5 Best Bottega Boots

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Finding a style that not only looks fashionable but also holds up to the winter elements that are faced while walking the streets of New York City, is often a difficult task. For years and years women have been braving the outdoors throughout the winter in shoes and boots solely focused on the fashion industry. Thankfully these days, the fashion experts have brought boots that are both fashionable and hold up against the elements. 

Bring in the best Bottega Boots on the market. Bottega boots come in a variety of different styles, preparing you to take on whatever elements the weather may throw your way. Brave the elements this winter season with the Bottega Veneta Chelsea boot, high enough to keep the snow out, but low enough to style with almost any outfit. Go big, with the Bottega Veneta Tire Tall Boot and guarantee a monumental, warm, comfortable, and durable fashion statement. Whichever style you choose, they’ll not only help you to get through the brisk, cold, short days, but they’ll also keep you looking your best. 

This Italian company was established a little over fifty years ago in Vicenza, Italy. Slowly becoming one of the leading leather designers in the fashion world; “Crafting artisanal leather goods, the brand developed a distinctive leather weaving design, the Intrecciato, which instantly became Bottega Veneta’s iconic look.” Iconic enough to spread throughout the world and just 6 years after its first establishment in Italy, Bottega was brought to the fashion capital: New York City. Bottega is now known for both its modern fashion sense and the strength behind a legacy of unique craftsmanship.  

Bottega Genuine Leather

Bottega is really a very special and unique fashion sense altogether. Coming fully equipped with the confidence and genuine leather products, this company is hard to beat. Making each and every product 100% by hand, this company made the decision early on that they wouldn’t even create their own logo only to later say; “When your own initials are enough.” Building up a name can be difficult, but when your products are genuine and come from true, hand-made roots, people don’t hesitate. Putting meaning to your own initials are enough, might be a tough concept to grasp, but it’s gotten Bottega at the top of the luxury boot brand list.

Creating the look and fashion sense that Bottega is famous for came quite easy to the original founders. Recently revived in 2018 by Daniel Lee, the company has yet to lose any of its fame or originality. The most special and unique aspect of Bottega is its use of woven Intercciato leather. Although Intercciato isn’t the leather itself, it’s the technique of the way the products are made; “The bag has been fully woven all around and as one piece, and not stamped with a woven pattern or woven as separate panels and then stitched together”. The design makes these products unique and sticks to their original roots. 

Intercciato may be the design of the leather, but Supple Napa leather is the actual leather used throughout the Bottega fashion platform.

Supple Nappa Leather in itself is actually quite special; “This type of leather is typically dyed in water-soluble colorants so that it is more resistant to fading. This dyeing process also renders napa leather a lot easier to clean.” This makes it an almost perfect leather choice for fashion wear in any season or climate! 

Bottega Boots Style

Bottega boots come in a variety of styles and are meant to be able to match any personality. Although, it is important to choose a boot that will make you confident and spark a little sense of personal fashion. With an extremely unique fashion sense, these Bottega boots reach a large span of many different styles. 

Here is a breakdown of five different styles of Bottega Boots that are sure to appeal to your fashion sense in some way, shape, or form.

1. Platform Knee High Boot

The Platform Knee High Boot was actually inspired by the base of the Chelsea boot. The large sole of this boot makes it perfect for those winter days when you just don’t want to bare the cold. They’re also extremely fashionable and can fit with almost any outfit you decide to pair them with! Whether you’re gearing up for a night out, or a day in the office, these boots will be sure to give you an iconic day-to-day look. Along with that, they’re also quite comfortable. Known for their strong soles, these boots will be comfortable worn all day, through any weather elements. Reaching knee-high, no snow will get into the boot, keeping your feet dry all day. Oh, and don’t forget the non-slip technology formed directly into the fashionable heel. 

Price: $2,200.00

Platform Knee High Boot
Photo Source: nordstrom.com

2. Color Sole Chelsea Boot

If you’re looking for a boot that will stand out among the other fashionista in your workplace, well, this is it! This Chelsea boot was designed to help you stand out. Chelsea boots are special on their own; “At its core, Chelsea boots have remained popular because of its timeless characteristics.” These Bottega Color Sole Chealsea boots only help to add that magic, with their rounded toe keeping them versatile to be styled in a variety of different ways. The style and the color scheme will undoubtedly become a unique sense to your very own personality. 

The pull tab that is integrated directly into the design of the boot also allows for easier pull-on, pull-of-access throughout the day.

Price: $1,350.00

Color Sole Chelsea Boot
Photo Source: nordstrom.com

3. Platform Chelsea Boot

Undoubtedly, Chelsea boots are truly special in the world of fashion. It’s quite evident that the latest style of Bottega circulates directly around this fashion. This boot comes equipped with both a pull tab and a lug sole making it the perfect option for any fashionista that needs an easily styled addition to their go-to boots. 

The black leather and 70 mm heel will make this boot easy to pair and still keep it quite eye-catching. The best part about wearing a high-quality Chelsea boot is the boost in confidence you’ll feel the minute you slip them on. “Wearing those beautifully styled Chelsea boots will make you feel like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk, brimming with confidence and ready to walk.” All in all, these black Chelsea boots are an obvious, simple addition to any boot wardrobe due to their versatility and high levels of comfort. Pair them with your best blizzard outfit as the sole of this Chelsea boot was made to keep you steady and slip-free. 

 Price: $1,250.00

Platform Chelsea Boot
Photo Source: nordstrom.com

4. Puddle Waterproof Chelsea Rainboot

Specially designed and made into a beautiful water-resistant rain boot, these Chelsea ankle boots fit quite a special fashion sense. Unlike most Bottega products, this boot is not made out of the usual Supple Napa Leather. These beautiful ankle boots were made with the environment in mind. The materials in this boot have been designed to keep you and the environment safe from the outside elements of water and pollution. 

Having a fashionable pair of rain boots in your closet is actually much more important than one might think. It’s honestly, quite essential to always have a few pairs of rain boots. Mostly because, no matter the season, it’s going to rain. Unfortunately, rain is hard to run from and it’s also quite important to our working ecosystem. Therefore, having a good pair of rainboots that you absolutely love will help to keep your feet protected throughout any and all-weather conditions like rain, mud, and sleet. There’s no doubt that the Puddle Waterproof Chelsea Boot will be able to live up to your rain boot needs. 

Price: $790.00

Puddle Waterproof Chelsea Rainboot
Photo Source: nordstrom.com

5. Puddle Lace-Up Boot

This beautiful Bottega boot is most definitely in style and probably won’t be going out anytime soon. There’s quite a special reason that these chunky boots are such a big hit in the fashion world. They really are a great choice for anyone trying to either find their way in the fashion world or just show off their unique sense of fashion. The Chunky aspect of this boot will also help to keep your feet drier and more protected in even the worst elements. Providing proper traction, these boots can keep you safe during those terrible mid-winter ice storms. 

Price: $1,150.00

Puddle Lace-Up Boot
Photo Source: nordstrom.com

Best Season to Wear Bottega Boots

Bottega boots are often known for their chunky, beautiful, and handmade craftsmanship. It’s no surprise that the best time to wear any boot is between the fall and winter months. In these months fashion styles take on a totally new meaning. Gearing up for the short days of sunlight and the long cold nights, everyone is out to find the best possible styles that are both fashionable and warm.

Bottega has certainly taken that into consideration over the past few decades. Designing and crafting boots that are made from genuine leather staying true to keeping them both lightweight and waterproof; “Nappa leather is the most durable type of leather available, which lends itself to being more water-resistant than others.” This makes the Bottega boots the obvious choice for winter months.

Bottega boots are also specially designed to hold the foot comfortably. Again, the Supple Napple leather makes for an amazing product. This leather is so soft it makes the comfort level of any boot holding it’s presence increase; “The wide square footbed is padded and so comfortable to walk in – the leather is so buttery soft”. With that in mind, it’s important to note that leather boots often take some time to break in. If they’re a bit uncomfortable within the first few days of wearing them, it’s important to give it some time; “some discomfort at first is expected but definitely not pain.” If there is pain outside of the initial discomfort, it’s important to revisit the size chart and constant customer care to ensure the best Bottega experience. 

Famous Bottega Boot Users

Bottega boots aren’t going out of style anytime soon, especially within the world of celebrities. A variety of different celebrities can be seen wearing and showing off their Bottega boots and most likely for the same reasons that they’re loved by so many. Due to their versatility, working well with various different outfits, and their overall comfort, any Bottega boot is a perfect addition to the finish out an outfit. Kodi Smitt-Mcphee was caught wearing his Bottega Veneta boots at this year’s 2022 Met Gala. Strutting his way across the red carpet pairing these boots with a pair of straight-leg jeans. 

Fame can be quite the task to keep up with. For some of the most famous and well-known actors, actresses, models, singers, and rappers out there keeping up with the fashion industry can be quite difficult. But not for Kanye West. Kanye West is known for his interesting fashion sense, and he always pairs his outfit with great, well-known, high-quality footwear. Kanye was spotted wearing the Bottega Venetta Suede boots back in October 2014, and they’re still a popular shoe among men in the workplace to this day. This specific shoe can be paired with almost any outfit, being dressed up for a business casual day in the office or dressed down with a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt for a night out on the town.

Men and women across the world love Bottega fashion. It’s unique and just an overall simple look that will have heads turning. 

Dua Lipa is no stranger to this fashionable boot trend. The over-the-knee Bottega Veneta boots can be seen on Dua Lupa in a photograph posted back in Fall 2021. Get your pair for the upcoming fall season and follow this sleek, fashion phenomenon. 

Last, but certainly not least, fashion icon Kendall Jenner has been known to sport her Bottega Veneta rain boots while completing some day-to-day chores. Sporting these boots in an Instagram post captioned; “Popped out for some groceries.” Showing that these boots can really be comfortably worn for any everyday task while keeping your feet dry and the earth happy. 

It’s pretty evident that these boots have made a huge impact in the fashion world throughout the past few decades, and are still totally in style today. Beat the summer rainstorms and get ready for fall and winter fashion early this year! Purchase your very own pair of Bottega Veneta boots, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Bottega Platform Knee High Boot
Photo Source: nordstrom.com

Bottega Retailer Sites

Although Bottega boots normally stick to the sizing chart quite well, sometimes it takes a little extra prep to be confident in the right size. If you’re worried about ordering online and aren’t quite positive that the boots will fit snug enough, don’t fret! These boots can be tried out in person at a variety of different Bottega Retailer sites. 

Not only is it important to try them on for size, it’s also great to be able to check out the different fashions before deciding on one specific look. Bottega Veneta makes it super simple to find a retailer site near you with their store finder. Whether you’re looking to branch out in the world of fashion or just need to figure out the right size, going to a retailer site can help with all of that.  

Customer Care

Bottega Veneta not only comes with high-quality products but also with high-quality customer care. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase or feel like there is just something to chat with a Bottega professional about, it’s important to reach out right away. Customer care advisors are available six days a week, making it pretty simple to find a time that fits into your schedule to make the call. The available times are Monday-Saturday 9 am-9 pm EST.

If those times don’t fit into your busy schedule, customers are able to leave a detailed message at any time directly on Bottega’s customer care website. There are numerous questions and boxes to be filled in to make sure that the customer care agents can respond promptly and to the best of their abilities. You should hear back a message pretty quickly! 


Bottega Veneta boots are really an overall great purchase. Not only are in style and will be for years to come, but they’re also all extremely high-quality. These boots are perfect for anyone looking for the next best fashion trend for this upcoming Fall/Winter boot season. 

Don’t worry and don’t fret about wearing these boots out in the rainy and wintry weather. The strong Nappa Supple Leather boots are durable and ready to take on any elements that may be thrown at them. There are options for every fashion style, from ankle boots to knee-highs. You will surely find something to fit both your fashion sense and your personality. Don’t fall behind this fashion season; get the best Bottega Veneta looks and strut your stuff. 

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