6 Best Leather Boots for Women

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There’s nothing quite like the feel of leather boots on your feet. Not only are they stylish and trendy, but leather boots also offer many benefits that other types of shoes don’t. Read on to learn more about the different types of leather material used in women’s boots, how to choose the right leather for your needs, care tips, and some of the benefits of investing in a good pair of leather boots. We’ve rounded up the top six popular brands that make great leather boots for women that add relaxed sophistication to any wardrobe.

Why Choose Leather Boots?

Leather is a popular material used in many types of footwear, and for a good reason. Leather is durable and comfortable, and it looks great too. The leather commonly used in women’s boots includes full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and genuine leather. Full-grain leather is the highest quality leather you can get, and it’s also the most expensive. Top-grain leather is a step down from full-grain leather in terms of quality, but it’s still a perfect option that comes at a more affordable price point. Genuine leather is the least expensive, so while it still looks beautiful, you’ll find it is not as durable or comfortable as the other two options.

What Is PU Leather?

Understandably, people want to look for a more animal-friendly and environmentally-friendly alternative to genuine leather. PU leather is a type of synthetic leather made from polyurethane, a synthetic material. PU leather is cheaper than genuine leather and is not as durable. However, PU leather can look like genuine leather used in boots and other footwear.

Different Leather Finish Options

Once you’ve decided on the type of leather you want, you’ll also need to choose a leather finish. There are more than 20 leather finishes, but six general types of finishes are used on shoe designs. The five commonly used leather finishes are aniline, semi-aniline, oiled leather, pull-up leather, and patent leather.

Aniline leather is the most natural-looking and feeling type of leather. It is minimally treated with a coat of transparent Aniline dye and tends to be the most expensive leather option. Suede and nubuck are two types of popular Aniline leather used for footwear.

Semi-aniline leather is a grade lower than aniline leather in terms of quality and is less expensive.

Oiled leather is treated with oil and is more water-resistant than other types of leather. After treatment, the leather tends to have a deep, moistened texture. Birkenstocks are known to use oiled leather for their footwear.

Pull-up leather is full-grain leather that goes through treatments with oil or wax. This treatment gives a two-toned look to the leather and is often used for vintage boot designs.

Patent leather is a type of leather highlighted by the high shine and glossy finish that almost looks like vinyl.

Boot Style to Consider

When shopping for leather boots, it’s important to remember the style of boot you want. Are you looking for a tall pair of riding boots? Or maybe you prefer a shorter ankle bootie? Whatever type you’re looking for, choose a boot that flatters your legs, goes well with the clothes in your wardrobe and still provides support.

Heel Type

You’ll also have to choose a few heel types for leather boots. The most common types of heels are stilettos, block heels, and wedges. Stilettos are the tallest type of heel, and they’re also the most difficult to walk in. Block heels are shorter than stilettos, making them a bit easier to walk in. Kitten heels are the shortest type of heel and offer the most stability.

Popular Leather Boot Lengths

Leather boots are available in a variety of different lengths. The most popular sizes for leather boots are ankle-length, calf-length, and above knee-length.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are shorter boots that hit right at the ankle. They’re perfect for pairing with jeans, leggings, or dresses and skirts. Chelsea boots and combat boots are two popular types of ankle boots.

Calf-Length Boots

Calf-length boots are slightly taller than ankle boots, which stop right at the calf. They’re perfect for wearing with dresses, skirts, and jeans. Calf-length boots also work well over leggings or tights for a stylish and warm winter look. Some popular styles are cowboy boots, and riding boots that hit just below the knees are great options to consider.

Above-Knee Boots

Above-knee boots are the tallest type of leather boot, and they hit right at or above the knee. Some of them can even hit the upper thigh area. Above-knee boots are a great choice if you’re looking for a boot to keep your legs warm in the winter. Slouch boots are the most popular trend as they’re perfect for wearing dresses, skirts, and shorts.

Tips on Taking Care of Your Leather Boots

Now that you know a little bit more about leather boots let’s talk about how to take care of them. Leather is a natural material and needs regular treatment and care if you want them to last for more than one season. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your leather boots:

  • If your boots are wet, stuff them with newspaper to help absorb the moisture and let them dry overnight.

  • If your leather boots get dirty, wipe them down with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners on leather.

  • Store them in a cool, dry place when you are not wearing your boots.

  • When you store your boots, don’t expose them to direct sunlight for extended periods.

With proper care, your leather boots can last for many years.

Popular Brands That Make Great Leather Boots for Women

There are a lot of great brands that make leather boots for women. Some of the most popular brands are UGG, Dr. Martens, Red Wing, Sam Edelman, and Roper. These brands are known for their quality leather boots and unique styles. UGG is known for creating casual sheepskin boots that are perfect for everyday wear. Dr. Martens is famous for its dynamic leather boots and punk rock style. Red Wing makes high-quality work boots that are perfect for the winter months. Sam Edelman makes stylish and trendy leather boots perfect for going out. Roper makes cowboy boots and other Western-style leather boots.

Tips on Choosing Your Leather Boots

When you’re choosing your leather boots, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Think about the style of boot you want and what type of heel would be most comfortable for you.

  • Consider the different types of leather and choose the one that’s right for you.

  • Consider the brand and find a pair that fits your style.

  • Don’t forget to take care of your leather boots to last longer.

6 Best Leather Boots for Women

Where to start? With so many boot options on the market, making a decision can be overwhelming. We’ve narrowed down the list to the top 6 best leather boots for women to help you choose the perfect boot.

1. Martens Women’s Leona 7 Hook Boots

First, you want to ensure they contain high-quality leather. Second, you want boots that are comfortable and fit well. And third, you want a style that will go with everything in your wardrobe. That’s why the Dr. Martens Women’s Leona 7 Hook Boots are such a great buy – they ticks all the boxes. The leather is soft and durable, the fit is snug but comfortable, and the 7-hook design gives them an edgy twist from the Classic Doc 8-eyelet design. And the 2″ heel and 1″ platform outsole give you a little bit of extra height without sacrificing comfort.

Available in shiny black and butterscotch colors, these Leona 7 Hook Boots feature signature yellow treading and vintage metallic lace hooks to give you a slightly industrial vibe to the classy design. Whether pairing them with skinny jeans or a flowery mini skirt, you’ll love how they look and feel.

Dr. Martens Women's Leona 7 Hook Boots

Photo source: amazon.com


The Doc Martens Leona boots are made of high-quality leather and are comfortable to wear. Like all Dr. Martens, these boots are comfortable and fit well after the break-in process. The chunky heels are an attractive yet edgy twist on the classic Doc Martens design.


Some people may find the heel a bit too chunky. Other customers find that breaking into these boots takes a long time.

2. Martens Women’s Shriver Hi Fashion Boot

If you love the Classic Dr. Martens 8-eyelet combat boots, but wish they come with a heel, these Dr. Martens Women’s Shriver Hi Fashion Boot is your dream come true. Like all Docs, the Shriver model is a nice juxtaposition between the London Chelsea chic upper exterior and a chunky block heel and 1.5″ platform to give it a rebellious youthful vibe.

This boot has everything you need to stand out from the crowd, including the trademarked signature yellow stitching, grooved sides, and a scripted heel loop. The boot is extra comfortable with the iconic air-cushioned Goodyear PVC sole, and the 8-eyelet design allows just the right amount of molding against the top arch of your feet. Available in its classic shiny black smooth leather, these Dr. Martens Shriver boots are essential for all fashionista wardrobes.

Dr. Martens Women's Shriver Hi Fashion Boot

Photo source: amazon.com


The Shriver model comes with a heel, which is rare for Doc Martens. This boot is extra comfortable with the iconic air-cushioned Goodyear PVC sole. The eight-eyelet design allows just the suitable molding against your feet’s top arch. Additionally, the water-resistant treatment enables you to wear these boots in all weather.


The boots are stiff and uncomfortable for the first several weeks of wear. However, once the shoes mold to your feet, they become much more comfortable.

3. Martens Unisex Adult 1460 Aztec Crazy Horse Ankle Boots

The Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Aztec Crazy Horse Ankle Boot is a 100% leather ankle boot with all the classic Doc’s details, including grooved sides, signature yellow stitching, and heel-loop. The boot also features the Air-Cushioned Dr. Martens’ famous PVC “bouncing” AirWair outsoles, which are comfortable, oil and fat-resistant, and provide good abrasion and slip resistance. The boots pound the pavement, and their classic leather only improves with time.

For women who want a more unisex style, these ankle boots provide a hint of androgyny that can play up their feminine styles. With an exciting selection of colors and leather finish, Dr. Martens 1460 Aztec Crazy Horse ankle boots are a great addition to any wardrobe.

Dr. Martens Women's 1460 Smooth Leather Boot

Photo source: amazon.com


The Martens Unisex Adult 1460 Aztec Crazy Horse Ankle Boots design is timeless and complements both men’s and women’s styles. The Air-Cushioned Dr. Martens’ PVC outsoles are comfortable and provide good abrasion and slip resistance.


These 1460 Aztec Crazy Horse Ankle boots require a significant break-in period to be comfortable. Also, the boots are wildly popular and get sold out quickly.

4. Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot

Sam Edelman is a newer fashion brand that often blends the American classic with the West Coast Boho chic style to create some elegant footwear. The Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot is an excellent example of this unique style. This leather boot has intricate strap details and a gold-tone logo plate to mimic the horseriding boots. Instead of putting the zippers on the outside of the boots like the authentic riding boots so they won’t injure the horses, these fashion riding boots opt for inside zippers to create a more pleasing appearance.

These Sam Edelman riding boots are beautiful in every color option. The leather is soft, and the boot hits right at the ankle, making it a versatile choice for casual and evening wear for all seasons. They can be worn with tights and a leather mini skirt during the wintertime for a fun night out. In the summer, you can go casual with denim shorts, a flowy top, and a flop hat for a boho-chic style.

Sam Edelman Women's Penny Classic Equestrian Boot

Photo source: amazon.com


These leather boots are beautiful in every color option. The leather is soft, and the boot hits right at the ankle, making it a versatile choice to wear with skinny jeans, leggings, or tights and a skirt. The low-stacked heel provides just enough height to be comfortable without sacrificing style.


The Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot leather is known to stretch out quickly. Some women find the calf area to be too constricting.

5. ROPER Women’s Riley Western Boot

Cowboy boots can be tricky. Although they can be cute and fun, many women do not want to look like Daisy Duke walking in the office. The trick is picking the right pair of cowboy boots that looks the part without being over-the-top rodeo show material. The ROPER Women’s Riley Western Boot is an excellent example of a cowboy boot that can take you from the office to the country.

These Roper boots are made with 100% synthetic leather and have a better stretch than genuine leather western boots. They hit right at the mid-calf area and have a more slender shape to compliment a woman’s curves. The low-profile sole keeps the look sleek and polished while providing good traction and comfort. The ROPER Women’s Riley Western Boot comes in four color options. Each style has a slightly different embroidery design; some with a more eye-catching embroidery pattern, while others have a minimalistic approach.

ROPER Women's Riley Western Boot

Photo source: amazon.com


These Roper Western boots offer four different color and style options. It is a vegan-friendly western boot option for anyone looking for a non-animal shoewear option.


The leather is not as durable as genuine leather cowboy boots. Also, women find the toe area too narrow for their feet.

6. Amazon Essentials Women’s Lace-Up Combat Boot

If you want a pair of affordable, trendy ankle boots for a season, these Amazon Essentials Women’s Lace-Up Combat Boot may be the right pick. These leather boots come in four neutral colors, and the synthetic leather is soft and comfortable. The faux lace-up design hits right at the ankle, and the inside zipper makes it easy to take on and off. The low heel provides good traction and is comfortable for all-day wear.

These Amazon Essential boots are a steal for the super low price range. If you are looking for an ankle boot to last multiple seasons, however, material quality and construction are not as durable as some of the other brands on this list. Still, you’ll be surprised how comfortable these boots are for walking and running errands. With memory foam and latex padded insoles, these combat boots will feel like you’re walking on clouds. And the TPR rugged outsole provides maximum traction while giving the boot extra flexibility right out of the box without any breaking-in process.

Amazon Essentials Women's Lace-Up Combat Boot

Photo source: amazon.com


The Amazon Essentials Women’s Lace-Up Combat Boot is a highly affordable leather boot option. These boots are made with synthetic material and are a vegan-friendly option for animal lovers. The synthetic leather is soft and comfortable yet durable against daily wear and tear. The memory foam and latex padded insole give plenty of support to the feet.


Although they mold to your feet right out of the box without any breaking-in procedure, these are not as durable as some of the leather boots on this list. The boot design can be a little too narrow for some women.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you better understand the different types of leather used in women’s boots and how to choose the right style for your needs. There is great value in investing in a good pair of leather boots. Not only are leather boots more comfortable and stylish, but they will also last much longer than their synthetic counterparts. You can’t go wrong with the right pair of leather boots.

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