6 Most Affordable Black Combat Boots

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If you’re looking for an affordable pair of the best combat boots or military boots, it goes without saying that finding some that are high quality can be difficult.

This specially curated list has some of the best combat boots available in the United States if you’re looking for comfort, style, and a great price. However, it’s important to remember that each shoe has its pros and cons, features, and unique styles.

Ultimately, there are many options to choose from – do you want durable leather boots, a dress shoe, or another type of stylish combat boot?

Here are the 6 most affordable black combat boots available:

1. Rothco Military Jungle Boot

The Rothco military jungle boot is a stylish combat boot and hiking boot. It features a thick vulcanized rubber sole, a carefully crafted mix of leather and synthetic materials, and a steel shank that reduces strain on your body to allow maximum comfort and usability.

These boots are the one-stop shop for high-quality and affordable black combat boots. High quality and heavy-duty, these 8″ boots give you high ankle support and offer breathability for your feet.

Overall, this is the best pick for a top-notch combat boot. These shoes are rated extremely well with over 5,000 total reviews and offer great quality for their price range of $35 to $60.

Because the comfort of these boots is a priority, the Rothco boots once again sit atop this list, offering extreme comfort and breathability, which allows for hours of use. These shoes are usable for hours with vent holes and breathable canvas without causing unnecessary discomfort to your feet.

The sole of these boots features fantastic grip and traction, allowing for use in almost any condition – be it snow, wind, mud, or sleet.

These shoes are extremely lightweight, which means they offer fantastic usability for any training exercises, hiking, or survival scenarios.

Although these boots have overwhelmingly positive reviews and are high-quality shoes, a potential con is that they might not last as long as would be ideal.

Although these boots are high-quality and heavy-duty, they have questionable toughness and durability as they age, which means you may find yourself buying a newer pair sooner than you would like.

These boots are practically unbeatable for the price, although they don’t feature as a dress shoe and are more for practical use. However, it isn’t to say that these shoes cannot pair well with outfits or fashionable styles. It all depends on the style you’re aiming for and your implementation of these shoes.

Keep in mind that these boots are military and tactical, so they could pair well with any outfit that has a more rugged and tactical style.

These shoes also provide the breathability needed for an all-day outfit, which pairs extremely well with certain outfits and longer events.

2. Forever Link Military Combat Boots

The Forever Link women’s military black combat boots place second on this list. These round toe shoes come in a large variety of colors, including tan, black, white, and various shades of black. This classic combat boot emphasizes comfort and doubles as a dress shoe for any occasion.

These shoes are a fantastic dress shoe for any outfit, especially great in Fall or winter when boots are in fashion.

These classic combat boots effortlessly zip up, with lace adjustability, featuring a slip-on style.

These shoes are vegan-friendly faux leather, which means that although the durability may be lower, they feature an extremely eco-friendly and stylish vibe.

Although these boots are more for fashion than for wet weather or tough condition, these black combat boots are a great dress shoe to consider during the months they are in style.

Although these shoes do feature more as a casual dress boot than tough, durable combat or military-grade boot, they are worth purchasing at anywhere from as low as $15 to around $50.

The overall quality, durability, longevity, and comfort of these boots are reasonable for the price, but ultimately these boots feature much better style than ruggedness.

Reviews commonly mention that the style is adorable and fitting but that the quality of these shoes may be lacking, especially for any daily wear or common use. Because of this, these are probably ideal for the occasional wear and outfit and not regular everyday use.

3. ICHIGO Causal Combat Boots

The ICHIGO woman’s fashion combat shoe is a tactical boot made from synthetic material, a thermoplastic sole, and high-quality materials.

The faux leather is made of lightweight polyurethane material, making these boots lightweight, breathable, and spill-resistant. Although this is not an entirely waterproof boot, these shoes can resist small amounts of moisture.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 1,000 global ratings, these boots received raving reviews about the quality of the shoes and the materials. An affordable Dr. Martens lookalike-styled shoe, these are some of the best combat boots for fashion and daily wear.

These shoes are shiny and stylish, with an anti-slip bottom. Featuring a TPR rubber sole for traction and a cushioned and comfortable footbed, these boots are an absolute must for style and comfortable wear for your foot.

These are ultimately more for fashion and use as stylish combat boots and less as hiking boots or durable leather shoes.

These boots are probably best used as part of an outfit rather than in any tactical situation. These shoes are also quite stiff, which means that any physical exertion or activities in these shoes may be more difficult than in traditional or military-grade combat boots.

Not quite on par in the athleticism department, these shoes function more as fashionable wear and less as combat sneakers or similarly military-grade equipment. It’s essential to consider what you’re going to use these shoes for or what environment you’ll be wearing them in before buying them.

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4. SODA FIRM – Lug Sole Combat Ankle Boot

The SODA FIRM combat ankle bootie comes in a large variety of colors, including white, black, beige, and many other shades and colors. These fashionable shoes are undoubtedly an excellent pick for a stylish and cute pair of combat boots with all these colors.

These imported shoes tend to run small (you need to make sure they fit correctly). Although they are not durable leather or another tough material, they are definitely on the top of the charts as far as fashionable kicks go.

It is extremely important to know that these shoes run small, so consider that when buying your pair. If you buy the proper size, these can function very well for any daily wear situation and as a great dress shoe.

These combat boots are soft-toe and offer interior zippers with stylized laces, which means they will be easy to put on and wear.

They have a fashionable lug sole platform with a chunky heel made from high-quality rubber.

Although the platform aspect of these shoes is not as high as one might consider ideal, these are overall great shoes for the price.

These shoes truly follow the latest fashion trends and styles, so they’re a great investment for any beginner or more advanced hobbyist stylist, especially considering that these will hardly break the budget at the affordable price of between $20 and $60.

Comfortable, soft-toe shoes can be quite expensive, so finding a budget pair like these can be hard, and these shoes are incredibly high quality for their price.

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5. Amazon Essentials Lace Up Combat Boot

The Amazon Essentials lace-up combat boots for women are surprisingly high-quality for a generic brand like Amazon, and you should consider this for any combat boot arsenal. These boots have close to 6,000 ratings and a 4.5-star average. These black combat boots are a favorite among their buyers.

These boots have a unique exterior textured pattern, adding to their style and fashionable aesthetic. Made from 100% synthetic materials, these boots are certainly not built to be as functional or tough as a full leather or partially leather combat boot but are more environmentally friendly.

The material of these shoes is soft and leather-like, which makes for a very authentic feel overall. These boots also feature a 5mm latex and memory foam padding, making for comfortable all-day wear.

The height of fashion and function, these shoes are a great affordable pair of combat boots.

These shoes are not waterproof but are reasonably water-resistant, and you can wear them in some mild weather. These boots are from China, so these might not be the ideal pick for those looking to buy boots made in the USA or imported from elsewhere.

It is an overall great pick for a well-rounded combat boot.

The cons of this shoe include the wearability and long-term quality, which is to be expected for a fashionable combat boot of this price. Because of this, you should consider when buying these shoes exactly how much wear these shoes need to be able to handle. If you need to wear your shoes every day or every other day, these shoes may not be the best choice, at least not if you want your shoes to last for a long time.

6. DREAM PAIRS Military Ankle Boot

The DREAM PAIRS military ankle boot comes in multiple colors, including white, tan, black, and various shades and options.

These boots offer a high-quality rubber sole with a heel measuring approximately 1″ for a stylish and fashionable look in all seasons. These soft-toe boots have a rubber TPR outsole and faux fur lining for a trendy and cozy style.

These military boots offer an incredible and innovative design featuring an inbuilt pocket to use as storage for various items such as keys, wallets, or credit cards. These boots cost between $46 and $60, making them a more expensive option on this list, which is the major reason they rank lower than the other options.

These shoes are rated 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 10,000 reviews, a shockingly large amount of raving reviews, and satisfied customers.

These mid-calf boots are not just seasonable, featuring a stylish fit you can wear all year round. These shoes are by no means short, roughly 8 1/2″ tall for a very tactical and military-esque style.

These boots are very comfortable, sturdy, and warm. They are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a reasonably rugged pair of fashionable military boots.

These boots also feature non-slip soles, which means that you’ll be able to transverse rugged and slippery terrain comfortably.

Because of this, these fashionable shoes are ultimately a fantastic, high-quality pick for a more budget combat boot. The only downside to these shoes is that their prices are slightly higher on average when compared to the price of the other more affordable options on this list. This higher price needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing.

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Best Black Combat Boots Overall

Overall, the best black combat boots available on the market right now are the Rothco military jungle boots. While featuring a stylish and fashionable exterior, these boots are also built to last and built for tactical situations, which means that no matter if you’re looking for a tactical combat boot or one for your fashionable outfits, these boots are built for you.

With incredible tread and fantastic non-slip rubber soles, these boots are stylish and functional.

Vulcanized leather outsoles built to last lead to this shoe being undoubtedly the best overall black combat boot available in its price range.

These boots cost between $37 and $60, so they run on the more affordable side of things, especially considering the quality these shoes offer.

Best Combat Boots for Tactical Situations

Once again, the best combat boots for tactical situations are undoubtedly the Rothco boots. Although most of the boots featured on this list are created specifically for fashionable purposes, the Rothco jungle boots combine usefulness and style.

These boots are available in several clean colors, including black, olive, and desert tan. These boots are suitable for tactical and military training, application, and everyday wear.

These boots are extremely comfortable, so you’ll be able to wear these shoes all day with little to no fatigue due to the leg and ankle support. These shoes provide the lightweight feel of running shoes while also featuring the high-quality, tough material needed for a combat boot.

Best Fashionable Combat Boots

The best affordable, fashionable combat boots currently available in this price range are most likely the DREAM PAIRS shoes. These shoes are extremely innovative, offering storage for cash, cards, or other items. However, these shoes run on the slightly more expensive end of this price range, so you should consider that before purchasing.

Over 10,000 satisfied customers should indicate these shoes have the quality and fashionable style needed for virtually any outfit or time of year.

These shoes are extremely warm, with a faux fur lining, and offer a mildly water-resistant outside which is helpful for any outfit in mild weather conditions.

These shoes also have non-slip soles, which means that although their primary purpose is fashion, you can use these shoes in other instances and for casual wear as well.

Undoubtedly, a fusion of fashion and purpose is one of the critical aspects of a great shoe, and these combat boots are no exception. Because of this, although these shoes are for primary fashion, they can serve for everyday wear and comfort. This pair of shoes is undoubtedly one of the best pairs of fashionable shoes available on this budget.


Overall, there are a variety of styles of black combat boots available to try. These boots come in a large variance of prices as well, which ultimately means that choosing which boots you want will come down to deciding between price, quality, and style.

However, combat boots are an excellent fit for any outfit, no matter which boot you choose. These shoes provide a shocking statement and accentuate your daily wear, so why not add them to your wardrobe today?

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