4 Most Affordable Black Cowboy Boots

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A good-looking black cowboy boot is always fashionable. Bringing the style right out of the wild west and pairing it with a fashionable black shade, there’s no time of the year you won’t be a hip cowboy.

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of western boots that emphasize comfort, or maybe a perfect pair of stylish dress boots, this list has the picks you need.

Here are the four most affordable black cowboy boots:

  • Soda Women’s Red Reno Western Cowboy Boots
  • Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Boot
  • ROPER Women’s Riley Western Boot
  • Ariat Fatbaby Western Boot

These boots range from extremely affordable to moderately priced, covering a wide range of boot styles to fit multiple outfits.

Whether you’re looking for boots that go well with skinny jeans or just a comfortable western-inspired boot, these boots have you covered. Cowboy boots can fundamentally go with any style, varying from the suave modern cowboy style to the traditional, more aesthetic style. No matter the style you’re trying to go for, this list has you covered and has boots with a wide range of designs ranging from traditional to cutting-edge.

Although usually, genuine leather boots would be more expensive than ones created from synthetic materials, the boots on this list are the perfect mix of quality and great prices.

Because of this, you won’t have to skimp – you’ll be able to find a pair of comfortable cowboy boots which matches your style perfectly.

1. Soda Women’s Red Reno Western Cowboy Boots

The first pair of black cowboy boots on this list are the Soda women’s red reno western cowboy boots. This incredibly affordable and quality pair of shoes is undoubtedly a stylish steal.

These boots range between the extremely reasonable amounts of $25 and $60. They easily fit into the more affordable price range while also remaining extraordinarily high quality at this price, with very high ratings and over 3,000 global reviews.

These stylish and genuine leather cowboy boots are 100% pure and quality leather, and also feature a manmade sole that showcases the genuine quality of these shoes.

These boots do include a synthetic sole material, but they are 100% leather which is incredible for this price range. If you’re looking for a quality pair of boots that fit like a glove, this could be the right purchase.

There is a possibility that these boots may not be tough enough for repeated and everyday wear, but these are still genuinely quality boots, and for occasional use, these boots are perfect. These boots are extremely stylish for multiple outfits, whether you want to wear jeans or a dress or something else, these boots are at the top of western fashion.

It’s important to note that these shoes probably fall on a slightly smaller scale, so you should carefully measure your feet before buying your pair to ensure that you’ve got the right size you need. If you do get the right size, though, these are very comfortable cowboy boots and are easily built for comfortable wear when needed.

This manmade pair of boots also features a pointed tip similar to genuine and authentic cowboy boot, which adds a crucial element to any fashionable outfit. These boots are also easily accessible and simple to put on, featuring pull-on tabs on either side.

Although the black leather style is extremely fantastic, don’t let these boots fool you into thinking that’s the only option. These fantastic shoes come in over 20 different colors.

It includes red, white, a traditional brown color similar to a roper boot, and even pink. Because of the wide variety of these boots, they are easily one of the best picks if you’re looking to find a great affordable pair of boots for your job, a photoshoot, or a fashionable outfit.

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2. Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Boot

The next pair of western boots on this list are the Charles Albert women’s modern boots. These quality cowboy boots offer a modern take on the western style with a round almond toe instead of a square toe and pull-up tabs on either side of the shoe.

These shoes have over 11,000 total global reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. With these shoes featuring a manmade sole and a .25″ platform, it’s easy to see why people love them for their authentic feel meshed with their modern style.

Because these shoes are 100% synthetic materials, this pair of western boots is more eco-friendly and environmentally acceptable than traditional leather boots. If you’re looking for a boot manufactured from 100% real leather, this may be a deal-breaker.

These boots feature a high-quality distressed texture that adds to the boot’s depth for any fashionable outfit.

Because of the extremely reasonable price of these shoes, they deserve a top spot on this list. Although people love these shoes for their quality and top-notch style – at least if the overwhelmingly positive reviews are anything to go by – they are by no means expensive. Priced only between $30 and $50, these shoes are affordable if you’re looking for a stylish pair of black cowboy boots.

Black isn’t the only color. These boots are also available in pink, brown, white, grey, and a multitude of brown colors. Because of this, these boots can mesh well with any outfit or color pairing. It entirely depends, of course, on what style you want to go for – whether that’s a more traditional old gringo style or a more modern cowboy style.

Overall, these shoes would fit extremely well with either distressed jeans, bell-bottom jeans, or any other style. The adorable style these boots offer isn’t the only benefit.

These boots also feature a fit for wide feet (which means they will fit flat arches as well) and are true to size, which means they’ll fit comfortably no matter your shoe size or foot shape.

Because of this, these boots can remain surprisingly comfortable and match their wearability with their style.

These boots have to be one of the best affordable picks available for a good, comfortable, high-quality pair of black cowboy boots. These shoes would be great for dancing, outfit creation, or everyday wear.

These boots pop in comparison with every other boot on this list simply because of the more modern style they offer compared to the more traditional feel of the other boots included in this list. It can be a benefit depending on the style and feel you want.

3. ROPER Women’s Riley Western Boot

In the 3rd spot, we have the ROPER women’s Riley western boots. These boots are entirely manmade, soles included, making them eco-friendly. However, because these boots are imported, those looking to buy local or a more authentic western boot may struggle with the purchase.

These shoes range between $70 and $90 depending on the size and style purchased. Despite the notable price increase on these shoes, the reviews agree that this is a great and fashionable pair of affordable cowboy boots.

These shoes are nearing 4,000 total reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. These boots also feature a breathable synthetic lining for maximum comfort and a flexible and light rubber outsole. These cowboy boots offer pull-on tabs as should be expected, although these tabs do appear to be less noticeable than is usual for the style.

Although these boots are undoubtedly stylish, one of their greatest features is comfort. These shoes offer a padded insole, which means that long hours wearing these shoes or standing on your feet won’t be met with discomfort (so long as your feet fit properly).

These shoes are made of brown faux leather and embroidered all over, making them a stylish fit for any outfit. These shoes are available in black, brown, red, tan, and blue, all with the same embroidery style and fashionable design.

These boots are extremely high-quality dress boots and a great pick for anyone looking to add a new pair of black cowboy boots to their wardrobe. These shoes are not for any traditional wear or actual use.

Because of this, these shoes are not waterproof or water-resistant and do not offer any traction needed for outdoor work or even casual outdoor activities. Due to this fact, it’s important to realize that the purchase of these boots should be entirely for fashion – these boots are not authentic western boots, do not offer any safety toe, and are not water or weather resistant.

If you’re willing to pay a slightly extra amount compared to the other boots higher on this list, these boots could add that flair needed to your wardrobe and style desired for any western outfit.

These shoes have an authentic feel that can make your outfits pop while also offering a slightly realistic style that can leave people wondering if you have a genuine pair of cowboy boots.

4. Ariat Fatbaby Western Boot

These astoundingly fashionable and delightfully shocking signature boots are a statement. This high-quality pair of western boots are from the USA. The quality of these shoes shows in the reviews with an astounding average of 4.6 stars out of 5 and almost 1,000 total reviews.

These shoes feature a removable and comfortable insole to ensure comfort and usability for these shoes. These boots are the toughest and most practical on the list while remaining incredibly fashionable and stylish.

Because these shoes offer a leather foot and upper and an embroidered side, it’s clear that Ariat places importance on the usability and durability of these shoes as well as the fashion aspect. These impressive boots come in a multitude of multi-color styles and different embroidery styles.

These shoes are by Ariat, which is a leading brand for equestrian athletes and riding boots. These boots, then, are created for authentic use. These aren’t just western-inspired boots – these are western boots, real, usable, western boots.

These boots have only made it to the last place on this list because they are hard to compare to the other more synthetic and unrealistic boots.

These boots are slip-resistant and offer an excellent grip for bad weather, but all these benefits and features come at a price. These boots cost anywhere between $90 and up to $210. Because of this, price should be an essential consideration and how affordable the boots you need. These are undoubtedly affordable for authentic cowboy boots but are expensive compared to the synthetic boots higher on this list.

Overall, though, these boots’ comfort and fashionable style may be well worth it. These boots have the fat baby-style, which means they are easier to break in than other authentic boots.

These are extremely comfortable work boots, offering virtually zero slippage and extreme durability. You can use these shoes in almost any application – from worksites to traditional cowboy work to simply a fashionable addition to a wardrobe.

Although these boots are undoubtedly astounding and worth their price tag, you should consider if the price tag is worth the amount of use your boots will receive.

Remember, you need to break these shoes in as well. If you’re only looking for a one or several-time use, a better choice would be to find a boot made from synthetic materials that are more comfortable initially and don’t require a break-in period before achieving its maximum usability. It also means these shoes need to fit properly and be the correct shoe size. Otherwise, they will be extremely uncomfortable.

Overall Most Affordable Boots

The most affordable black cowboy boots and the best choice is the Soda women’s Red Rino boots. These boots have the perfect pairing of quality and usability and a great style for an astoundingly low price.

These boots are usable for limited normal daily use and are undoubtedly very stylish, capable of fitting any outfit. A close second, of course, is the modern pair of boots offered by Charles Albert.

Realistically, the biggest deciding factor between these two pairs of shoes should be whether the boots you want would be better in a modern style or a more traditional style.

If you’re opting for a more modern style, then the definite winner in this category is the Charles Albert pair, but for a more traditional aesthetic, the Soda boots win.

Neither of these affordable pairs of boots is for actual cowboy work or high durability. If that is a consideration for you, these boots won’t likely be your top choice.

Numerous pairs of Cowboy Boots lined up in high-contrast sun and shadow

Most Affordable Black Cowboy Boots for Work

If you are looking to find authentic black cowboy boots that are fashionable and usable for work, the top choice is the Ariat Fatbaby boots.

These shoes top the charts for comfort, usability, and durability. These boots are undoubtedly made to last and made for use in actual work situations.

Because of that, and paired with the fact these boots are extremely fashionable, these could be the number one choice for you when searching for an affordable pair of black work boots.

These boots also offer water and weather resistance, indicating that they are usable in virtually any situation and at any time of the year. Whereas other pairs on this list may have low water resistance, this pair of shoes lasts.

It’s a more long-term investment, so the critical thing about these shoes is that you need to get good use. If you will, this could be an affordable starter pair of genuine and authentic cowboy boots great for work in the field. 

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