. The shoes look slouchy on purpose, with built-in wrinkles throughout the boot. The Forever Link boots are rounded, closed-toe with inner zipper closure. At the top, there’s a foldable flap to customize the final height based on your preference and outfit.

Keep in mind that if you have wider calves, these may not be the best over the knee boots. It features a 16-inch opening, and while there is a zipper, you still must be able to put on the boot before closing. Many customers reported difficulty getting the boots on based on their calf size and ordered a half size bigger for the best fit.

The Forever Link boots come in sizes 5.5 to 11 and have eight different color and fabric options, including leather and suede. The materials used are 100% synthetic, so no animals were harmed, so these boots can be called vegan. Wear these boots with extra-long cotton thick socks for additional comfort.

N.N.G. Over the Knee Boots

The N.N.G. Over the Knee boots is the runner-up in affordable thigh high boots, retailing between $33 and $52 based on the size, color, and style. There are nearly 11,000 positive reviews on Amazon for these boots. Customers love the low price point and versatile styles. They’re perfect over the knee boot for all heights and are even suitable for those with bigger calves and thick thighs. With so many glowing reviews, it’s worth checking out how the N.G.G. Over the Knee boots will work for you.

There are 21 options available. They all feature different materials, colors, and heel heights, which allows you to find your perfect boot. Many customers even claim they are an identical dupe for designer boots, so you’ll get high-quality thigh high boots for less. The N.G.G. boots come in sizes 6 through 11. They can be suede or leather with a rubber sole. The square wedge heels are between 2 to 3 inches tall, and many happy customers report they are so comfortable they have no problem wearing them all day.

The boots feature a back zipper, making it easy to pull the boots on and secure them in no time. They are true to size, so you should order your traditional size for your best fit. Wider calves may want to size up a half size for best results though they can be stretchy.

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Dream Pairs Riding Boots

Dream Pairs Riding Boots are stylish and fun, even if you’re not planning on riding a horse any time soon! There are 13 different colors and materials available, including leather and suede boots. They feature a side zipper and delicate lace closure at the top of the boot to help them stay up on skinny and wider-width legs. The boot opening is about 14.5 inches wide, through the suede boots do feature some stretch for best fit. The Dream Pair Riding boots come in sizes 5 through 11 and retail for $38 to $55.

These boots are relatively flat, so you’ll have no trouble with the Dream Pair Riding Boots if you find walking in heels challenging. There’s a 0.25-inch platform and a 1-inch heel with a rubber outsole. The boots feature a 21-inch shaft height, and they have a lightly padded faux fur lining for added warmth and comfort. These are over the knee boots, but you can push them down for a slouchy look.

The suede boots are not water-resistant, while the leather boots will keep you dry in most conditions. Customers love the fit, style, and warmth of these over the knee boots. They feature an almond toe between the pointy-toed and rounded boots. The strings are thin, so they’re prone to untying. Simply double knot them, and you don’t have that problem. The Dream Pairs Riding Boots fit as expected, so there’s no need to size down or up for your ideal fit.

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Dream Pairs Block Heel Boots

The Dream Pairs Block Heel Boots are more formal than the riding boots, but they have all the features that customers love about other models. With more than 4,000 happy customers, these boots retail between $40 and $55 and come in seven colors. If you’re looking for fashion colors, you’ll have to check out other models. The Dream Pairs Block Heel Boots are all about the neutrals.

These faux suede boots are stretchy, with a 14.5 opening, rubber outsole, and faux fur lining. They feature a 0.25-inch platform with an additional 3.5-in heel that is easy to walk in. The boot itself is 22-inches tall, though you can pull them up to your thigh, push them down for a slouchier, laid-back feel, or fold them down to be knee high boots. They have a zipper closure located on the inside of the boot that extends up to your calf.

Based on the model, the Dream Pairs Block Heel Boots can have a rounded or pointed toe. They are true to size, though you may want to order the pointed toe version in a half size up to accommodate the narrow toe. Customers love the suede material, reporting they almost feel like wearing a pair of leggings.

While stretchy, some customers reported issues with wider calves and thighs. You may not be able to wear thick socks with these boots, which is fine because it features a warm lining. Consider purchasing specific boot socks or stockings to wear with these shows.

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Dream Pairs Chunky Heel Boots

The Dream Pairs Chunky Heel Boots have more than 5,200 happy customers thanks to its affordable price, sleek design, warm faux fur lining, and comfortable, soft insole. The faux fur lining will not chafe on your bare legs, while the latex insole feels almost like you’re walking on air. It has added cushioning and breathability for women on the go, while the rubber outsole provides strong traction so you won’t slip. They mold to your needs with ease, retailing at $43 to $60.

The Dream Pairs Chunky Heel Boots have a round toe with a mid-heel height. If you’re wearing them over leggings or jeans, you’ll have to ensure that the pants don’t come up as you pull up the boots. The Dream Pairs Chunky Heel Boots are a little more expensive than other models, but they are still affordable compared to other over the knee boots.

Unfortunately, the Dream Pairs Chunky Heel Boots offer limited color and sizing options, with just four neutral colors and sizes up to 9.5. The suede is soft to the touch, with a slight stretchy vamp to it that helps to enclose your legs. The shoelace ties at the top help seal the deal, allowing you to fasten your over the knee boots to your comfort level. They won’t be sliding down your legs with these in place! They even come with an extra pair of satin laces in case one breaks. Customers love this feature and report that these over the knee boots perfectly fit wide calves.

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Dream Pairs Over the Knee Thigh High Winter Boots

The Dream Pairs Over the Knee Thigh High Winter Boots come in leather or suede with a buckle enclosure at the top. Tighten the buckle just as you would the shoelaces on other models. They won’t slouch when you do. There are 11 different color and fabric options, and it retails from $46 to $54.

The Dream Pairs Over the Knee Thigh High Winter Boots have a great size range supporting feet up to size 12. It’s flat, though there is a 0.25-inch platform that gives you a slight lift. The boot features a 15-inch opening and a zipper that extends to the top of the boot. It features Dream Pair’s standard faux fur lining for added warmth and luxury. The slip-resistant outsole helps you keep your footing while adding to its durability.

These over the knee boots measure nearly 22 inches tall, so they will comfortably cover your knees no matter how tall you are. Customers report they are very comfortable and easy to wear. There is no transfer on your clothes, and they are true to size. They have built-in wrinkles, so they have a laid-back and casual look right out of the box. With more than 6,100 positive reviews, customers are thrilled with what the Dream Pairs Over the Knee Thigh High Winter Boots can offer them.

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The Final Say on Over the Knee Boots

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing your first over the knee boots, don’t be! They don’t have to be a considerable investment, and you can try them on before you buy them in many stores. Online, there are generous return policies. Return any boots that don’t fit without hassle – some will even let you schedule a pick-up at your home, so you don’t have to drive around with them in your car for weeks.

Check out the customer reviews to see what real people think about the boots, especially if you have wider calves. It’s harder to find the perfect fit because not all over the knee boots have enough give to get them over the calves or fasten them. Suede is usually an easier fit, though leather boots often come in wide calf models just for that reason.

Many boots have features that allow you to tighten them to meet your needs. Dream Pairs have many different models available, though many other brands are to check out. While some over the knee boots feature a faux fur lining, not all do. You may want to purchase additional accessories, including thick socks, to keep your legs warm. Otherwise, you may experience chafing if you wear your boots over bare legs.

Suede may look and feel luxurious, but they’re often not waterproof. You can treat the boots to be water-resistant, but they will never truly be waterproof. If you live in an area with a lot of rain and snow, it’s something to keep in mind when purchasing your over the knee boots.

Ultimately, have fun with your over the knee boots! You can play it safe with black, brown, tan, and grey colors or go bold with red, pink, gold, etc. There are endless options for over the knee boots available. The key is to wear them with confidence, and you’ll own them in no time, no matter what you’re wearing.

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